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ADAM WhatsApp is a lightweight modified version of WhatsApp with remarkable features such as built-in Quran, Hadeeth, Prayers Reminder, multi-language, hiding chat, media, and number, customization of theme, freezing last seen, easy-to-know weather conditions, and much more. It’s one of the most used applications not merely in the Arabs but, in fact, in the whole world because it comes with an anti-ban function, which users of other modified versions often face.

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ADAM WhatsApp

Undoubtedly, Whatsapp is the most in-demand chatting application, but sadly speaking, owing to the limited features, users aren’t very satisfied and are always searching for different Whatsapp mods! Well, you may also be looking for the best WhatsApp Mod but don’t know which one can be good for you, right? Then you should definitely give ADAM WhatsApp a try without a second thought; just like MB WhatsApp for iOS and SM WhatsApp APK, it’s one of the best applications that gained ground quickly among users and is now used by people all over the world.

You’ll have an unforgettable experience with this app because it comes with innovative features as well as anti-banned functionality. If you’re curious about the features of ADAM WhatsApp, stick to the article because we’re going to discuss these out-of-the-world features one by one, so let me lift the curtain from each without taking time. 

What is an Adam WhatsApp APK?

Similar to AD WhatsApp, Adam WhatsApp APK is just a mind-blowing modified version with mammoth features such as hiding online seen and freezing last seen, as well as downloading any status directly, sans any additional sluggish app. Moreover, just like ordinary WhatsApp, you can block anyone if someone tries to harass you with calls and texts.  

Without any qualms, it’s just the most marvelous app that was developed by an Arabian developer who has also developed another stupendous named Hawa WhatsApp. You can download the weather Adam WhatsApp Black or Adam WhatsApp Brown as per your choice; both are almost the same, but there is little difference in the icon. However, AD2WhatsApp looks more attractive in terms of chat experience from the users. 

Astonishing Features of ADAM WhatsApp

As there are many features that users are unaware of, therefore, after personal use, we’ve come to discuss them all one by one. Now, let’s take a bird’s eye view of the remarkable features you will get after downloading the latest version of the ADAM WhatsApp APK.

ADAM Features

Quran & Islamic Collections of Hadeeth

It’s a perfect application for Muslims because it comes with a built-in Holy Quran, other famous Hadith, and everyday prayer reminders. Therefore, these features set it apart as a truly innovative option among all the different modified versions of WhatsApp. Moreover, it was developed by a Saudi developer and designed with a smooth interface specifically for Muslim users. With this WhatsApp mod, anyone can easily recite the Holy Quran and read Hadeeth anywhere. 

Directly Call an Unknown Number

With this application, you don’t need to save the contact in your Android device just to send a message on WhatsApp. You can contact them directly, even if the number is not in your phone’s contact list, so it’s convenient and time-saving, isn’t it? Absolutely buddy!

Share Large Media

Furthermore, isn’t it frustrating to send large image bundles one by one? Well, worry no more about the hassle of media sharing because, with this APK application, you can not only control the quality of your images but also send up to 90 images at once. Additionally, you can upload up to 700 MB of video files, a feature not available in regular WhatsApp!

Message Scheduling Made Easy

Just like MBWhatsApp, you can schedule messages for times when you’ll be busy, whether it’s for lunch, with family, or with friends. This ensures your meetings and business operations run smoothly, and scheduling an important message to a person at a specific time is the best thing that is not possible to get in ordinary WhatsApp. 

Group Name

We’re addicted to group chats on WhatsApp because they give us a more immersive experience, allowing us to spend time with friends and family. We always aim to give our group names a unique and unforgettable touch. However, when it comes to the official WhatsApp group chat, unfortunately, it only allows users to set a 25-character group name. But with ADAM WhatsApp, there is a 35-character limit, giving you more freedom to choose a name as per your preference.

Direct Status Saver

Now, you don’t need to download useless third-party apps or request your friends or colleagues to send heart-touching statuses to your message box because, after downloading the latest or new version of this application, you just need to click the small download button, and the status will automatically save in your gallery within seconds! This is amazing, isn’t it?

Fascinating Themes

You can enhance your messaging experience by customizing your chat and themes. There are more than 1000 plus themes that you can use as per your need and give your WhatsApp an adorable look. Additionally, you have the flexibility to modify your WhatsApp’s action bar and select from amazing bubble and tick styles.

Weather Condition

You’ll be glad to know that this application also supports weather conditions, allowing you to easily check the weather from your WhatsApp Application. This option is not available hitherto in any other WhatsApp mod except this one.

More Control on Privacy 

It stands out from the others because it offers various privacy control options to users, such as hiding the top bar while chatting and even the ability to hide your recording audio and typing status. 

  • Additionally, you can view your friends and family’s video and photo status without them knowing.
  •  Furthermore, it’s an anti-ban application with enhanced security controls, so it’s well famous not merely among Arabs in fact also in other countries.  
  •  You can also hide the blue tick from the setting and read all messages easily, and don’t let other people know that you’ve read these all. 
  •  You can freeze your last seen status for all your contacts and easily use this feature, preventing others from knowing you are online.
Setting Privacy

Anti-delete files and Messages

It’s a wonderful application that has the ability to prevent users from deleting files and chats after they have been sent. Not only files and chats but also status updates won’t be deleted even if they are removed from the sender’s end.

Chat Lock for Specific Conversation

You can set a chat lock for specific conversations and use a password, PIN, or even a pattern to secure them. This feature, which allows you to hide chats from specific individuals, is quite popular among people who use it for various purposes, including business.

Set Background Image

Now, WhatsApp users can change the background image whenever they like and even set a solid color behind the chat. The different colors look awesome while chatting with friends and family. 

Emoji Collection

Using cool emojis enhances the chat experience. In comparison to the regular WhatsApp, this version offers a wide variety of lovely emojis.

Support 20 Languages

It comes with support for 20 languages, allowing you to enjoy it according to your country. This is a primary reason for the popularity of this application. As the name ‘ADAM’ suggests, it’s the most-used app in Saudi Arabia same like the Gold WhatsApp, offering a vast collection of fonts and styles for this language. 


Adam WhatsApp is a lightweight, free application and even competitive for Android users except for version 4. Therefore, if you want to enjoy all these features, then ensure your Android version is not below 4. 

Other Astonishing Features

  • You can send images or videos only once, making them unavailable for users to view a second time.
  •  You can easily type and set up to 250 characters in your status to express your thoughts.
  •  It also allows users to copy the status of family, friends, and colleagues to the clipboard, a feature not available in the official WhatsApp version.
  •  Black and Brown ADAM-WhatsApp versions are considered the most visually appealing, as these colors are very comfortable for the eyes worldwide
  •  You can use the Auto-Reply option just like the other modified version, where you can set your availability time or any custom text for your contact when you’re away from your phone.
  •  You can also view the edited messages with the time after installing this application on your phone.
  •  You can also choose an iOS theme if you’re an iPhone lover that will transform WhatsApp’s appearance into the iOS style. You can also check more features from the following video.
YouTube video

Installation Process of ADAM WhatsApp APK for Android

The installation process of WhatsApp is really simple and easy. The Modified version is always unavailable in the Play Store, so you must walk on the eggshells while downloading these on your device. Therefore, I recommend downloading from the most trusted site, mbwhatsking, which regularly updates files and conducts daily virus scans.

  • In the first step, you must go for the latest ADAM WhatsApp version from the top of the article. Depending on your preference, you can choose AD WhatsApp Black Download or AD2WhatsApp. Both color options are comfortable for the eyes.
  •  Once you have downloaded the APK files, go to your phone’s settings and enable the option called ‘Installation of third-party apps’ or ‘Unknown sources.’
  •  Once that’s done, navigate to your phone’s ‘File Manager’ and click on the ‘Install’ button for the ‘ADAMWhatsApp APK’ installation.
  •  During the installation process, please wait for a few seconds. Afterward, you can enter your contact number to receive a verification code, just like in regular WhatsApp. Once the code is verified, you’re all set to enjoy the generous features of this app on your phone with ease.

Personal Experience 

As I’m a WhatsApp mod lover, I always try to catch every WhatsApp, such as GB, FM WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, SM WhatsApp, AN WhatsApp, but the most attractive thing for me in this application was the built-in Quran, Hadith, Prayers reminders and obviously weather condition. I also didn’t face any ban issues with this application, so I personally love this application. Additionally, as I’m proficient in Arabic Speaking and writing as well, it was a remarkable experience for me to use this application and enjoy chatting with my colleagues.


Indeed, you can use this by installing an emulator on your PC, because APK files work like a charm on PC as well 

Both versions of black and brown are likely to offer similar features and functionalities to the users, with the primary difference being the visual design and colors only. However, the brown one is less popular than the black one because, with the darker backgrounds, users find it more visually appealing or easier on the eyes in low-light conditions.

Yes, it’s just like ordinary WhatsApp and free to use which has been developed just to provide the more more pleasant experience to the users. 


The Adam WhatsApp is an innovative modified version with features like the built-in Quran, Prayers, Hadith, and much more that any Muslim needs for daily life. Now, thanks to prayer reminders, you can offer your prayers on time without any delay, and you can read the Quran at any place and time. Moreover, with support for over 20 languages to choose from according to your needs, you can even check the weather conditions from within your WhatsApp. It comes with numerous features that are not available in other mods, making it perfect for use.

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