Blue WhatsApp Plus Download APK V10.06 Latest (Official) July 2024

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the go-to app for messaging for most of us, but have you heard about Blue WhatsApp Plus? If you want more exciting and fresh features, say hello to Blue WhatsApp Plus. It offers extraordinary features, including message scheduling, unique emojis, custom notifications, built-in to-do lists, file sharing, auto-reply, advanced privacy, personalized themes, user-specific customization and antiban features. In short, it provides all the features that are missing in official WhatsApp. 

Blue WhatsAppPlus Latest Version

App NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
Last updatedToday
Size78 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.9 ⭐
Downloaded Users10,00,0678+

Although official WhatsApp is a reliable companion and easy to use, users find it dull and boring. This might be due to a need for more novelty and enhanced features. If you are also one of them looking for advanced features, we have got you covered. The blue WhatsApp plus APK steps up the game with their user-friendly features.

Rafalete, a member of XDA, designed this modified version of WhatsApp. Its size is 78MB, and you can easily download Blue WhatsApp Plus from the link above, as it is free. Another thing that makes it a preferred choice is that it keeps getting better through its updated version. 

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus APK?

It is called WhatsApp blue APK, and Blue WhatsApp, as everything in it is blue-themed, which makes it royal. You don’t have to use that greenish Hulk-like theme that is an absolute turn-off for most of us, as we cannot change it. Now, you can change the unlimited theme to give your WhatsApp a new look. 

Outstanding Features of Blue WA Plus

Similar to GB WhatsApp, this mod version quickly gained popularity among users and is now being used by millions of people. Are you excited to know what makes it unique and better than other modified WhatsApp versions? Yes! Let me take you on a quick tour to explain its features in detail. 

 Blue WA Plus

DND Mode

The ‘Do not disturb’ or DND mode is one of the most liked features of the latest version of WhatsApp. This feature allows users to customize notification settings in a way that prevents interruptions. You can activate this feature before any meeting or while driving so your message or call notifications don’t divert your attention. The flexibility of this mode is like the cherry on top, as you can select important contacts whose notifications you still receive even after activating DND mode. This is helpful to ensure you don’t miss any important calls or messages.

Auto-reply Messages

Auto reply messaging feature is also available, which can be beneficial for persons engaged in business or other projects that demand professionalism. You can write any reply according to the requirements of your business to save time and reduce the workload. You don’t need a business account for this, as it is also available in your personal account. 

Free Calling

To stay in touch with our friends and colleagues, we find WhatsApp’s calling feature convenient and simple. Blue GB WhatsApp Plus makes it more convenient and cost-effective by allowing a free calling option. If your friends are in a different city or country, you can stay in touch without paying a single penny. Both audio and video call options are available that you can select according to your own needs. 

User Specific Customization 

Deep down, we all are tired of using ordinary features of WhatsApp that we cannot even change. Although Blue WA is an extraordinary app itself, it offers users the opportunity to customize everything the way they want to. Yes! You read it right; you can customize everything, including colour, fonts, theme, status settings, last seen, blue ticks and much more. 

Secure Backup 

We all know very well that official WhatsApp does not really provide a secure backup. It has some limitations and stores limited data, and the rest is lost. However, WhatsApp Blue Plus offers a complete and secure backup with just a single click. You can restore your chats and media without fearing losing conversations and important information. 

Efficient Data Transfer

We all find it annoying and tiring that official WhatsApp limits the amount of data we can transfer and leaves us with no choice. But guess what? This version of WhatsApp allows users to send large files up to 999MB. Moreover, there is no restriction on sending up to 30 photos to contact at a time. 

 Hide forwarded tag

We often share the same wishes with most of our friends and colleagues on some occasions and events. Sometimes, the ‘forwarded’ label doesn’t look good on those warm wishes. No need to worry! Blue WA Plus has introduced a cool feature that allows you to hide the ‘forwarded’ tag. Now, you can send everyone the same message without second thoughts or hesitation. Also, there is no limit to the number of contacts to send forwarded messages. 

Unique Emojis

Emojis are a valuable tool for clarifying communication and adding fun to conversations. Although the original WhatsApp provides basic emojis, they are boring and limited.

 Blue WhatsApp plus apk download offers a unique and wide range of emojis that can be useful for clarity of tone, fun, creativity, and visual appeal. It also allows you to generate stickers of your own choice. 

Unlimited Fonts 

Font styles can be helpful to personalize and convey different emotions. They also add a creative touch to the conversation. However, official WhatsApp doesn’t offer any font styles for its users. If you want to enhance the visual appeal of messages, you should switch to this version of WhatsApp. 

Status Saver

Sometimes, we like videos and photos of our friends or family shared on WhatsApp status. To save that video in our own gallery, we have to ask them to send it, or sometimes, we download a third-party app that requires storage and time to download the status.

Often, we don’t want to make this effort just for status. However, you don’t have to worry anymore, as the blue WhatsApp has this cool feature that allows users to save status with a single click. 

Hide Media from Gallery 

Some users prefer hiding WhatsApp media from the general gallery to enhance privacy. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the original WhatsApp. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. This version offers an opportunity for users to separate WhatsApp media from the general gallery of phones. It also helps in reducing clutter and enhances the overall experience of users. 


Users prefer their own language, even in the case of applications. However, official WhatsApp is available only in one language. Some users find it a little challenging to use at the start. But guess what? That’s an answer to how does WhatsApp Plus work; it offers the option of multiple languages for users. It provides an opportunity to communicate in various languages in the same conversation. 

Full resolution Images

In the original WhatsApp, it is nearly impossible to get a full-resolution image due to size reduction, resulting in a pixelated texture for photos. However, in this modified version of WhatsApp, you can now send and receive pictures in full resolution, eliminating the issue of blurred and pixelated images. 

Hide Camera Feature 

Sometimes, we accidentally click on the camera and send a photo to someone. This can be embarrassing, and that’s why blue whatsapp plus offers an option to hide the camera feature. Often, this happens because of glitches or bugs, but the latest version has resolved this issue. Update your WhatsApp and enjoy the cool features of the latest version.

Save Profile Image

Not only status but even profile images can be saved with a single click in the updated version. The feature that makes it even better is that it allows you to send messages and save photos of numbers that are not even in your contact list. Personally, I love this feature as I find it annoying to keep each number in the contact list to send a message or call. 


All users express concerns and fears about potential bans while using this app. Some users don’t prefer this WhatsApp version for this reason alone. However, forget your worries! We have good news; it is now banning proof applications. The designers of this app crafted it in a way that it has a built-in antiban option, making it highly reliable.

Message Scheduling

Although each feature is user-friendly, this particular feature is beneficial in reducing your workload. Like MbWA iPhone, the message scheduling feature adds significant value; in today’s busy life, it is challenging to remember specific dates and events.

 By installing this app, you can draft and schedule messages during your free time. These draft messages will be automatically sent to selected contacts at specified time and date. It helps maintain professionalism without requiring any manual effort. Additionally, this feature is also valuable for sending warm wishes on birthdays, events, and holiday greetings. 

To install Blue WA, click on the link provided above. You cannot download it from any other platform as it is a third-party app, and due to security reasons, it is unavailable. 

No, this latest version is primarily designed for Android users. However, you can explore other modified versions available on mbwhatsking.

The key features that make it the preferred choice include having dual WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, antiban functionality, customization options, unlimited themes, multiple font styles, message scheduling, freezing last seen, hiding double and blue ticks, status saver and much more. 


Just like the Fouad WhatsApp, this Blue WhatsApp Plus is an extraordinary app that can bring back the joy of messaging. Try this version at least once to step up the game of WhatsApp. It not only provides outstanding features but allows users to let their creativity shine the way they want. In essence, it offers complete control over WhatsApp.  

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