How to Export MB Whatsapp Chats

How to Export MB Whatsapp Chats?

Just like the Soula WhatsApp and ADWhatsapp APK, the use of this application is increasing day by day because it provides extraordinary pro features to its users. The exporting of MB WhatsApp chats can be beneficial in several scenarios, such as when you’re going to change your phone or even want to store some paramount chat information for reference, especially for legal proceedings or business purposes.

Apart from that, some individuals simply love to keep a personal record of their conversations for sentimental reasons. Therefore, if you’re using this application and looking for a way to export MB WhatsApp chats, then just follow below mentioned simple steps. 

 Steps to Export MBWhtasapp Chat

The just auto reply and theme change, the exporting chat from MB WhatsApp is just a piece of cake; you can follow these steps by steps guidelines for this purpose.

Open MB WhatsApp

The first step is to open your MBWhatsApp and then click on the 3 vertical dots that you can see on the right-hand side of this application. 

Select Chat

Tap on the “Chats” tab at the bottom of the screen to view your chat conversations.

Choose a Chat

Now, tap on the “Chats” tab and select the specific chat conversation that you want to export. 

Export Chat

 Once you’re in the desired chat, click on the option “Export Chat” option and then tap on it to proceed.

Choose Export Method

 Now you’ll get 2 options whether you want to export the chat “with media” or “without media.” Now, select your suitable option based on your need and proceed with that.

Share or Save

After choosing your desired option, you’ll get various options to share the chat via different apps or want to save this whole chat to your iCloud Drive. You can choose the preferred option and follow the instructions on the screen. MBiOS also allows you to export chat to your Gmail address.

Additionally, you can repeat this process for each chat you’ve yearned to export and save for your memories. Just ensure you’re using an updated version of this application; otherwise, you may face trouble while doing this. 


Yes, the MBWhatsApp iOS APK latest Version gives you more flexibility to backup your chat on daily bases as in the official WhatsApp.

Yes, you can do this easily with this application.

Final Verdict

 I hope now, now exporting chat from your MB WhatsApp isn’t a daunting task because you can easily export chat from your MBWhatsApp APK app into your personal email or doc file, as well as into DropBox or another storage location with one click. Just for your security, always carefully handle these exported chats, as they may contain sensitive personal data. 

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