NSWhatsApp APK Download (Official v 10.6) July 2024

To stay connected with others, the official WhatsApp is an easy-to-use messaging app. However, many of us are tired of its outdated features. To bring back the excitement and features, you desire, a smarter and more comprehensive version of WhatsApp, NSWhatsApp has been designed. Similar to MbWhatsApp, it’s offers unique and user-friendly features, including a 3D look, message scheduling, anti-revoke messages, improved privacy control, advanced customization, colourful layouts, unique fonts, unlimited themes, app lock, various emojis, and a built-in anti-ban option to add an extra layer of fun.

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In a busy world, messaging is the easiest and go-to choice for staying connected. It is important that messaging apps should be user-friendly and have all the essential features we need. To fulfil users’ requirements and demands, NSWhatsApp APK was designed by a third party. It is preferred over all available modified versions of WhatsApp. 

It was named NS WhatsApp after its developer, Nairton Silva. It is free and available on sites including mbwhatsking. You can easily download and install this app without any second thoughts from the link provided above. Its size is 88MB, and it is available in four different colours to meet users’ requirements. 

NS WhatsApp Blue 

NSwhatsapp Blue is a modified version of WA similar to OBWhatsApp blue that offers advanced personalization and customization options. The blue colour adds a touch of royalty and enhances the beauty of WhatsApp’s layout. It provides an opportunity to hide media, last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks. 

NSWhatsApp Red

The bold red interface of NS WA is also referred to as NSWhatsApp 2 Red because its second modification is available in different colours. It also offers exclusive features and the best designs, including variable themes.

NS WhatsApp 3 Orange

It is the third customized mode of this WhatsApp, which is why it is named NSWhatsApp 3 Orange. It also offers user-friendly features with some modifications. Its orange colour gives a fresh and unique look to your WhatsApp. You can download any mod according to your requirements with a single click.

NS WA Green

It is the fourth mode of NSWhatsApp update that has a green interface similar to MBWhatsApp iOS. NSWhatsapp download can bring back the joy and excitement in your plain and boring messaging app. 

NS WhatsApp

Exclusive features of NSWhatsApp

Do you want to know the secret sauce? Yes! Without further ado, let me explain its features in detail that are game changers. 

Advanced Privacy Control

In each app, privacy is crucial for the safety of users’ data and information. If you have concerns related to privacy, forget your concerns! Download NS WhatsApp and you will be able to control your privacy. If you want to maintain a low profile, you can hide, last seen, blue ticks, double ticks, online status, profile photo and media from the gallery.

Anti-revoke Message

In a busy routine, managing time to read messages right away is a bit difficult. Sometimes, during working hours we don’t open notifications and when we open the messages are not there. The curiosity to know about these messages is a bit annoying as we don’t know what was the message. We have good news, you can anti-revoke messages with a single click in settings. you can work for hours without the fear of message deletion. 

3D Themes

3D themes can help in personalizing the messaging experience and enhance visual appeal. You can choose any 3D theme to make WhatsApp enjoyable and unique. Visual stimulating features play a role in screen time. Official WhatsApp doesn’t offer any theme other than a Hulk-like greenish screen. Only NS whatsapp 3D APK offers this exotic feature to fulfil users’ requirements. 

New Admin 

In groups, the person who controls most of the functions is the admin. Sometimes we want to make some changes but we cannot as we are not allowed to. It is frustrating but no worries anymore. you can promote anyone to be an admin anytime without the group admin’s permission. This feature is only available in the latest version of NS WA.

 Customize Interface

Although all modified versions of WhatsApp offer features that are not available in official WhatsApp but the customised interface is only offered by NSWhatsApp 3. Whenever you open WhatsApp, it shows on the top of the screen to customize the interface according to your preference. This feature is also available for individual chats. 

Auto-reply Feature

If your schedule is too hectic for you to respond right away to friends. Relax! NSWhatsapp 3D has a fantastic feature that you can activate to keep a positive image by responding automatically. You can customize your responses if you are in business or too busy working. Now, maintaining a positive impression and reducing workload is possible with this outstanding feature of the latest version.


As it is designed by a third party, you might think that your account can be blocked at any time by official WhatsApp or any other entity. Now, for the safety of users, a built-in feature is added in this version that can be activated to protect accounts from getting banned.

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

This feature is beneficial for users who need to focus without distraction when moving or attending a class or meeting. As long as they enable it, users will be able to limit themselves from receiving notifications of messages and calls. The flexibility of the DND mode is a unique feature. This means that if you allow it to, you can still receive calls and texts from specific people even after it has been activated.

Status Saving Feature

We often find something interesting on someone’s status and want to download it in our gallery for later. In the case of images, screenshots work but videos can’t be downloaded without a third-party application. These third-party apps are not safe to use and also demand storage and time. To avoid it all, download NS3 WhatsApp and enjoy other features as well.

No Contact List Required

We all want features that are user-friendly and hassle-free. In official WhatsApp, it is necessary to add a number to the contact list when you want to send a message. Say goodbye to this laborious method and enjoy hassle hassle-free feature that allows you to send a message to any number without adding it to your contact list. 

Lock Specific Chats

Recently, a valuable lock chat feature was introduced to the requirements of users. Privacy is not easily accessible but it is a universal necessity. For the ease of users, an app lock is available for WhatsApp and chats as well. You can select any code or pattern to lock chats so no one can get access to your personal information and chats.   

Hide Blue Ticks and Online Status

Whenever someone texts us, there is a type of pressure to respond right away even if we don’t want to. In this situation, you can hide your blue ticks that keep you relaxed and allow you to respond whenever you feel comfortable.

For privacy lovers, a feature of hiding online status has been introduced so you can chat at your own pace. Moreover, an advanced feature of showing blue ticks after the reply is also available. You can choose any feature for yourself if you prefer a relaxed and personalized messaging experience. 

Complete Back-up

We all have memories and moments in the form of images, messages and videos. We love to keep them with us always even though we don’t open them for days and years. To preserve them we need a backup system that stores files and media. Download NS2 WhatsApp to back up your data without any fear of losing it. An option is available for new users as well to restore their chats and media with a single click. 


NSWhatsApp APK is creating waves in the world of messaging applications. It is an extraordinary app that fulfils all the essential requirements and also provides a sense of novelty. It is available in four different interfaces including green, red, blue and orange with added features. Additionally, it has 3D themes that keep us glued and inject joy in every exchange. Give it a try and enjoy its outstanding features that are convenient and promising.


Yes, it is safe and also has a built-in antiban feature that doesn’t allow any entity to ban your account. Additionally, it offers advanced privacy control that helps in maintaining a low profile for users’ safety. 

It is a better and preferred choice because of its novelty and exotic features that are not offered by official WhatsApp. It offers unique and user-friendly features, including a 3D look, message scheduling, anti-revoke messages, improved privacy control, advanced customization, colourful layouts, unique fonts, unlimited themes, app lock, various emojis, and a built-in anti-ban option for users’ data safety. 

No, it is not available on the Google Play Store as it is not an official application. You can download it from the provided link or any other trusted site. 

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