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Fouad WhatsApp APK Download V.10.06 (Anti-Ban) June 2024

Click the Fouad WhatsApp link provided below to download the latest version of this application. Similar to the MBWhastApp iOS, it’s one of the best modified app that offers features such as security lock for specific chat, hiding double blue ticks, schedule messages, anti-delete messages, lovely stickers, freezing last seen, and much others.

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Over the past few years, Fouad whatsapp has become the most popular modified version of original WhatsApp among smartphone users globally. It gained popularity within days due to its exceptional features. Fouadwhatsapp provides privacy control, advanced file sharing, and a personalized messaging environment where users can easily customize themes, fonts, appearance, and layout. In essence, Fouad WA allows users to express their individuality and uniqueness.

We all know the importance and need of Whatsapp in our daily lives. Despite it being launched in 2009, it is hard to believe that how we managed without it before that. Its all because of our reliance on whatsapp. Although it is our go-to messaging tool, it lacks novelty and advanced features. With time, people don’t enjoy using this app and want modified versions of whatsapp such as fouadwhatsapp APK.

The Fouad WA Mods has everything that is missing in the original WhatsApp. People prefer it over other latest versions of whatsapp because it is user friendly and fulfills all our needs effortlessly. If you are a person who prefers and loves to do things in their own way, you should download fouadwhatsapp. It allows users to customize everything they want, including themes, fonts, layout and icon. 

What is Fouad WA?

Fouad whatsapp, also known as fouad whatsapp mod APK, was developed by Fouad Mokdad. Its size is of 53mbs and can be downloaded in any smartphone. As it was developed by a third party, you cannot download Fouad WA on Google, so, you can download it from the above link given.

Stunning Features of Fouad WA

After getting the information about Fouad WA, you may want to know more about its features in detail. Are you ready to take a deep dive into the outstanding features of fouad mods whatsapp? Let’s discuss it one by one.

Share Media In High Quality

Similar to NA4 Whatsap, this Fouad whatsapp latest version has this amazing feature to share media in high quality. Often,we share pictures and videos with our friends, they often complain that picture is unclear. Sometimes they ask you to send them in document form, that can be frustrating, but you have no option other than to share it in document form. I can understand your frustration, and that’s why fuoad whatsapp new version has introduced this useful feature. now you can easily share media in high quality. We are ensuring no more blur and pixelated phots and videos.

Privacy Control

In this era of world, digital privacy is top concern for all of us. To keep a low profile, you should download fouad whatsapp ios. It is an ideal choice for users whose priority is privacy. In other versions, privacy is not easily accessible, but if you download fouad mods, it is on a click. You can hide/show last seen, blue, and double ticks.

DND Mode

It is another useful feature that provides you with a relaxed environment. During meetings and driving, Do Not Disturb mode helps a lot. It mutes the call and message notifications to avoid interruptions. After activation of DND mode, you will be able to focus on one thing. It also minimizes the bright colors of the screen and gives it a smooth look. Moreover, fouad mod’s DND mode allows notifications from specific contacts so you don’t miss any important calls or messages. 


Although there are many modified versions are available that provides amazing features but this multilingual feature is only available in fouadwhatsapp. It helps you to understand all the major languages of the world, allowing you to use this version wherever you go. If you are plaining a tour to any country, download fouadmods to enjoy without any hassle. 

Zip A File

Sometimes we have to share files with friends, but we cannot due to size issue. We use other apps like gmail to send large files. Now, you do not have any other app to send files as fouad WA latest version APKdownload allow users to zip large files. 

Shake And Meet New Friends

Fouad whatsapp download offers a creative way to connect with new people spontaneously. Yes! You read it right; shake your phone, and you can be friends with ant stranger. If you are an extrovert and love to talk, you can shake it repeatedly to meet new people.

Log History

Fouad mod provides this advanced feature of log history. To keep a track of your activity on WhatsApp you can activate it from the settings. This cool feature is only available in fouad mod. It will also help in locating the message and usage pattern. 

 Anti-Revoke Status And Messages

Suppose you were tied up somewhere and didn’t see the messages that are there anymore. No worries, we have good news. Fouad whatsapp update offers a revoke feature that allow users to see deleted messages and statuses. 

Lock Your Chats

We all need privacy and protection when it comes to pictures, sensitive information and discussion. Fouad WA was designed with this goal in mind and all other needs and preferences of the users. With a single click, you can lock your chats and set separate passwords for different chats. You don’t need any separate lock app for this purpose. 

More Stickers, More Enjoyment

To add fun in conversation, update fouadwhatsapp as it introduced more stickers in the fouadwhatsapp latest version download it and have fun with your friends. Stickers and emojis not only express your sentiments visually but also add humor to the conversation. 

Auto Reply

In case you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to reply immediately. Be at ease! wa fouad has an amazing feature that you can turn on to maintain a good impression by auto reply. If you are a business person, customize replies accordingly. This outstanding feature of the fouad whatsapp download APK not only helps maintain a good impression but also minimizes the workload. 

Save View Once Media

Are you also tired of viewing once the media-sharing feature of official WhatsApp? I can understand sometimes it is pretty annoying as we need that picture or video but can’t save it in our gallery. No worries! simply download fouad WhatsApp to get rid of this feature. 

Caller Id

Fouad mods WhatsApp download keeps everything up to date. We all know that how common scam calls are. For the safety of users, fouad whatsapp latest version APK download offers an advanced caller Id feature. After activation, it will let you know the caller’s ID and notify you whether it is a spam call or not.

Photo Editor

This WhatsApp has this advance feature of photo editing that allows users to adjust the visual appeal of photos. After installing fouad mods whatsapp, you don’t need any other photo editing app. You can change brightness, filters, and effects


You might think that fouad whatsapp APK can be banned as it was developed by a third party. Don’t worry! This WhatsApp has built in WA mod anti-banned option. Now, your account and its data are safe and secure. Official WhatsApp or any other party cannot ban fouad whatsapp latest version, that is available on this site.

No Contact List Required

In official whatsapp, you must save the number in the contact list in case you want to send them a message. It cannot be very pleasant because sometimes we contact someone for the first and last time and don’t want to save them in the list. Now, the this APK allows you to call and message any number not on the contact list.

App Info

Download Fouad WA Latest V.10.06

App NameFouad WA
Last updatedToday
Size53 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.8 ⭐
Downloaded Users785,820789,907+
YouTube video

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily download media from Fouad WA as it has built-in features. Not just downloading, you can also edit photos to give them visual appeal. You don’t need any other status-downloading apps. It will save you time and storage as well.

Yes, you can download fouad whatsapp new version from the link without cost. The only drawback of the fouad mod is that it is unavailable on the App Store or Google Play Store. The reason is that it is not an official app, and due to security risks, you have to download it from other sites. 

The Fouad WA offers all the amazing features you were looking for and is not available in official whatsapp, including customization, photo editing, caller Id, auto reply, and many more. Smart phone users prefer this version because of its novelty. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, due to its novelty, Fouad mod is the most preferred version of WhatsApp. It is the go-to version for smartphone users because of its user-friendly features, including instant messages to caller ID, photo editing, auto-reply and much more. It will elevate your messaging experience with its customization options. You can also grab this amazing latest version from the official website, mbwhatsking

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    1. Je pense que vous avez utilisé plusieurs mods WA sur votre téléphone, ce qui peut en être la raison.

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