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AN WhatsApp APK Download Latest Updated v39 ( June 2024)

It’s another advanced modified free versions of the standard WhatsApp application that has come with a lot of tremendous features like, edit text messages, more control on privacy and security, notification on delete chat, hiding last seen, and individual chat lock. Click the below link to download the APK file of AN WhatsApp and enjoy more all features with one click! However, before AN WhatsApp download, make sure to read the features thoroughly and procedure of installing as well.

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No qualm, WhatsApp is the most useable platform all over the world, but unlucky, it’s not offering tons of features that users want in their smartphones. Consequently, many people are now turning to WhatsApp mods, a trend that’s gaining popularity worldwide. The trading curve of the fantastic WhatsApp name AN WhatsApp is now boosting day by day in Google. In fact, it stands out as one of the best-modded versions of WhatsApp, packed with numerous extraordinary features that are unavailable in other modified WhatsApp applications.

The ANWhatsApp was developed by Ammar Al-Awadi from Arabia and encompasses all those features that users yearn for in their devices. One of the most stupendous features is its tight security, ensuring users have no worries about hacking or data leaks. We’ll go into an in-depth discussion of this flabbergast WhatsApp plus extension named AnWhatsapp, covering everything from its features to the step-by-step installation process on Android and PC Windows. 

Additionally, you can download all versions of AN WhatsApp, 1 to 11, according to your choice and style. However, we recommend downloading the latest version of this application to access all features without any hassle.

What Is a ANWhatsApp APK?

As discussed earlier, the AN WhatsApp APK, also called An WhatsApp Plus 10, is an excellent WhatsApp Modified application that has come in different versions from 1 to 10; however, ANWhatsApp V36.00 is the latest version of this application hitherto. Additionally, It’s an antiban APK application that gives users an unforgettable experience with a fascinating interface. 

ANWhatsApp APK

Surprisingly, this application gained worldwide popularity in a short amount of time because, much like MB WhatsApp Pro, it is more advanced and secure than GB WhatsApp, SM WhatsApp, and even one of the most popular apps, ADAM WhatsApp.

Prominent Features in the AN WhatsApp Latest Version

This application is the most famous version of another mod called WhatsApp Plus, and millions of users have loved it. Here are some out-of-the-world features that you’ll get after downloading the latest version of WhatsApp from mbwhatsking, so let’s get started one by one.

Features of ANWhatsApp

Robust Security

While GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and Foud WhatsApp are notable WhatsApp Mods, sadly, they are not as secure as this application. They are often banned and can cause data loss issues. However, WhatsApp APK is an amazing alternative to both mods and the standard WhatsApp. It offers enhanced security and privacy, which is why it is highly favored among users.

Notifications for Deleted Chats

Another feature that sets this mod apart from others is the ability to receive notifications when someone deletes chats. When you enable this function on your device, the application will notify you if someone deletes a conversation from your discussion. So, now you can stay alert when someone makes changes to your conversion! It’s quite nice, isn’t it?

Easy to Control Unwanted Calls

When we’re busy with our family and friends or attending an event, one of the most frustrating things is receiving calls from unknown contacts or even those numbers we don’t wish to answer. While we can simply turn off our data to avoid this, people often seek a more convenient solution to this problem. If you’re feeling irritated and searching for a solution, thanks to AN WhatsApp, this feature is perfect for you to resolve this conundrum! In this feature, you can easily navigate to the settings, select ‘Who can call you,’ and then choose the most preferable option that suits your needs.

Wide Range of Emojis and stickers

Do you agree with me that conversations seem pretty boring without the use of emojis and stickers? Well, if you do, then you’ll be pleased to know that in this application, you’ll get numerous emojis and stickers, and you won’t need any third-party applications to add them to your WhatsApp. Now, you can give your conversation a more colorful look and make it memorable with your loved ones. 

Edit Sent Messages

We often make typing mistakes, and one of the most annoying things is seeing grammatical errors in messages we can’t correct once they’re sent to the recipient. Although Official WhatsApp has announced that this feature is coming soon, it has not yet arrived in some countries. However, I’m happy to share with you that this is one of the advanced features not yet available in the official WhatsApp. Thanks to this application, you can easily use it for free. Here, you can edit your messages within a few seconds after sending them and correct anything you may have sent by mistake.

Customize Themes and Chat

ANWhatsApp comes with numerous themes that you can customize according to your taste, giving your WhatsApp an adorable look just seconds after installation. You can also give your conversations a trendy new look by using various bubble styles, changing fonts, and even adjusting the font size to meet your needs. You can also change the background of the chat with a solid color or by inserting a memorable image behind the conversation to give your WhatsApp a pleasant appearance. 


Sometimes, we get fed up with WhatsApp conversations and want a few hours of relaxation by scrolling through other social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or watching videos on YouTube or APK . Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow this, as you can only turn off WhatsApp on your Wi-Fi or data. However, after installing the updated version of AN WhatsApp, you can do this with just one click. Similar to using the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option, also known as airplane mode, for your entire phone, you can now apply it to your WhatsApp and easily stop those annoying notifications with just one click.

Privacy Control

This APK application gives you an edge over ordinary WhatsApp by offering a lot of privacy options, such as hiding the call icon and even your name from the top bar of WhatsApp while chatting with your favorite. You can hide any specific chat in your WhatsApp, and you can also use the popular option that is “last seen, Freeze.” By enabling this feature, you can remain active on WhatsApp, chat with anyone, and even check someone’s status without revealing your own ‘last seen’ status. On the other hand, none of these essential user-requested options are available in the official WhatsApp.

Status Downloader

We can take screenshots of any image that we love on the WhatsApp status, but what about some heart-touching videos? We can’t download and save any attractive status of our contacts on our phones. Alternatively, we have to search for a sluggish status downloader app on the Google Play Store, some of which may even stop working after a few seconds or come with annoying ads. However, after installing the updated version of ANWhatsApp, you won’t need to waste time searching for additional apps to download your favorite statuses.

Auto Reply

Just like business WhatsApp as well as SM WhatsApp, you can also set an auto-reply in this WhatsApp mod and save your time in this busiest and fast-moving era. There are different sub-options available that are very interesting, and you can use these as per your needs and choice. 

Create Unlimited Groups

There is no limit to group creation like ordinary WhatsApp because you can create unlimited groups with this advanced WhatsApp Plus application. 

Schedule your Reply

With this lovely application, you can schedule replies for your specific business colleagues and even set the time and date along with a message for your loved ones’ birthdays and anniversaries. 

Hide unwanted media files.

It always looks quite weird to keep our favorite photos in the gallery because often our family members and even friends suddenly take mobile from us for their urgent needs and then poke their noses into our privacy. For such cases, we often install 3rd party apps, such as calculator and CM Security, that even stop working sometimes. But with the ANWhatsApp, you can save your unwanted media and even files from the gallery. 

It always looks quite strange to keep our favorite photos in the gallery because often our family members and friends suddenly request to use our mobile phones for their urgent needs and may inadvertently invade our privacy. In such cases, we tend to install third-party apps like calculators and CM Security, which may even stop working at times. But, after installing the this WhatsApp, you can easily save your unwanted media and files from the gallery without downloading any other apps from the Play Store.

Anti-Delete Messages

In ordinary WhatsApp, the sender can delete messages after a certain time or instantly after sending them. However, if you’re using ANWhatsApp APK, you not only receive notifications when someone tries to remove certain text from chat, but the sender can’t delete the message from your end once it’s received.

Personal Lock

After installing this application on your Android, you can set a fingerprint lock, PIN lock, or a pattern lock for any individual chat on WhatsApp. You can also enable the notification bell for that specific chat, but it won’t be visible to others if someone is using your phone. The chat will only become visible when you unlock it with your password or fingerprint.

Chat Backups

The backup chat option of MB WhatsApp and ANWhatsApp works the same way. You can use your email for this backup, or you can do it through Google Drive. It’s a straightforward process that helps prevent data loss when switching from one mod to another.

send multiple images

Hide Last Seen

Not only can you hide your online status, but you can also have the last seen from your contacts with this superb app. Hiding last seen from other contacts gives you more privacy control, and in this way, you can reply to other people as per your flexibility and availability. 

Contact with Support For Any Issues

Similar to the official WhatsApp, you can also contact the support team of ANWhatsApp if you encounter any bugs or issues. Support is always available to help resolve any problems that users may face. This feature is accessible in other modified versions of WhatsApp as well.

Quick Overview of Other Top Features 

As ANWA comes with many features, discussing each individually isn’t feasible in a single article. To save time, let’s quickly take a bird’s-eye view of the remaining cool features so that you are also aware of them.

  • In the new updated version of this WhatsApp application, you can now share your status on Facebook.
  • You also have the option to pin any message for 24 hours, 7 days, or 1 month.
  • The ‘view-only one-time’ option is no longer available after ANWhatsApp; now, you can view any photo or video for as long as you want.
  • It comes with a ‘disabled forward’ tag for any message or video, which may seem quite unusual.
  • You can enable different features in your settings, such as choosing to display only a blue tick to the sender when you reply to a message.
  • There is enhanced security for group administrators, who have advanced control over everything.
  • You can also run more than one number in this same WhatsApp and switch anytime as needed.

How to Install AN WhatsApp for Android and PC?

The installation process for WhatsApp is just a piece of cake whether you want to use it on Android or PC. As any WhatsApp-modified application is not available on the Google Play Store, to install this on your Android, first download this from the top and then just wait for a few seconds until the download is complete. Next, check the option “Unknow Resouce” in your phone settings and turn this on.

Afterward, open your File Manager, locate the downloaded APK file, and tap on it to install. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be asked to enter your phone number, just like with ordinary WhatsApp, to receive a security code. Now, you’re all set to enjoy all the features on your mobile device with ease.

On the other hand, installing this APK on your PC or window is a minor change because, just like PubG mode or CandyCrsush APK, you need an Emulator to run this application on your PC. In the very 1st step, you need an emulator on your PC and then download ANWhatsApp from the top link, afterward install this file, and it’s ready to use!

Unbiased Review 

Personally, I appreciate its strict security features, the ability to edit messages after sending, and notifications for deleted chats. I’m also a big fan of the contact support feature; these functionalities were entirely new to me. I’ve been using this application, and so far, I haven’t encountered any ban issues, which were frequently reported by users of GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. The only thing I don’t like about this app is the icon’s color, which might not matter to other users, but it does to me. Aside from that, it’s an amazing application for regular use.


No, it’s designed exclusively for Android users. So, if you’re using an iPhone, this WhatsApp-modified application is not compatible with iOS devices and will not work.

Yes, we highly care about the privacy and security of our visitors; therefore, we always upload files after strict scans from any virus, so these are safe to use. 

It’s truly simple: just go to the settings of your WhatsApp and check if you see an option that says ‘update available.’ If you do, simply visit, search for this application, and download and install it again.

Final Verdict

The AN WhatsApp APK is the best-modified version of the standard WhatsApp, offering extraordinary features that aren’t available in other mods. I highly recommend giving this excellent application a try, as it provides you with features and saves you time with tremendous features like ‘auto-reply,’ ‘schedule messages,’ and much more.

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