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Just like SMWhatsApp APK the KB WhatsApp is an advanced modified ads free versions of the traditional WhatsApp that has come with numerous features like, 5 multiple accounts in the same WhatsApp, multilingual facility with built-in translator, no notification on group leave , freeze last seen, and individual chat lock. Click the below link to download the APK file of this WhatsApp and enjoy more all stupendous features with one click!

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App NameKBWhatsapp Apk
Last updatedToday
Size64 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.9 ⭐
Downloaded Users77,820,957+

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Nowadays, most users are switching to mods or WhatsApp Plus clones instead of using the official WhatsApp because these offer more advanced features. Finding the right mod can be like finding a needle in a haystack because most of them get banned and do not work as users expect.

But don’t worry; if you’re bored after trying numerous WhatsApp mods, you should give KBWhatsApp a try. It’s one of the best apps with astonishing features. Additionally, it comes in cool variations such as KBWhatsApp Black, KBWhatsApp Gold, Red, and even Blue. Let me clarify that all these KBWA variations have the same features, except for the icon colors and themes, which are entirely different in each one.

However, you might be wondering why this mod could be a perfect fit for you or why you should consider downloading this app on your Android device right? Well, there are plenty of reasons that make it the most preferable option among others. So, let’s take a brief overview of this application to assist you in deciding whether to download it on your phone or not.

What is KB WhatsApp APK?

Actually, this application is a fantastic version of WhatsApp Plus, developed by Alkasir, who is an Arabian developer, and it has quickly gained popularity among users due to its other extraordinary variants available in black, red, blue, gold, and KB WhatsApp yellow. 

Moreover, it is built exclusively according to the demand of users, offering enhanced privacy controls and an efficient user interface. Furthermore, these out-of-the-world features give this app an edge over other existing WhatsApp-modified versions. After downloading the updated version of KBWhatsApp, you’ll be able to schedule messages, hide blue ticks, contact any number without saving it on your mobile, and even much more.

KB Whatsapp Update v29 

  • The KBWhatsApp v29 comes with Anti-Ban features and an auto-backup facility for storing backups. 
  • Moreover, in the latest version of this application, you can edit messages after sending, a feature unavailable in the official WhatsApp in many countries. 
  • Additionally, you’ll find more advanced features in the updated version of this application that are not present in the older version.
  • Some users reported the issue of opening more than one conversation in the form of a card, so luckily, it’s fixed in the latest version. 

Impressive Features of KBWhatsApp App

Here are some meritorious features that you can enjoy after downloading this application on your Android device, as well as on your PC. However, please note that KB WhatsApp Pro is exclusively designed for Android users, so you can’t use it on your iPhone.

5 Multiple Account

One of the tremendous features that I personally love is the ability to switch accounts in KBWhatsApp, and it works like a charm without any ads or other issues. If you’re a business person or employed, I believe it’s one of the best ways to maintain a clear separation between your personal and professional life. With this feature, you can add up to five different numbers and use five different WhatsApp accounts simultaneously, easily switching between them as needed.

Leave Groups Without Notice

WhatsApp groups can be a pleasant source of entertainment with family members, friends, and professional colleagues. However, sometimes, we become fed up with them and want to leave the group silently. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in traditional WhatsApp because it displays a message indicating your departure when you leave any group. Well, if you’re sought after for such a feature, I am happy to tell you that now it’s possible to leave any group silently without notifying other members after installing this app on your Android device.

Multilingual Application

Interestingly, whether you’re using KB WhatsApp Yellow, Black, or Red, you can use this application in different languages as it has been launched in 64 of the world’s most commonly used languages. Additionally, it also offers the facility of a translator where you can translate your messages into any language. That’s quite nice, isn’t it? Just ensure you’ve installed the latest version of KBWhatsApp on your Android so that you enjoy all these features on your phone without any conundrum. 

Robust Privacy

It comes with an extra layer of privacy and anti-ban features. It also allows you to view media sent with ‘view once’ multiple times. Moreover, it prevents your messages from being deleted after sending them from the sender. Additionally, you can easily enable the ‘hide last seen’ feature with just one click in the KBWhatsApp APK settings.

Share Larger Size Files 

Now, you can share larger files on WhatsApp, whether they are in PDF, MS Word, or Excel format, without encountering any size limits. You can easily send up to 100 images and even videos up to 50 MB in size with just one click at a time.

Easy to Change Emoji

As many people are big fans of iOS, they often use iPhones, but it can be miffed when some iPhone emojis are not visible on Android devices. However, with the KB WhatsApp Blue application, similar to MBWhatsApp Pro APK, you can change your Android theme to resemble the iPhone theme and enjoy iPhone emojis with your friends.

Home Screen Customization

Now, after switching from traditional WhatsApp to KBWA, you can give your WhatsApp home screen a unique look by customizing the top bar, bottom bar, message bubbles, and floating button. You can also change the text fonts to suit your preferences by accessing your phone’s settings.

Show a Blue Tick After Replying 

Similar to other Mod versions like GB WhatsApp, SM WhatsApp APK, and AN WhatsApp Application, you can enjoy this feature on your phone with KBWhatsApp. It allows you to display blue ticks only when you reply to the sender, even if you’ve read the entire text.

Freeze Last Seen

Using this feature from KBWA, you can freeze your last seen and stay online in ghost mode. It is another way to add an extra layer of privacy when you’re not in a good mood, so you no longer need to endure disgusting messages from your contacts questioning why you’re not replying.

Short Overview of Other Stupendous Features

Undoubtedly, things can become boring when we dive into a deep discussion. So, let’s take a brief overview of the remaining mind-blowing features that you’ll find in this app.

  • Similar to ADAM WhatsApp, you can use individual conversation locks for specific chats and hide them from the entire WhatsApp.
  • It allows you to edit any text messages that are accidentally sent to the wrong recipients.
  • Moreover, with this, you can express your thoughts on WhatsApp status with up to 250 characters, a significant increase compared to the limited character count in the original WhatsApp.
  • There is an extensive built-in theme library from which you can download and install themes for your WhatsApp.
  • Here, you can get access to a wider variety of stickers and GIFs, giving your chats a more memorable appearance.
  • KB WhatsApp allows you to hide media from your gallery, eliminating the need for additional apps to secure your personal photos and videos.
  • Scheduling messages for specific contacts is now simple with the KBWA APK.
  • This application lets you download any contact’s status with just one click.
  • You can post videos on your status for up to 1 hour, as opposed to the 30-second limit in the original WhatsApp.
  • A handy feature is the ability to delete messages from a chat even after a year.
  • You can enable the option, if you want to disable the forward tag in KB mods within the privacy settings section.
  • KBWA gives you control over picture quality, making it easy to conserve mobile data by setting a limit on picture quality.
  • Handling notifications becomes easier with KBWhatsApp after turning on Flight Mode, which works explicitly within this application.

In addition to these features, KBWhatsApp offers many more functionalities to its users, all free of charge. You can explore these features one by one at your convenience.

How to Download and Install KBWhatsApp for Android & PC

Here are simple steps outlined below that you can follow to download and install this remarkable application, not only on your Android but also on your PC.

  • First, download this app’s latest APK file by clicking the download button at the top; you can choose any color that fits your preference.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the download to complete; once it’s done, check your phone’s settings, and just enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option in the settings.
  • Now, tap on the installation file and then enter your contact number to verify and set KB WhatsApp DP.
  • On the other hand, If you’re a PC enthusiast, you’ll need an emulator to run and install this APK file on your computer. After downloading an emulator, sign in, and then easily use the APK on your PC.”
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Personal Perspective

As my favorite colors are blue and white, I personally prefer to use KB WhatsApp Blue, and I’ve had an enjoyable experience with it. I truly enjoy the ability to manage 5 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android device, which helps me keep my social and family lives separate.

Furthermore, since I deal with both national and international clients, the multilingual facility with the built-in translator has saved me a lot of time. I consider it a stroke of luck when I stumbled upon this application on the internet. Honestly speaking, after installing this app on your Android, you’ll also find it to be a time-saving gem!


Yes, the latest version allows you to back up your chats by connecting to Gmail or via Google Docs.

Yes, we highly care about the privacy and security of our visitors; therefore, we always upload files after strict scans from any virus, so these are safe to use. 

It’s multilingual with a built-in translator, allows multiple WhatsApp accounts, and allows you to leave groups silently, schedule messages, and back up chats on any application variant.

Final Verdict

KB WhatsApp is the best alternative to the Official WhatsApp, where you can access all your desired features. Not only can you give your WhatsApp screen an innovative look, but you can also save time by avoiding the need to download third-party apps from the Play Store that often stop working after a few days and take up space on your mobile device.

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