Soula WhatsApp Download APK v6.45 (Official) April 2024

Soula WhatsApp is one of the popular chatting applications that serve as an alternative to ordinary WhatsApp, offering numerous features unavailable in the original app. Users of Soula WA APK can not only send up to 100 photos at once but also send 100 files of various formats, enjoy greater control over privacy with individual chat locks, access fascinating themes and emojis, send messages to any contact without saving numbers in the phone, chat backup options similar to those in standard WhatsApp, and much more! Click below link to download this in your Android.

What is Soula WhatsApp?

It’s also known as Soula WhatsApp Lite and Soula-WhatsApp APK, is an instant messaging application modified from the original WhatsApp, offering more advanced features and enhanced privacy controls. Similar to other popular modified versions of WhatsApp such as WhatsApp Plus, MBWhatsApp, NSWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Prime, Soula WA is developed with anti-ban features and a stunning interface that fulfills users’ demands.

With this third-party application, you can customize your WhatsApp screen according to your preferences, giving it an entirely new look by changing fonts, and wallpapers, hiding your name while chatting with friends, and even using built-in themes with just one click. In short, it’s a 100% safe application that was designed and developed just to fulfill the needs of the users. 

Amazing Features of Soula WhatsApp APK

Users can download and install this app on PCs and Windows via Android emulators. However, like other WhatsApp mods, this application can’t be used on iOS devices because iPhones don’t allow installations from unknown sources. The application developed by a Syrian developer Sommer, below are the advanced features that users can enjoy after downloading the latest version of Soula WA on Android. 

Lightweight App

Soula WA is a lightweight application compared to other mods such as YoWhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp and TM WhatsApp, requiring minimal space and storage on your device. With a size as small as 43MB, your Android’s speed won’t be compromised, even if your device has limited storage space. You won’t experience a slowdown in performance.


Where enjoying demanded features brings pleasure, encountering a banned issue with a third-party app can be a big headache. However, this application is designed and developed with an anti-ban system, alleviating any worries of being banned, unlike the experiences faced by users who have downloaded GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp nowadays. 

Send a Message Without Saving the Contact

Nowadays, a day every second is very important in our lives and it can be frustrating to have to save numbers before sending a message, especially when we’re in a hurry. In regular WhatsApp, it’s mandatory to save a contact’s number before sending them a message. However, with this application installed, you can skip this step entirely. Simply input the contact’s number in WhatsApp and send a message directly without needing to save it on your phone.

Freezing the Last View

With simple WhatsApp, whenever you visit the application, your last seen and online status are visible to your contacts. Nonetheless, for busy people, it’s not always possible to respond to every message received on WhatsApp. So, thanks to this application offers a solution by allowing you to turn on the “Freeze Last Seen” feature and hide your online status from all of your contacts with just one click. 

Once you enable the freeze last seen feature, you can remain active, and send and receive messages, but no one in your contact list will be able to determine whether you’re online or not. Additionally, you can enable or disable the “Blue Tick” and double-tick options from the settings according to your preferences.

Emoticons and Cute Emojis

This application gained ground quickly among users worldwide in recent years because, alongside its mind-blowing features, it offers a wide range of cute emojis and emoticons for conversations with friends and family members. With tons of emoji stickers, it adds more enjoyment, fun, and memorability to conversations.

Easy to Share Files from Multi-Format 

Official WhatsApp supports only a few formats so we have to use different platforms, but if you’ve downloaded Soula WA, then you don’t need to do this, because you can share all files whether, it’s APK, ZIP, RAR, or PDF with your friends and colleagues. Interestingly, there isn’t any limit of 10 or 20 files; Soula WA allows you to send up to 100 files of any format in one go.

Anti-delete Messages

Often, people send us messages on WhatsApp and then delete them before we have a chance to read them. This can sometimes make us curious and lead to overthinking, especially when it happens with our close contacts. Additionally, important conversations with colleagues and friends may also be deleted by the sender, leaving us unable to provide proof if needed.

To combat this issue, some users try to download third-party applications, hat mostly useless with tons of ads. However, with WhatsApp mods like this one, users can access these deleted messages without letting other people know. 

Share Large Video & Image Files

Soula WA app allows 700 MB of video files to be sent and 100 photos with any contact in one go as compared to the simple WhatsApp where there limit to sharing images and videos in one selection. 

Password Protection For Chat

As we grow, we value our privacy more, but often our WhatsApp is accessed by friends and family members. So how to protect our privacy in this case? Well, if you’re using Soula WA, then with one lock for your entire WhatsApp, you can also set additional passwords, fingerprints, or PINs for specific chats. Once locked, these chats will disappear from your WhatsApp, ensuring no one else can view the conversation. These additional features provide enhanced privacy and control. Additionally, users can hide photos and videos from their gallery for added privacy.

Change the WA Icon and Share the Location 

This WhatsApp mod allows users to change the WhatsApp icon as per their choice, but this option isn’t available in the simple WhatsApp. Additionally, similar to the Official WhatsApp, Soula WA offers you features to share your live location with your loved ones easily when you’re on the road. 

Download Status and More Characters to Write 

Often some status of our contacts catches our interest, but we can’t download it if it’s in the form of a video, so we’ve to download additional applications merely for downloading status from the Google Play Store where most are useless with ads. 

However, Soula WA comes with a built-in status download feature, allowing users to download statuses with just one click directly to their gallery. Additionally, while regular WhatsApp imposes a character limit of only 139 for status updates, this WhatsApp mod allows users to express their thoughts with up to 250 characters.

Steps To Download and Install Soula WhatsApp Lite

Here are the following steps for downloading and installing Soula-WhatsApp lite APK latest version on Android;

  • To begin the download process, either scroll up or click on the button labeled ‘Soula WhatsApp Download,’ and your APK file will start downloading, just ensure your internet connection is stable. 
  • Once the file downloads, then go to the file manager and click on the install, howeveri f you haven’t already enabled the ‘Unknown Sources’ option in your phone settings, be sure to do so before proceeding.
  • After the installation is complete, enter your contact number, and you’ll receive a verification code via message. Once you’ve completed this step, you’re all set to enjoy all the mind-blowing features of Soula WA.
App NameSoula-WhatsApp
Last updatedToday
Size43.1 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.8 ⭐
Downloaded Users78,20,956+


Well, if you want more features in terms of privacy control, file delivery, and customization then this application works like a charm because simple WhatsApp users can’t avail of this. 

Indeed, there is an option for Airplane mode after turning this on your internet connection will just be disconnected for your WhatsApp only. 

No, similar to all other WhatsApp mods this application isn’t available on the Google Play Store because it’s a third-party app and often updates releases for improvement and advanced features, therefore it’s mandatory to visit Google and download this application from a trusted site

Wrapping Up

Soula WhatsApp is one of the most famous applications in this year with numerous features that users can’t find in the original WhatsApp. Moreover, with funny emojis and stickers, it provides a way to add fun and comfortable communication with your friends. You can download this anti-ban app on your Android and then explore more features one by one, just ensure you’ve downloaded the latest version of this app. 

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