Download NOWhatsApp APK Latest v10.08 (July 2024)

NOWhatsApp is a secure and reliable messaging app that offers exclusive features to its users. It includes enhanced privacy, antiban, auto-reply, DND mode, app lock, customization, data backup, hiding last seen and blue ticks, light and dark mode, unlimited themes, unique font styles, hide status view, lock chat option, hiding typing, anti-revoke messages, status download, showing blue ticks after reply, and much more. If you are bored of using old WhatsApp versions and looking for novelties in features, download NOWhatsApp.

We all get bored of using the same thing for a more extended period, and the same is true in the case of official WhatsApp. The option of switching to other apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, and others, is always available, but these apps do not compete with the simplicity and straightforwardness of WhatsApp. If you are also bored and looking for an alternative, you should try NOWhatsApp APK at least once to bring back the joy you were looking for. 

Are you interested in learning more about NO WhatsApp and what detailed features it offers? Yes! Read this article to learn about each and every one of them. We will explain why it is preferred over other modified versions of WhatsApp, including Gb WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and many others. What is the secret sauce, and why should you switch to this WhatsApp version? In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide to downloading and installing it, and the pros and cons will also be discussed. 

What is NOWhatsApp APK?

We all are well informed of WhatsApp and its importance in today’s world. Among all other applications that allow us to communicate with our loved ones, WhatsApp is a go-to app for a billion people. Although it provides basic features that are needed to stay connected, when it comes to novelty, it fails and disappoints its users. 

Official WhatsApp users do not really enjoy it and find it dull and boring. NO doubt, new features are being introduced in standard WhatsApp, but they are not very often. People started switching to mods and other alternatives to WhatsApp. 

 NO WA was introduced by Abo Norah to fulfil the need of users. It provides all the features that are unavailable on WhatsApp and some exclusive features that you cannot find on any other mods. As a third party developed it, it is not available on the Google Play store and App Store due to security reasons. 

Now you might be wondering how to get it and how much you have to pay. Relax! It is totally free, and you can download it from any authentic website or tap on the link above without paying a penny. For updates, you can revisit this app and get the updated version. 

Features Of NO WhatsApp 

NOWhatsApp provides many features, from casual chats to built-in antiban systems. Without ado, let’s discuss each feature in detail.

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

The DND mode of this app is absolutely an amazing feature for any person who does Not want any interruption or disturbance. In DND mode, you do Not receive any notification of messages or calls from anyone. This mode is highly beneficial when meeting and driving. If you are a student, activating DND won’t disturb your study time and will allow you to focus on your studies. It comes with some flexibility as you can select some important contacts whose message or call is important. 

Media Sharing 

Standard WhatsApp allows users to share media with friends and others, but it is restricted. However, this version has NO restriction on the number of photos, and you can send unlimited pictures to anyone simultaneously.

Ban Proof 

Another feature, a built-in antiban system, was introduced for the security and satisfaction of users. As it is a third-party app, there were rumors that official WhatsApp and other entities are blocking the accounts of modified WhatsApp users. You can activate this feature to secure your data from getting banned by any authority. 

Archive Chats  

For privacy, users can archive chats in the achieved section so they do not pop up on the screen like regular messages whenever they receive any text. You can archive unimportant chats so you can focus on other chats without getting frustrated. 

Auto Reply 

In today’s world, everyone is looking for easy, user-friendly features to reduce their workload. The auto-reply feature can be helpful in lowering workload as you do not have to stay active all the time to respond. If you have a busy schedule and are finding it hard to reply to queries and other texts, Don’t worry; simply activate the auto-reply feature.

Dark Theme 

Dark theme has multiple advantages, and the main advantage is that it consumes less battery and minimizes distractions. Mostly, users decrease the brightness level, but it doesn’t compete with the level of dark mode, which is visually appealing. To enhance your experience and comfort, you can activate the dark theme at any time. 

Hide Blue Ticks

To add an extra layer of privacy, an option to hide blue ticks has been introduced in the features of WhatsApp. After activating it, you can take your time to reply, and this pressure-free environment can contribute to smoother conversations with your loved ones. 

Hiding Last Seen 

For users who prefer to stay low-key and do not want others to see their presence on WhatsApp, hiding their last seen can do wonders. Even if you are online and using WhatsApp, NO one will get to know about it unless you disable this feature in your settings. 

Anti-revoke Messages 

The anti-revoke message is another great feature that is not available in official WhatsApp. Suppose you want to know the messages of your friends that are not there anymore. We have good news for you! Activate the anti-revoke message option and catch up on what you have missed. 

Message Scheduling 

If you are preoccupied and find it hard to remember important occasions to send wishes or other important messages, NO worries. We have a built-in message scheduling feature for you. Now, without any manual effort, you can send messages to any contact on a specific day and time. You can save messages in drafts and then set the day and time. 

Unlimited Themes

Themes play a significant role in giving a unique look to the WhatsApp interface. NOWhatsApp 2023 provides unlimited themes that you can choose according to your taste and interest. What is better than this is that you can control your WhatsApp looks and appearance. 

Lightweight Application 

This WhatsApp version is lightweight and holds minimum storage in the phone. Large files slow down the mobile and take time to process. To install it, you don’t have to delete any other app if you have low storage. 

Message a Number 

You must be aware that in official WhatsApp, you must save a number in your list to message or call them. It can be frustrating as it takes time. However, NO WA allows its users to send messages to any number without adding it to the contact list.


Deep down, most of the users want to get rid of features that we cannot customize. However, it gives complete control to users to customize it however they want to. Users can hide last seen, blue ticks and double ticks. Moreover, users are also allowed to show blue ticks after a reply, hide status views, and much more. In short, it is one of the main reasons to switch to NOWhatsApp latest version.

More Stickers and More Fun 

Conversation can get dull with the same stickers and emojis, but NO WA has introduced more stickers for more fun. You can also customize the stickers you want in WhatsApp. 

Lock for Chats

These days, everyone demands privacy, but it is not generally provided in WhatsApp features. NO WhatsApp download offers built-in lockers that protect data and other important information available in the chats. You can lock any chat and set any password of your choice. It ensures that NO one gets access to your chats without your knowledge. 

Hide Online Status

Sometimes, users prefer secrecy and avoid engaging in real-time conversation. It offers a feature that allows you to chat at your own pace without the pressure of being online.

 Hide forwarded tag

Some of us avoid manual effort and prefer to share the similar wishes with friends and loved ones on occasions and events. However, the ‘forwarded’ label may not look good on those wishes and it cannot be removed or hidden in the standard WhatsApp. NO need to worry! This updated version of WhatsApp has introduced a cool feature that allows users to hide the ‘forwarded’ tag. now, you can send the same message without hesitation to everyone.

Enhanced Privacy 

Privacy should be the top priority of every user, and if you are concerned about privacy on Official WhatsApp. Forget about it and install the latest version of this app to get better privacy options. You can stay lowkey as much as possible with the help of this amazing feature. Users can also hide their profile photo and media. 

Hide Status View

NOWhatsApp download allows users to see the viewer count and the names of the viewers. If you do not want to let others know that you have seen their status, you can hide it. It will also not create any kind of misunderstanding, as people expect a reply.

Change Fonts 

Our important messages go unnoticed whenever we talk to friends, especially in group chats. The reason is that they look the same, and NO one pays attention to them. now, you do not have to mention it again in chats as a feature customization option has been introduced in this WhatsApp. To highlight text, you can choose any font style. 

Backup and Restore

We all have some memories and do not want to lose them at any cost. They can be in the form of photos, notes, chats, and videos. To preserve them, we all need a backup option. NO WhatsApp download provides a complete backup option. You can get all the data back in one click if you misplace your phone.

Floating Button 

A floating button with multiple options and features is also available for ease of use. 

  • Settings 
  • Tools to edit video 
  • Profile history of user’s contacts
  • Message Scheduling 
  • Restart WhatsApp 

Icon Customization 

Typically, the WhatsApp icon is green, and if you want to change it, NO WA allows its users to customize the launcher icon and notification icon.

Video Sharing 

In official WhatsApp, sharing large-sized videos is not possible. However, the NOWhatsApp updated version allows its users to share videos up to 60MB and audio up to 102MB. 

How to Download and Install NO WhatsApp?

Similar to the Prime WhatsApp, the process of downloading and installing WhatsApp on your phone is simpler and easier than you think. Follow these steps

  • The first step is to click on the link given above
  • Download the application 
  • Open settings 
  • Allow it to install from all other sources
  • Click on the install option 
  • Log in with your number 
  • Backup or restore your data if you want to 
  • Enjoy all the exclusive features
App NameNOWhatsApp
Last updatedToday
Size32.1 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.8 ⭐
Downloaded Users8,20,9571+

 Pros and Cons of NO WA

Like every other app, it also has some pros and cons 


  • Great app for communication 
  • It can be installed in a phone with low storage as it is lightweight 
  • User-friendly features and customization options 
  • Built-in antiban feature for the security of data 


  • It can be used in illegal activity 
  • Can be hacked 
  • Security issues 
  • It is not available on Google Play Store and other official sites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The difference between NO WhatsApp old version and NO WhatsApp updated version lies in the features offered. In the old version, fewer features were available as compared to the updated version. Now you can get many exclusive features such as DND mode, app lock, customization, data backup, hiding last seen and blue ticks, light and dark mode, unlimited themes, unique font styles, hide status view, lock chat option, hiding typing, anti-revoke messages, status download, and showing blue ticks after reply.

The floating button is a feature of the updated version that is always available on the screen, and by tapping on it, you can get various options, including settings, editing, and restarting.

Yes! For privacy, users can archive chats in the achieved section so they do not appear on the screen like regular messages. You can archive unimportant chats as well so you can focus on important chats without getting frustrated. 


NOWhatsApp is an antiban application that offers tons of user-friendly features. Switching to this app will enhance your message experience and fulfil all the needs that you were looking for in standard WhatsApp. Try this alternative and take your WhatsApp game to the next level. 

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