Red WhatsApp APK 2024 Download Latest Version 36.00 for Android Free

Just click the provided link to download the latest version of Red WhatsApp, offering mind-blowing features free of cost. With this lightweight and ad-free application, you can freeze your last-seen, hide profile pictures and custom chats using app lock, save any contact’s status, use DND to mute any notifications, translate text statuses, and much more.

Despite having billions of WhatsApp users, a significant audience isn’t entirely satisfied with the application. They believe there should be more astonishing features. It’s where third-party mods like Red WhatsApp, also known as Rojo WhatsApp, come into the spotlight. These mods offer all the required functions from users, providing more control over privacy and making things easier.

Although there are many other WhatsApp Mods like GB WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus, RAWA stands out with its eye-catching color, comfortable interface, and other lovely features. People are just crazy about downloading this app over others.

What is Red WhatsApp APK?

RedWhatsApp, also known as Rojo WhatsApp or WhatsApp Red APK, is a popular modified version of the official WhatsApp developed by Abu Arab. It offers innovative, out-of-the-world features, providing users with an unforgettable experience. This lightweight application allows you to freeze your last seen, send more extensive videos and images, and gives you more control over your privacy.  In a nutshell, after the redWhatsApp download, you will be able to enjoy all those features that you might think in your mind. 

RedWhatsApp APK

Features of WhatsApp Red App

The Red WhatsApp APK provides numerous functions that are not available in the original WhatsApp. It stands out as the best alternative to GB, TM, and WhatsApp Plus. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of these existing features one by one.

Airplane mode & DND Mode

The redwhatsapp has come with extraordinary features named ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) and Airplane mode. By turning this on, you can disconnect from Wi-Fi or the internet, allowing you to spend your time on other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat without interruptions. As a big fan of PC games such as Counter-Strike 2 & GO and Fortnite, I use the Chikki Mod APK VIP unlocked to play these games at night. In such cases, when I don’t want any WhatsApp notifications, I always turn on the DND feature to enjoy my gaming time! 

Translate Text Statuses

Now, with this app, it offers an option to translate text statuses. To do this, you simply need to long-press on the translation icon and choose the desired translation language.

Media Sharing

With this Red GB WhatsApp, you can easily share multiple images at once, and you can also enhance the image quality capacity up to 3MB. Moreover, it’s now much easier to upload a video of up to 700MB.

Schedule The Message for a Specific Event

If you have a hectic routine, this feature is a big blessing for you. With RedWhatsApp, you no longer need to worry about forgetting to send important messages to your friends, colleagues or for special events. You can schedule all notifications for upcoming dates at specific times. Whether it’s a marriage anniversary, birthday, or any reminder, you can do this quickly and efficiently with RedWhatsApp.

Auto Reply

With this mind-blowing feature, you can set an auto-reply message for all incoming texts when you’re busy, out of the home, or in the office.

Hide Profile

Now, you can easily hide your profile picture, name, and bio from your contacts with the help of this modified version of WhatsApp. 

Set Conversation Lock

You can set a lock—whether it’s a fingerprint, PIN, or password—for a special friend and even hide the conversation from the entire WhatsApp. It’s my second most favorite feature because it provides more privacy in the chat with colleagues.

Download Status

After downloading and installing the RedWhatsApp APK, you can ask your contact to send the status that you love. It comes with a built-in status-saver feature—just click on the small download button, and it will be in your Android gallery.

Launcher Icons

You can change the RedWhatsApp icon as there is a considerable variety of launcher icons for the Android screen. You can choose according to your needs and set it by replacing the previous one.

Easy to Customize Chat 

You can customize your chat and give your WhatsApp an entirely new look by adding a bubble style and setting background images of your choice behind the chat screen. Apart from that, you can also set your favorite font. Moreover, you can also increase or decrease the size of fonts with this application. In short, just like KB Red WhatsApp, it’s not really half bad. 

Vast Collection of Themes

This Red GB WhatsApp is developed with a built-in vast collection of themes. You can even install an iOS theme and give your Android WhatsApp an iPhone look. If you’re an iPhone lover, you can enjoy the theme in one place on your Android.

Other Famous Features

In a short time, it’s not feasible to explain all features one by one, so here are some others you’ll get after the RedWhatsApp updated version:

  • With this app, the forward tag often looks awkward and can no longer be seen.
  • You can increase the timing of your status from 30 seconds to many minutes.
  • Moreover, you can also pin your important messages and recall them as per your need.
  • There is a huge collection of wallpapers that you can set for your chat background.
  • Furthermore, you can show your reaction to text messages with the help of emojis and stickers.

Personal Experience

Personal Experience On RedWhatsApp APK

While using this application, I personally love the option that allows us to translate text statuses. Moreover, I’m a big fan of the Airplane mode. The tons of emojis also gave me an enjoyable experience with my friends. I’m 100% sure you’ll have a pleasant experience after installing this on your Android; just make sure you aren’t using the old version of red WhatsApp.


Yes, it’s free from any malware attack, and you can use this without any issues. 

Sadly speaking, it’s no longer compatible with these versions. 

Indeed, you can install this with the help of an emulator and enjoy all the mobile features on the PC. 

Wrapping Up

The Red WhatsApp offers remarkable features to its users, making it the most famous nowadays, just like GB WhatsApp Lite and MB WhatsApp iOS. It’s tremendous and more secure than WhatsApp Plus, KB WhatsApp APK, and Ad WhatsApp. Just click on the top link and install with the simple steps!

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