FM WhatsApp Download APK Latest V.11.2 (Official) July 2024

In a world full of complicated messaging apps, FM WhatsApp is like a breath of fresh air for users. Thanks to its exclusive features that make it easy to use and user friendly. With FM WhatsApp APK, you get access to various features and functionalities, including optimized privacy settings, controlled customization options, unlimited themes, automated response, expressive stickers and emojis, message scheduling, pinning chats, and much more, adding an extra layer of fun in messaging. 

FM WhatsApp Latest Version

App NameFM WhatsApp
Last updatedToday
Size76.1 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.8 ⭐
Downloaded Users902890789,907+

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Everyone needs a messaging app for talking and texting. Nowadays, finding the best app to stay connected with friends and family is like searching for a needle in a haystack. In a kingdom of modified versions of official WhatsApp, the latest version of FMWhatsApp is a beacon of simplicity and a top choice for many people. 

What is FM WhatsApp APK?

It is not an ordinary app for messaging; FMWhatsApp APK takes your WhatsApp game to the next level. It is a promising app that is free of cost and has exciting features. It simplifies everything and allows you to have complete control over WhatsApp. It allows users to change their chosen layout and themes to give a new look to WhatsApp. In essence, FM WhatsApp 2023 is a reliable companion that enhances the overall experience of messaging. 

Exclusive Features of FM WhatsApp Latest Version

Are you ready to fall in love with its exclusive features? Yes! Okay, let me tell you the secret sauce that will bring back the joy of messaging. 

Dual WhatsApp

For the ease of users, it allows them to have dual WhatsApp accounts. Sometimes, it is challenging to keep all the chats in one place, and for that, this latest version offers multiple accounts on the same WhatsApp. You don’t need a separate phone for this purpose. If you want to keep work life and personal life separate, simply download FM WhatsApp and enjoy this cool feature.

Pin Chats

Pinning chats is another outstanding feature that is unavailable in official WhatsApp. It allows you to pin up to three chats that are important to you, eliminating the need to navigate through all your conversations to find them. Pinned chats stay at the top of your chat list, providing quick access. Another advantage of this feature is its time-saving capability.

Message Without Saving Number

Official WhatsApp requires users to save a contact’s number before sending a message. Users find it time-consuming and unnecessary as everyone wants to save time and simplify tasks. For the comfort of users, similar to the MBWA and GB WhatsApp this app provides a feature that allows users to send messages without saving numbers in the contact list. 

Hide Chats

FM WhatsApp download APK offers a valuable feature of hiding chats. This feature adds an extra layer of privacy for users whose priority is privacy. You can hide your chats as well as chats that contain sensitive information. When needed, you can easily access those chats. You can hide unlimited chats for the protection of sensitive information.

Disable Forwarded Tag

If you are texting and don’t want to inform them that a specific message is forwarded, you can disable the forwarded tag from the settings. This feature enhances privacy and keeps the conversation smooth. However, it has drawbacks, as that message can be false news. 

Media Preview

This feature saves your time and data by allowing you to preview videos without loading them. Sometimes, friends share videos that may turn out unnecessary, and with this feature, you can assess them before downloading. 

Privacy Control

Privacy is crucial for everyone. For the safety and security of users, FM WhatsApp updated version offers multiple options. After downloading, you can enhance your privacy by freezing the last seen and hiding blue ticks. It helps in maintaining a low-key profile for users. 

You can also show your profile, last seen, and online status to selected contacts. Moreover, it also allows the locking of chats that contain sensitive information. It also enhances security features with a regularly updated version, as users’ privacy is the first priority. 

Multiple Themes

We all get bored of using one theme for a long period as it becomes less attractive. FM WA offers multiple themes that can change your visual appearance on WhatsApp. You can add a personal touch by selecting a theme of your choice. Along with that, you can choose different themes for each chat. You can also customize the chat background, icon style, font, and color scheme with unlimited themes. 

Advanced Backup 

We all want to keep a record of our chats and data in WhatsApp. Data privacy is our first concern whenever we think of shifting to any other version of WhatsApp. Forget your concerns, as FM WA provides the opportunity for complete backup in the initial steps of installation. You can restore your data and chats with a single click. 

Emojis and Stickers

Texting is no longer about words only. You can use multiple emojis and stickers to add fun to the conversation. This latest version offers you an emoji pack other than the official ones.

Media Sharing

Unlike official WhatsApp, you can share media with friends without size or number limitation. It allows users to send files up to 2GB. Along with that, you can send more than 30 photos simultaneously. You can send a maximum number of files without using any third app like Gmail. 

 Auto Reply

The auto-reply is beneficial for all of us to stay connected with friends and customers, especially if you are a businessman. If you are tied up somewhere, you can customize auto-reply accordingly. This will simplify your workload and improve professionalism.

App Lock

You can add an extra layer of privacy by locking chats and WhatsApp. This feature provides the opportunity to protect your chats so that no one can access your app and chats unless they know your password or PIN. In the official WhatsApp application, locking chats requires the installation of a separate app, which demands storage and time.

Message Scheduling

Like auto-reply, message scheduling can be a beneficial feature for most users. It is a bit difficult to keep a record of the time and date if you have to send a message to someone. No worries! Download FM WA and schedule messages as much as you need. Scheduled messages will be sent to a specific contact on the selected date and time. 

Show Blue Ticks After the Reply

Some users prefer privacy while texting. If you are one of them, you can activate this cool feature that shows blue ticks after a reply. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to respond whenever you want instead of replying instantly. It also gives you the time to think before replying. Otherwise, your friends might think you have overlooked or ignored their message. 

 Freeze Last Seen

Official WhatsApp allows users to hide their last seen, but that won’t allow you to see their last seen either. You can avoid this by FM WhatsApp download, as it allows users to freeze their last seen. Your friends won’t get the idea that you are online, as they will see your last seen instead of online. 

Full Resolution Image Sharing

It seems impossible to have a detailed and clear picture on official WhatsApp. Whenever we share images on WhatsApp, they appear in low quality and pixelated. The reason is that WhatsApp reduces the size of the image. With the FM WhatsApp update, you can now share images in full resolution.

Hide Blue Ticks

This updated version allows user to hide their blue ticks. This feature provides flexibility, allowing users to send messages at their convenience. To avoid the pressure of instant reply, you can even hide double ticks. Along with that, you can hide whether you are typing or recording a voice note. In short, it enhances privacy for users’ comfort.


Another exclusive feature is that it has a built-in feature that doesn’t allow official WhatsApp to ban it. It ensures the safety of your data in every possible way. You won’t get banned as you are safe from threats. 

Anti Delete Messaging

Sometimes, friends delete messages after sending them. We become curious to know what the message was and why they deleted it. Now, you won’t have to be curious, as this version offers a feature that shows you deleted messages as well. This advanced feature shows you messages on your side even if they delete it for everyone. 

Get Unlimited Fonts with FM WA

Who doesn’t love unique fonts for their WhatsApp? Everyone loves unique fonts and tries different styles to give their WhatsApp a new look. You can access unlimited font styles for your WhatsApp by downloading this latest version. After the FM WhatsApp update download, you can choose any font style according to your preference. The flexibility it provides allows users to select a unique font style for each chat separately.

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It is a modified version of official WhatsApp that offers all the features missing in other apps, taking your WhatsApp experience to the next level with its user-friendly features. 

It is a go-to choice for many users who want a simple and enjoyable experience. People prefer it over other messaging apps because of its novelty and exclusive features that are missing in official WhatsApp. It offers optimized privacy settings, controlled customization options, unlimited themes, automated responses, expressive stickers, and emojis.

Yes, it is absolutely free and available for everyone. You can also download it from any trusted site. If you search for it on Google Play or App Store, you won’t find it there due to security issues.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, if you’re looking amazing features similar to KBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and Fouad WA, then you should take a stab at the latest version of FM WhatsApp today and take your messing experience to the next level.


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