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GB WhatsApp Download (Anti Ban) Latest Version ( June 2024)

In the WhatsApp world, many modified versions exist, and GB WhatsApp is the preferred choice for many. It has become the user’s first choice. Like Fouad WhatsApp, this GB WhatsApp latest version offers a world of endless features, including better privacy control, customization options, dual WhatsApp, message history, Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, bulk sharing, complete backup, and much more that is unavailable on the official WhatsApp. In short, it has everything you are looking for. Now is the right time to download GB WhatsApp and get it all.

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We all know the importance of chatting apps as they are like good friends, always there for you. Regarding WhatsApp, despite having 2 billion monthly active users, some don’t find it enjoyable due to a lack of novelty and other basic features everyone desires. However, third-party developed naked versions offer better features, and GB WhatsApp or more commonly referred as gbwhatsapp is one of them.

What’s is GB WA APK?

The latest version of GB WhatsApp offers tons of user-friendly features. It was launched over eight years ago and is still the most widely used app. It is all because of its outstanding features. If you want to express things your way, GB WA is ideal. The purpose is to fulfill users’ requirements and provide exclusive features unavailable anywhere else. Try this version at least once, and you will know the answer to what makes it distinct from other modified versions. For this, you don’t even have to delete your original WhatsApp.

Features of Gb WhatsApp APK

If you want to know more about it, I am confident you won’t just use it, you will love it. Let’s discuss its features one by one.

Outstanding Effects

This cool feature allows users to select different effects and beautify images and videos. You can choose an effect to enhance the brightness, sharpness, and structure. This will give a new look to your dull photos and videos.

Privacy Control

Privacy is something on which we cannot compromise at all. If privacy is your priority, you can download gb WhatsApp APK. It provides additional privacy, such as hiding last seen, blue ticks, status view, and online status. Privacy is not easily accessible, but this version ensures the safety of your data.

Dark and Light mode

Another feature that you can select according to your preference is dark and light mode that is similar to MBIOS. Like most, you can turn on dark mode at night to minimize brightness. It will also reduce battery consumption. Conversely, light mode is preferred during the daytime as it is more comfortable for users.

Dual WhatsApp

If you want to have dual WhatsApp accounts on one device, you can enjoy that. Yes, you read it right. This app provides users flexibility so they can download it without deleting official WhatsApp.

Download status

Sometimes, we find something meaningful and informative about a friend’s status and want to save it. This is not possible in the case of video clips. For that, we also install separate apps to download statuses that require time and storage. Now, you don’t have to install third-party apps

because it is a built-in feature of GB WA. You can easily download any status with just one click.

Message Scheduling

In this busy life, it is a bit difficult to keep track of time and date. For the ease of users, GB WhatsApp new version comes with a message scheduling option. It allows users to plan a message for a specific date and time.

Best Quality Image

Whenever we share images with our friends on WhatsApp, it reduces the image’s size, resulting in bad quality. To avoid it, we send pictures in the form of a document, but it is time-consuming. Now, with this version of WhatsApp, you can send images without compromising quality.


Unlimited GB WhatsApp themes are available that you can choose based on your mood, style, and preference. In short, you have complete control over WhatsApp appearance.

Maximum Pictures

Official WhatsApp allows users to send just 30 pictures simultaneously, in case you have to send more photos, as you need to select repeatedly, which can be annoying. Don’t worry! Gb WA offers a cool feature that allows users to send more than 100 pictures simultaneously.

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

If you use other apps on your phone, you can turn on DND mode. It will turn off all the notifications for that specific time. This feature is also helpful while driving and meeting. Another advantage is that it comes with flexibility, which means that even if it is activated, you can still get calls and messages from selected people if you allow it to.

Filter message

Before deleting any chat with important messages, it allows filtering messages. With the help of this feature, you can keep essential messages in conversation.

Anti-revoke messages

Sometimes, we get so busy at work that we can’t immediately read our friend’s messages, and they delete them. Have you ever experienced it? No worries! We have this cool feature that allows you to catch up on what you missed out.

Complete Back Up

Before installing this app, if you are concerned about your data, it is understandable. Forget about it! As it ensures complete backup and restores your data with just one click. Download GB WhatsApp APK and enjoy its features.

App Lock

All of us require privacy and protection regarding personal information and pictures. With this goal, an app lock feature was introduced in this version. After activation, only you can get access to your account.

Auto reply

In this busy life, we all need features that simplify our workload. The auto-reply feature can help with that, as it can help with professionalism, time management, and better communication. You can set auto reply accordingly if you are a businessman or salesperson.

Disable Calling

Some people prefer calling over messages, and some do not. If you are an introvert and don’t like calling, you can switch to this app to turn off calling. After activation, you can only reach your friends whenever you want, but they cannot.

Font style

Numerous font styles are available for users; you can customize your WhatsApp look by selecting any font style based on your preference. Each font style is different and gives WhatsApp a unique look.

Send a Text to a Number

Whenever we want to message someone on official WhatsApp, it is compulsory to save that number in the contact list. Now, you don’t have to keep it in the contact list before sending any message.

Hide Blue Ticks

Another helpful feature of WhatsApp that keeps you relaxed is that it allows you to hide blue ticks. By activating this, you don’t have to respond right away. You can reply whenever you are ready to have a conversation with someone.

Hide Online Status

Sometimes, we prefer privacy over engaging in real-time conversation. GB WhatsApp offers this feature that allows you to chat at your own pace without the pressure of being online.

Share Location

A new feature of sharing location was introduced recently that was not available in GB WhatsApp old version. If you are traveling, you can share your location with your friends to keep them updated.


This version offers multilanguage; you can select any language from the settings. In other words, you can customize everything the way you want.


It keeps you updated by notifying you of every change. Whenever your friends change their profile picture, it will let you know by notification.

Send Out Large Files.

Whenever we have to send files of more than 16MB, we use some other apps such as Gmail. The reason is that official WhatsApp does not allow users to send big files. No worries! This WhatsApp mode has removed this limitation. Now, you can send large files on WhatsApp as well.

FAQs About GB WA

Yes, you can freeze your last seen. Along with that, it also allows users to hide last seen, blue and double tick. It also contributes to maintaining your privacy. After freezing last seen, you can chat at your own pace without the pressure of being online.

Yes, this version of WhatsApp has a built-in anti-ban feature. Although it is developed by a third party, it ensures the safety of the user’s data and account. This feature was introduced recently when the official WhatsApp started banning accounts of the Gb WA users. Now, you can use it without any fear of being banned. 

Yes, it won’t cost you anything. To download, simply click on the provided link or visit gbWhatsApp official website. The only limitation is that it is not available on the Play Store due to security issues. 

It is the preferred choice because of its novelty and exclusive features that are unavailable on official WhatsApp. It provides better privacy control, advanced file sharing, customization options and a personalized messaging environment where users can easily customize everything according to their preferences. 

Final Thought

If you got bored of using official WhatsApp, now is the time to say goodbye to it. Switching to the Gb WhatsApp latest version will not only bring back the joy of chatting but also provides tons of advanced features, giving a fresh new look to WhatsApp. 

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