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GB WhatsApp Pro APK V.17.85 Download Updated June (2024)

GB WhatsApp Pro is a modified version of standard WhatsApp with amazing features such hiding chat, media, freezing last seen, and much more. Just like GB WhatsApp Lite this is one of the most used applications in the whole world because it comes with an anti-ban function, which users of other modified versions often face.

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To stay connected with our loved ones we all need apps to communicate. For instant communication, WhatsApp is the most convenient app. Although there are billions of users of WhatsApp but it lacks certain features that are required. Now you don’t have to worry because gbwhatsapp is providing all the advanced features and options that we need.

What is GbWhatsApp Pro?

GBWhatsApp which is also called GB WhatsApp Pro APK is just another app alternative to WhatsApp but with more features that you would love to use. The features that gbwhatsapp provides mind mind-blowing as they simplify everything for the users. 

GbWhatsSpp Pro Download

Is GBwhatsapp download free?

Yes, the gbwhatsapp is free for anyone but you can’t avail of it from the Google Play Store. To download whatsapp you have to click on the link given below and after that, you can enjoy all the features and options

Why do People Prefer GBwhatsapp?

gbwhatsapp is preferred over WhatsApp because it has everything you are looking for. The amazing features that are provided in gbwhatsapp pro are message scheduling, enhanced privacy, DND mode, dual account support, and much more which we will discuss one by one later. After getting the information about gb whatsapp pro, you might be curious to know more about the features. Let’s take a deep dive into the outstanding features of gbwhatsapp.

Privacy options

We all understand the importance of privacy and want to keep a low profile. If privacy is your priority, you should download the gbwhatsapp pro by clicking on the link. You cannot avail privacy effortlessly on any other app than gbwhatsapp. It will help you in freezing your last seen, hide/show last seen, hide/show double ticks, and many more.

Bulk Sender

Another feature of gbwhatsapp pro is that you can send unlimited messages to your friends at once. It is perfect for pranks as it will likely make them curious how is it even possible? Give it a shot and ask them to join in.


gb whatsapp pro allows users to change theme and layout for unlimited time. You can select themes according to your choice, mood and style. In short you can customize your WhatsApp layout however you want.

Media Sharing

The exclusive gb whatsapp feature that I like the most is media sharing. This app will allow you to send more than 90 pictures at a time. However, on official whatsapp we cannot send unlimited number of photos at a time and I found it time-consuming. As well as you can also send videos and pictures in high resolution, so no more graining and pixelated photos anymore.

Message Scheduling

it is a striking feature of gb whatsapp where you don’t have to worry about remembering dates and times for sending messages to someone. With this feature, you can relax as you can schedule messages to send at specific times and days.

Dual Account Support

If you want to keep your personal and professional life separate, you can download gb whatsapp pro APK for this amazing feature. You don’t even need any separate phone to have two accounts as it allows users to create dual accounts without the need to log in and log out repeatedly. 

Font Style 

gbwhatsapp pro provides a remarkable feature for you if you want to design or customize your whatsapp the way you want. It allows users to select the font style of their choice, unlike other WhatsApp. Each font style is unique and and gives a different look to your whatsapp.

Disable Calling

 This is an exclusive feature, if you are an introvert and prefer to not answer calls you can just disable incoming calls by a single click. To avoid unwanted calls, you can download gb whatsapp pro APK from the site mbwhatsking.

Do not disturb mode

If you are driving, in a meeting, and want undisturbed focus, this is quite a useful feature for you. It will allow users to limit or block notifications as long as they want to activate it. The valuable feature of gb whatsapp pro APK DND mode is that it comes with flexibility. It means that even if it is activated you can still get calls and messages from specific people if you allow it to. 

Anti-Revoke messages

Another cool feature is anti-revoke messages. If you were busy and you missed the messages that are not there anymore now. No worries! we have good news for you. Just download gb whatsapp pro latest version and catch up on what you missed out.

Download Status

Sometimes we like the status content of our friends and want to save it for later. When it is a picture, a screenshot does the trick. But when the content is in the form of video or audio, we think of status-saving apps. That I found laborious. Now the solution is just one click away. You don’t have to ask your friends to send that audio/video as gbwhatsapp pro provides an amazing feature to download status effortlessly.

App Lock

when it comes to personal information, conversation, and photos we all need privacy and protection. For this purpose, gb whatsapp lite was developed after considering all the preferences and requirements of users. You can lock your chats and apps whenever you want with one simple click.


If you are tied up somewhere and you don’t have time to reply instantly. Don’t worry! You can activate this outstanding feature of gbwhatsapp pro APK to maintain a positive impression. By doing this you can perform your important tasks without any interruptions. You can customize replies according to your type of work or business. This feature is mind-blowing to reduce workload.

GB WhatsApp Pro

No Contact list required  

Sometimes we have to send a message to a number and to do that, we need to save it in the contact list. Even though we don’t need their number after that we have no choice. From now on with the help of the user-friendly feature of gb whatsapp pro APK you can message any number without saving it in your contact list. 

More Stickers More Fun

To add fun to the conversation you can get plenty of stickers by downloading WhatsApp new version of gb whatsapp pro V16. They not only express your sentiments in visual form but also add humor to the conversation. 

Group Chat 

some limitations on simple WhatsApp is quite annoying. One such limitation is that it allows only four friends to group call. We understand your frustration but guess what? gb WhatsApp features can fulfill all your needs. From now on you can add as many friends as you want. For this, you have to download gb whatsapp pro by clicking on the link.

Hide Online Status

To avoid unwanted chats and to chat with people at your own pace you can choose the option to hide online status. This gb whatsapp feature will reduce the pressure of responding immediately. 

Hide Blue Ticks

Another useful feature of gbwhatsapp is that you can choose to hide read receipts or blue ticks. This allows you to reply when you are ready for having a conversation even though you already have read the messages. 

Hide view status

An interesting feature is that this new WhatsApp download will allow you to hide the fact that you have viewed someone else’s status. This avoids the obligation of responding immediately to their status because people might expect a response.

Backups and Restore

If you want to download gbwhatsapp pro and you are concerned about the data on whatsapp. Forget your concerns! As it ensures the safety of your data. You won’t lose any data just download gbwhatsapp pro latest version to enjoy all the features.


Sometimes your friends block you on whatsapp, leaving you with no way to communicate. We understand your frustration and we have a game changing feature for you. Whatsapp new version of gbwhatsapp to ensure that your friends won’t be able to block you. If you’ encounter any issue you can follow this YouTube video.

YouTube video

Pin Chats

You can manage and prioritize chats for your ease. If you have contacts whom you reach out to frequently, gb whatsapp pro provides you an opportunity to pin those chats making them easily accessible. Unlike other WhatsApp, you can get the feature of pinning more than three chats if you download gb whatsapp pro APK.

Filter messages

If you want to delete the chat but if it has some important messages you want to keep you can filter those messages. For this useful feature, you have to download gb whatsapp pro APK from mbwhatsking.

GB WhatsApp Pro

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Sure thing! You can use both on the same phone if you want to. Not only that, but you can also even use other mods of whatsapp as well.

Of course, you can transfer your data with just one click. apk gb WhatsApp download will give you an option to backup all the data. By selecting that you can transfer your data from one WhatsApp to gbwhatsapp lite effortlessly. 

The only drawback of using gbwhatsapp lite is that you can’t download it from google play store, unlike other apps. You have to visit alternative platforms like mbwhatsking. More to that, there are security risks as it is third-party application, not an official app.

The only drawback of using gbwhatsapp lite is that you can’t download it from google play store, unlike other apps. You have to visit alternative platforms like mbwhatsking. More to that, there are security risks as it is third-party application, not an official app.

Unfortunately, gb whatsapp pro apk old versions are not supported by iOS. But don’t worry, as developers are working on it and soon, we will share good news with you.

To enjoy more features and options of updated versions of gb whatsapp pro apk you have to visit mbwhatsking site. The latest versions will be shared here.

Both apps are used for communication purposes, but the main difference is the amazing features that official WhatsApp may lack.

Sorry to say, but it is not possible to hide it completely but you can change the style and color of its icon. 

Final Verdict

n short, if you’re looking for the best alternative to GBWhatsApp with anti-ban properties, then you should try GB WhatsApp Pro. Just like GBWhatsApp Lite and Golden WhatsApp APK, it is one of the most widely used applications worldwide. It comes with even more astonishing features that you’ll love!

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