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MB WhatsApp iOS APK v1.1 Download Latest Official (2024)

MB WhatsApp is one of the advanced modified free versions of the original WhatsApp application. It’s an ad-free application that allows users to use 2 account, and it has come with a lot of out-of-the-world features like theme customization (iOS), auto reply, privacy security, hiding last seen, and direct status download without any additional software. It’s is hilarious! Isn’t it? Moreover, with this application you can easily check who block you. So, click the below link to download the APK file of MB WhatsApp iOS and enjoy more amazing features!

In this digital world, communication has become an integral section of our daily routine; therefore, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have revolutionized the way we connect with others. However, although WhatsApp is an excellent app for chatting, but it has limited features. Therefore most users want additional functionalities of double accounts in the same Android and more customization options to enhance their communication experience. 

So far, there are 2 apps available with the names Fouad WhatsApp iOS to replace the official WhatsApp as well as MB WhatsApp iOS APK for using a second account. Additionally, this MB WhatsApp application is a custom package named app developed by Fouad iOS, with a more flexible experience in terms of features to fill the need of the users. Moreover, you can choose over 3000 themes in this application and personalize each as per your personal need. 

What is MB WhatsApp?

MB WhatsApp APK is a modified version that was developed by Stephanie and gained ground quickly among users because it comes with WhatsApp iOS 14 theme and a better user experience. Interestingly Stephanie also developed WhatsApp iPhone for Android, which provides a friendly conversation screen while chatting with friends and colleagues. 

MBWhatsApp APK

Moreover, after downloading and installing this app, you’ll see that the entire app is converted into an iPhone theme and even with iPhone icons and emojis. Furthermore, you don’t need to uninstall your official WhatsApp to use this application. You can use this modified version alongside the Fouad iOS app and run two accounts simultaneously without any cumbersome.

In a nutshell, just like ADWhatsApp , MBWhatsApp is a copy of the original WhatsApp application, which aims to provide a better UI by offering extended features and customization options to the users which aren’t available in the official version. 

What is MB Whatsapp iPhone MOD APK?

Basically, after installing this MB iOS APK file, you’ll get the iOS interface on your Android device with a lot of themes and customizable options, which is why it’s often called MB Whatsapp iPhone mod. 

Similar to WhatsApp web, this version isn’t available either on the Google Play store or on the App Store, but it’s come with complete privacy and security. It doesn’t work like other applications whose purpose is to steal user data. 

There are many benefits of using MbWhatsApp Pro. So, you can download the latest version of MBwhatsapp APK without a second thought to enjoy complete security without compromising your personal data. 

Unique Features of MBWhatsApp

Features of MB Whatsapp

This application has come with super impressive features that users can enjoy on their phone after installing this, so let me lift the curtain from everything related to MB WhatsApp’s exciting features, update, installation process, and download link, so let’s get started! 

Dual Account

Nowadays, the use of WhatsApp, irrespective of other applications, has become a daily necessity for millions of users. So, one of the main drawbacks that we usually encounter with this official WhatsApp is the lack of dual accounts in the same Android.  All we want is the privacy of our personal numbers and want to contact others with a separate number to escape from the daily disturbance. But it’s pretty annoying to handle different phones for this purpose; therefore, using 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android is a good idea to handle this bothering issue. So, thanks to this MB WhatsApp where you can enjoy this cool feature easily. 

Ad Free Application

While chatting with friends and communicating professionally, the most annoying part is facing ad issues; I hate this too! The other modified versions of WhatsApp, like GB and ADWhatsApp receiving ads on the screen, are the most irritating things that users usually confront. On the other hand, after installing the latest version of MBWhatsApp, you’ll not face such disgusting issues because it’s an entirely ad-free app developed by keeping in view the need of users.

Auto Reply/ Schedule Messages

One of the most astonishing features that I personally like in this app is the “Auto Reply.” This super cool feature allows you to compose automatic replies for various messages as per your need. You can set pre-instruction as well as set the time at which it should deliver. Click here to know How to Set Up Auto Reply in MB WhatsApp.

Auto Reply MB WhatsApp

Additionally, you can activate this feature for a group and even specific contact. if you’re tired from your work routine and don’t have enough energy to wish your friend an exact 12′ 0 Clock at night. Then, no worries because you can easily schedule messages for your friend’s birthday with this WhatsApp!

Password-Protected Individual Chats

You can also enjoy this in-built lock feature where you can protect your private photos, personal messages, and other essential data from the public eye. Moreover, you can set a fingerprint lock, password, or PIN, for specific contact and chat, which keeps your things private and secure from others. Moreover, you can also set recovery questions that help to recover your forgotten Pin or Password without uninstalling the app. You can check how to hide chat and media in more details.

Message Any Unsaved Number

The other hilarious feature of which I’m a big fan is that it allows us to send a message instantly to anyone without saving their number. We’re often in a hurry and don’t have enough time to save numbers on our mobile, especially for those with whom we’re going for one-time communication only. So, it’s such a fantastic feature in this regard, just input the number and text them directly without saving their contact in the mobile. 

Extra Privacy Layer

Original WhatsApp doesn’t provide vast options to the users in terms of their privacy because you can’t hide your name, a single tick, or a double tick, typing and recording tags with this. However, as this MB WhatsApp has developed according to users’ needs, you can enjoy all these features here as per your interest and privacy.

Anti-Delete Messages

Often we’re busy and don’t have time to reply to each person, so most users can delete messages before the receiver gets a chance to read them thoroughly. So, for this, we often have to install other apps which take up more phone space. Luckily, you can get this feature with MB WhatsApp because it allows you to read all deleted messages without knowing the sender.

iOS UI/Theme

If you’re a big fan of iOS and want an interface similar to that of an iPhone, then you’ll be bliss to know that with MB WhatsApp iOS, you can get not merely an iPhone theme in fact also install a variety of other themes. This mb whatsapp iPhone for Android work perfect for all devices. Click here to know, how to change theme.

Anti-View Once

In the official WhatsApp, developers recently added a new tremendous privacy feature that allows receivers to view media files only one time. However, this app comes with an anti-view once option that will enable you to see that media unlimited times.

Freeze Your Last Seen 

Just like Ad WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, you can freeze your last seen from your contact and enjoy late online chatting with your friends and family. This super cool feature prevents others from knowing whether you’re currently online or not. 

Who Can Call You?

In the official WhatsApp, anyone who’s on your contact list can call you anytime. But sometimes we don’t want to receive calls from a specific person at night and even don’t want to receive from unknown contact at all. No worries, if you’re looking for such an option, then this application is custom for you! Because you can do that job with MB iOS, you just can go to the setting of your MB WhatsApp and then select which parties and even persons are allowed to call you. 

Easy to Save Status

Sometimes we love some status, but we can’t download it from the original WhatsApp, so we often need to install other apps from the play store, which is sometimes annoying because most apps are useless and have a bundle of ads. Luckily, you can download any status with MB WhatsApp APK 2024 and save it in your phone gallery with one click. 

Fonts and Color Customization

Everyone has their own choice in terms of font selection and colour customization. Still, by virtue of the limited functionality in the original WhatsApp, we don’t allow us to select fonts and colours that we like and are comfortable with. With MBWhatsApp, you can use this excellent feature because it offers 100 plus fonts and colours for its users. 

Easy to Send Large Files

One of the other irritating things that I usually face in my daily routine is the limit on sending larger files to friends and colleagues. But, thanks to this MB WhatsApp iOS because with this, anyone can send 20 to 90 photos simultaneously, and even easy to send larger videos from 50MB to 700MB with one click!

Hide the Name of any Person.

With MB WhatsApp iOS, you can hide the name of any person you’re chatting with; it adds an extra privacy layer to your professional life. If you want to hide the name, then go to settings and turn on this function with a single click. 

Create Own Stickers

Sometimes a picture really touches our hearts, and we want to add that to our WhatsApp status, which original WhatsApp doesn’t allow us at all. But, you’ll be glad to know that MBWhatApp comes with this tool where you can create stickers as per your interest and choice.

Show Blue-Tick After You Reply

On WhatsApp, the Blue ticks usually indicate that the person has read your message. But, when we’re working in the busiest office job, then we receive a lot of messages daily. Sometimes, it’s not feasible for us to answer a text immediately; therefore, with MBWhatsApp, you can turn on this option because it lets your contact only see blue ticks after responding to their messages. 

Online Notified

You will be notified when someone is Online, Typing messages for you, Reading messages you sent, Seeing your status and changes profile picture. Also, you can customize any options that you like most

Additional Features in MB WhatsApp iOS APK

  • You can use dark mode and even airplane mode, which will stop working for WhatsApp only. So, you don’t need to turn on airplane mode for your whole mobile just because you are receiving WhatsApp messages from all contacts.  
  • You can show reactions to specific messages with emojis, just like Insta as well as Facebook Messenger. Just simply long-press on the message and show your reaction with your favorite emoji. 
  • As MBWhatsApp has come with a gorgeous iPhone theme, therefore, you can use the same emoji as iOS on your Android phone. You can change the size of the emoji by going to settings.
  • It’s allowing anti-delete status functionality where the MBWhatsapp allows their users to prevent their status from being deleted even after 24 hours.
  • Just like KB WhatsApp, it allows you to view their contact list status without knowing that you have viewed it there. 
  • Often when you send a message (especially an idea from one friend to another) from one chat to another, it shows a disgusting forwarded tag with them at the top which shows you’ve copied this. However, you can disable this option from the privacy setting of MBWhatsApp easily. 
  • With the MBWhatsApp, even after the existing chat, you can pause as well as resume listening from the end point of any voice note. 
  • With MB WhatsApp iPhone not merely you can change your profile photo with a camera and gallery; even you can use emojis stickers by selecting the search web option to find online.
  • In the original WhatsApp, we’re not allowed to copy captions from people’s statuses. Still, with MB iOS, you can easily copy any caption to your clipboard and use them for posting on your Instagram or Facebook. Moreover, it also allows users to show their status just like Instagram stories which is also a great feature in this app.
  • Sometimes we want to express our thoughts with a larger number of words on our status, that’s not feasible with simple WhatsApp, but you can do this easily with MBWhatsApp iOS.
  • It gives a feature of backup chats that you can complete in a few simple steps. Moreover, It allows you to hide multimedia files in your gallery without installing any additional app on your mobile.

Differentiating MB WhatsApp from Official WhatsApp

FeaturesOfficial WhatsApp MBWhatsApp
Dual Accounts ✔️
Schedule Message ✔️
Maximum Size for Media Sharing Maximum 15 MB Up-to 1GB
Directly Download Status ✔️
Hide Chat Person Name ✔️
Online Privacy Control Less More
Availability On Plays Store ✔️
Freeze Last Seen ✔️

How to Install MB WhatsApp iOS APK on Android?

If you’ve adequate storage space in your mobile and a stable internet connection, then the MBWhatsApp APK installation process is quite simple.

  • After downloading the file from the top button, your next step is to open the file from your downloaded section (device’s file manager) and follow the on-screen instructions and click on install. 
  • To operate this smoothly, first, allow the installation of apps from unknown sources in your phone’s settings. (Settings> Security>Unknown Sources) 
  • After granting the necessary permission, wait a few seconds for the installation to complete. 
  • Once it’s done, you can find the MBWhatsApp icon on your home screen; just click and open MBWhatsApp, enter your phone number, and follow the verification process for smooth working. 
  • If you wish to use this application on your PC or Window, then you can click here to check detail guide about how to install MB iOS on PC.
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MB WhatsApp Update v1.1 July 2024

If you’re using the old version, then you should immediately go for the MB WhatsApp update because many bug issues have been fixed in this month of 2024 update.

MB WA Latest Version

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Download Gold WhatsApp

Download Red WhatsApp

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Download AD WhatsApp

Download ADAMWhatsApp

App Info

App NameMB WhatsApp iOS APK
Last updatedToday
Size78.56 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.9 ⭐
Downloaded Users80,820,978557+
  • Here you can experience new, improved features such as a duration of 5 minutes status on your wall, stock emojis, and share and send high-quality media files without compression, preserving the original resolution. 
  • It has come with an improved Anti-Ban Protection feature. 
  • Now with the new update you’ll be easily notified the Online status, typing messages for you, reading messages you sent, seeing your status as well as on the changes profile picture. Moreover, you can easily customizes these options as per your desire.
  • You can create custom stickers from your phone gallery images.
  • Express yourself creatively by crafting your stickers within MB WhatsApp. This characteristic empowers users to customize their chats with specific and significant snapshots.
  • Now you can take daily backups for chats and export MBWA chat. You may also check other famous WhatsApp; GB WhatsApp Pro, Fouad WhatsApp, Red WhatsApp and GoldWhatsApp as well.
  • Additionally, you can find the small option on the status page where you can hide the “Save “and even “Mark Seen”.
  • No need to back up manually because there will be a daily backup for chats.
  • One of the more advanced features is their ability to edit sent messages which is just a mind-blowing option.
  • An increased participant limit in MB WhatsApp allows you to connect with more people simultaneously, facilitating seamless communication in larger groups with ease.
  • It offers many languages, so now English is no more a language barrier, you can switch into the Indonesia, Malaysia, and much more.

Unbiased Review 

‘I’ve tried other modified versions of WhatsApp and encountered issues like monotonous ads and bans. So, I was quite disheartened with those experiences. But, to be honest, with this renowned application, I’d a tremendous experience. Personally, I truly appreciate its meritorious features, such as password-protected individual chats, scheduled messages, auto-reply, and robust security. I’m also a big fan of the ability to send messages to unknown numbers without saving them in my contacts, which was entirely new to me. I encourage you to give this application a try; then, you’ll understand why it’s so famous and why people prefer it worldwide

Additional Requirements to Use this Application

Here are the following additional requirements to use this app without any hassle. 

  • The minimum operating system required to use this application is Android 4.0.3 or later. If you’re not using minimum Android 4.0.3, then you might encounter glitches, crashes, or other compatibility issues while using this.
  • Before installing, ensure that you’ve turned on the “Unknown Sources” option within your phone’s Settings; otherwise, you can’t run this on your device. 

How to Fix Temporary Banned Problem in MB WhatsApp iOS?

Some people may face temporarily banned issues, which is usually happened due to using the old version. So if you’re facing a temporary banned problem in your MBWhatsApp, then no worries, you can fix these by simple steps:

  • Just go to your WhatsApp and take a backup; after that, you need to uninstall this application from your device. Once you have done this, make sure you’ve removed old this version from the File Manager of your mobile. 
  • Now download this latest version of MBWhatsApp by tapping the button on the link mentioned above and following the installation process mentioned earlier. 
  • After completing this process, you can restore your data, and I’m 100% you’ll not face this temporary ban issue furthermore. I’ve fixed this for my own device because the main cause is only the use of the old version. 


No, these are the same names that users use interchangeably for this application.

Yes, our site mbwhatsking thoroughly scans viruses and any malware; therefore, if you’re downloading files from our site, I assure you it’s 100% safe for your phone.

Just make sure you’re downloading this APK file from a trusted site. Any APK files on our site are safe to use and verified from any malicious attack.

Yes, you can use 2 accounts at a time for your personal as well as for business purposes.

Not at all; there is no risk of getting banned from your account; just make sure to download WhatsApp’s latest version APK version.

Mainly it’s an improved version of existing WhatsApp with bug fixing and more exciting features. You can download the updated version from our site mbwhatsking.com.


In conclusion, if you’re really tired of the limited WhatsApp function and in search of a more flexible and better experience with more control of your online privacy, then you should take a stab at MB WhatsApp iOS for your mobile. After installing this, you can unlock exciting features and easily customize your Android device to your iPhone! So, for what you’re looking for, go buddy and click on the download link and enjoy pro features free of cost!