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Gold WhatsApp Download Latest Version v37.00 ( July 2024) 

Click the Gold WhatsApp link provided below to download the latest version of this modified app, which offers astonishing features such as anti-delete messages, hiding double blue ticks, a built-in chat lock, schedule messages, innovative themes with lovely stickers, downloading statuses without any third-party application, freezing last seen, and many others.

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Nowadays, we’re addicted to WhatsApp, using it for our daily conversations with friends, family, and colleagues, as it has become an integral part of our lives. However, there are certain features and functionalities that we can’t access in the standard version. These are only available in the modded versions of WhatsApp, from which the best one is Gold WhatsApp. Consequently, developers release modified versions of traditional WhatsApp regularly to provide users with more control over their online presence.

Are you looking to switch from the standard WhatsApp to an ad-free modified app that offers outstanding features for free? If you’re feeling bored with traditional WhatsApp and desire a change with robust security and fantastic features, consider downloading the latest version of Golden WhatsApp. This mod allows users to enjoy all the cool features one can imagine and yearn for. However, before downloading, you can read WhatsApp gold features that will help in making up your mind. 

What is Gold WhatsApp APK?

The Gold WhatsApp, also known as Golden WhatsApp APK, is a modified version of the standard WhatsApp with out-of-the-world advanced features that was developed by Altornedo7, also famous with the Nasser. This modified app not only provides a plethora of golden themes for an eye-catching interface but is also considered the cream of the crop among applications that have overcome numerous functional limitations. In a nutshell, WhatsApp Gold 2024 is a fantastic app that serves as a savior for tech geeks, offering a variety of tricks to enhance online communication and make it smarter for users.

WhatsApp Gold APK

WhatsApp Gold Features

It’s a most popular MOD with millions of users that incorporated a plethora of highly sought-after features to take the messaging experience to the next level. In short, once you download this application, you’ll gain advanced features on your Android that aren’t present in the official WhatsApp, so let’s move toward the most famous one:

Gold WhatsApp APK

Anti-ban Protection

While there are some alternatives to WhatsApp, such as GBWhatsApp Lite and AN WhatsApp APK, sadly, these often get banned and cause problems for sending messages. Nonetheless, if you download the latest version of Gold WhatsApp, you won’t encounter this issue on your Android anymore.

Eye Catching Interface & Themes

The Gold WhatsApp APK boasts a stunning interface with adorable themes that can attract users at first glance. You can find various icons and change any one according to your interest. There are more than 4,000 different themes that you can install and enjoy without paying a penny.

Hide Last Seen from Contact

Sometimes, we want more privacy and don’t want to display our last seen for our contact, but we don’t know how to do this because simple WhatsApp does not offer this feature at all. If you do not want to show your last seen, you can simply turn this feature on here from the setting. 

Send Large Videos and Files

There is a restriction on larger files and videos in simple WhatsApp, forcing us to send them via email or Dropbox. However, with this mind-blowing application, you can send all larger files directly to your contacts on WhatsApp. Furthermore, you can also send large videos and audio files with WhatsGold, eliminating the need to send them in different parts, as you can do this without any issue.

Anti-Delete Messages and Status

Surprisingly, after downloading Gold WhatsApp on your Android, now no one will be able to delete messages once they’re delivered to your chat. Even if they have deleted messages on their end, they will stay visible in your conversation until you delete them. Apart from that, if you’re using WhatsApp Gold, any status will not disappear before 24 hours, even if someone has removed it from their end. This’s a hilarious feature, isn’t it, harry up and click the WhatsApp gold link to install this on your phone. 

Built-in Chat & App Lock

Interestingly, WhatsApp Gold APK comes with a built-in lock feature where you can set your fingerprint PIN and hide chats from the WhatsApp screen. So, when you’re chatting with a special person or your business partner, you can lock it and prevent any unauthorized access.

Hide Double Blue Marks

The grey tick in WhatsApp indicates that the recipient has received the message, but it has not been read by them. In our daily lives, we often encounter situations where it’s not possible to reply to messages immediately after opening them. However, not responding after reading can create a bad impression. This is where WhatsApp Gold APK comes in handy. You can set the option to hide the double-blue checkmarks and reply according to your availability, even after reading the entire text messages from all members. The double-blue tick marks will only appear after you’ve responded to them.

Easy to Know Who Saw Your Profile Picture

It’s easier to know when someone sees our WhatsApp status, but did you know you can also find out who has viewed your profile picture with the latest version of goldwhatsapp? It’s one of the innovative features that are neither available in simple WhatsApp nor in any other alternative WhatsApp mods.

Message Scheduling 

I know how mortifying it is to miss a birthday or an important reminder at a specific time. Therefore, you need someone who can remember these, and it’s pretty easy in this busiest era. But no worries, now, with the help of Golden WhatsApp, you can do this easily without seeking help from anyone. Whether you want to set a greeting, grocery reminder, or a business meeting, you can easily schedule them for delivery at a specific time.

Auto Reply For Incoming Text

Just like WhatsApp gold Plus, this feature is not only convenient but also perfect for professionals or individuals inundated with arduous daily messages. If you’re busy and unable to respond to all messages quickly, you can set an auto-reply with a custom text to inform others about when you’ll be available.

Backup And Restore

Now, with the help of Golden WhatsApp APK, you can back up and restore your conversations and important media on your phone. So, you can switch from ordinary WhatsApp to this mod and easily take backups daily.

Amazing Fonts

Do you want to give your WhatsApp chat a more distinctive look but don’t know how to do this? Well, there are fancy and stylish fonts that you can use while chatting with friends. Moreover, you can also set up adorable wallpapers and jazz up your WhatsApp screen. 

Send Message Without Directly

Now, you don’t need to save a contact number in your phone; with this application, you just need to enter a contact number and send a message to anyone without saving it in the phone.

What Prefer WhatsApp Gold?

  • If you’re using Gold WhatsApp, you don’t need to download any so-called downloader to save WhatsApp statuses. While watching a status, you’ll see a download button that you can tap to keep it in the gallery of your phone.
  • Furthermore, if you’re irritated by annoying phone calls or audio messages from your colleagues, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode from the settings of Gold WhatsApp, and it will silently deliver notifications to your phone. You can also use airplane mode, which will disconnect your internet for WhatsApp only.
  • Additionally, you can forward messages to anyone without informing the other person that you’re forwarding someone else’s messages. This helps in disabling the forward tag.
  • You can also freeze your last seen on WhatsApp, so it won’t inform other contacts that you’re currently online and using this app for many hours.

Requirements to Use WhatsApp Gold 

If you want to enjoy all features without any hassle, make sure your operating system is Android 2.3 or above. Otherwise, some features may not work on your mobile, and you might encounter problems while installing this application on your phone.

Steps to Download and Install WhatsApp Gold APK

You can click on the top button to download the updated version of WhatsApp Gold. After waiting for 10 seconds, your file will start downloading. Once it’s completed, go to the file manager of your Android and tap the file for installation. You’ll see an option where you need to allow permission—just tap here and enable the “Unknown sources” option within Settings.

Once it’s completely installed, you can enter your contact number and enjoy all features free of cost. On the contrary, if you’re a PC lover, you just need to install emulators. After that, you can run the latest version file on the emulators and enjoy it on your PC with the same interface and features. 

Personal Experience with WhatsApp Gold

I’ve tried numerous other famous mods, such as KB WhatsApp, Red WhatsApp, ADAM WhatsApp APK, and WhatsApp Plus. Honestly speaking, I had a fantastic experience, especially with the feature that lets me know who has seen my profile picture. Moreover, I’m also a big fan of the ‘freeze last seen’ feature and the gold themes; they help me give a totally new look to my WhatsApp.


As we all know, any modified version of WhatsApp isn’t available in the Google Play Store. So, when a new exciting update is released, simply visit mbwhatsking and install the latest version on your Android phone.

Not at all; you don’t need any access to root it. 


Gold WhatsApp has gained popularity among users over the last few years and is considered a significant platform for sending audio and large videos and having conversations with friends. Additionally, the customization and advanced features make this app more popular among users, offering a better experience.

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