Delta WhatsApp APK Download (Official) v5.3.0 Version June 2024

In this global village, where staying connected is a necessity, the official WhatsApp serves as a reliable companion. However, it lacks a few features that Delta WhatsApp can make up for. It steps up the game by offering features such as pinning chats, dual WhatsApp functionality, hiding chats, anti-revoke messaging, app lock, auto-reply, creative fonts, transparent themes, saving once view media, auto chat backup, status downloading, viewing others’ status anonymously, stickers and much more. 

Delta WhatsApp Latest Version

App NameDeltaWhatsApp
VersionLatest 5.3.0
Last updatedToday
Size69.1 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.9 ⭐
Downloaded Users 1720000+

Among all the available communication apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, WhatsApp is the go-to choice for most of us. With the increase in its user base, there is rising demand for user-friendly features and novelty that are missing in official WhatsApp. 

A number of alternatives are available in the form of modified versions of WhatsApp, such as GB WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and many others. While all of these alternatives promise to fulfill users’ requirements, Delta WhatsApp APK stands out as a compelling choice with all the features you have been waiting for. 

You can consider downloading this version to bring excitement to your dull, traditional, greenish WhatsApp. With over 1720000+ users already, it comes free of charge. Users have a lot of good things to say about delta whatsapp and whatsapp delta yo WA. Let’s take a look at some of their cool features

What is Delta WhatsApp?

It is a modified version of official WhatsApp that provides several features that are not present in traditional WhatsApp. It includes dual WhatsApp functionality, hiding chats, anti-revoke messaging, app lock, auto-reply, creative fonts, transparent themes, saving once view media, auto chat backup, status downloading, viewing others’ status anonymously, stickers, and much more. 

Exclusive features of Delta WhatsApp APK

Are you ready to fall in love with features that make it stand out among other alternatives? Yes! Let me explain its exclusive features one by one. 

Emoji Variant

Where messages whisper, emojis dance there. We all know that messaging is no longer just about words. Emojis play a significant role in expressing our emotions, tone, visual reaction, and mood. The latest version of this app provides additional emojis that can bring back the joy you were missing in the official WhatsApp.  


We all want features that are user-friendly and offer the satisfaction of knowing our data is safe and secure. In the past, there were rumors that official WhatsApp banned accounts of users who had installed a modified version of WhatsApp. Now, you need not have any concerns about account banning. It has a built-in feature that prevents any authority from banning your account. You can activate the ban-proof feature in settings. 

Block calls

In all WhatsApp versions, an option for blocking calls is available, but DeltaWhatsApp offers an opportunity that doesn’t let others know that you have blocked them. You can customize this option after downloading the latest version. 

Message Scheduling 

On the demand of users, a message scheduling option was provided that allows them to schedule a message for a specific day and time. You can type any message saved in drafts until that specific day arrives. No one can understand whether the message they received was scheduled or not. It keeps users relaxed and shows professionalism. 


In a fast-paced world, the auto-reply is an amazing feature that reduces your tensions and brings comfort by reducing the pressure of replying instantly. In business, it is compulsory to show professionalism so the business grows well. The auto-reply is no less than any blessing for them as they can set any message to be sent in answer to the customer’s query. This feature is available in both accounts: personal and business accounts.  You can also check MBWhatsApp auto reply feature!

Efficient Backup 

GB WhatsApp Delta doesn’t only provide security but also efficient backup. This ensures that your data is secured and can be restored at any moment. It can fetch all the conversations that are deleted or not available in your new account. 

Esthetic Themes

To personalize your WhatsApp, you can choose any theme of your choice and taste. There are unlimited themes available for users, including dark themes, nature-inspired themes, abstract art, and sci-fi themes.

 It brings joy and pleasure to users, as they are not bound to the single greenish theme. Download Delta WhatsApp APK to enhance your messaging experience.

Group Call

In traditional WhatsApp, up to 4 contacts can call at a time. Some people find this limitation frustrating and demand flexibility in the number of contacts that can be added to a call. 

Do Not Disturb (DND) mode

The ‘Do not disturb’ or DND mode is a highly appreciated feature of the Delta WhatsApp Yowa. With this function, users may modify their notification settings to avoid interruptions. In order to prevent yourself from being distracted by messages or call updates, you can turn this option on before a meeting or while commuting.

This mode’s versatility is like the cherries on the cake; you can pick particular individuals whose notification you get even after switching to DND mode. Making sure you never ignore any necessary calls or messages has become simple with FM Delta WhatsApp.

Media Sharing

WhatsApp is mostly used for messaging but allows users to share photos and videos as well. The shortcoming of this feature is the low quality of shared media. Delta GB WhatsApp has resolved this issue by allowing users to send media in high resolution.

 Now, you don’t have to download third-party apps to edit pictures and videos to give them clarity. There is no limitation on size and duration also. 

Story Features

An exotic feature not available in any other version of WhatsApp is its story feature option. You can upload any video to your story, up to 7 minutes long, without any need for trimming and cropping.

Moreover, it also allows users to download others’ stories or statuses with a single click. An option is available on the right below as an arrow. You can simply click on that arrow to download the status into your gallery. This feature is also time and storage-saving as you don’t need any third app to save statuses. 

Different Icons 

Delta WhatsApp Ultra provides multiple icons, up to 35, in different colors and shapes. This feature is beneficial as it allows you to conceal your WhatsApp identity. You can choose any icon according to your preference for an unlimited time. 

Hide blue ticks and Online status

You can choose to hide your online status and typing to stay out of unwanted chats or to respond to them at your own pace. Another helpful feature of Delta WhatsApp Alpha is the ability to hide blue ticks or view receipts. This enables you to read the messages in advance and respond when you’re ready to talk.


Multiple languages are supported by the latest version of deltawhatsapp. It ensures that everyone from all over the world can use it without facing any challenge or difficulty. The users can select any language that they find familiar. 

Different Fonts

To add a personal touch to your WhatsApp experience, you can choose any font available for the users. Additionally, you can choose different fonts for each chat, which improves accessibility. Opting for bold and italic fonts can help to differentiate visuals and enhance readability. 

Removal of Forwarded tag

We frequently wish our friends and coworkers the same things on some occasions and events. The ‘forwarded’ label doesn’t look good on those kind words. Don’t worry at all! Thanks to this great feature, the ‘forwarded’ tag can now be removed.

 You can now deliver the same message to everyone without hesitation or second thoughts. Additionally, the number of contacts to whom you can forward messages is unlimited.

Privacy of User

In the current situation, digital privacy is a significant concern for all of us. If you wish to create or maintain a low-key profile, it is recommended to download this version from the link provided above. The privacy feature is not readily available in traditional WhatsApp versions, but this version of WhatsApp ensures that your data is secure and not accessible to any other person.

Additionally, you can easily hide your profile photo, typing, blue ticks, online status, double ticks, and last seen. Moreover, you can keep track of your account’s login history as well. The opportunity to keep checking login history is one of the most interesting features that is not even available in official WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Generally, it is safe, but it is highly recommended to download it from a trusted site as it is not available on Google Play Store and App Store for some reason

The ‘Do not disturb’ or DND mode is a highly appreciated feature of the Delta WA. With this feature, users can modify their notification settings to avoid interruptions. This versatility of DND mode allows you to pick contacts whose alerts you get even after switching to DND mode. It ensures you never ignore or miss any important calls or messages. DND is also helpful during meetings and while driving. 


,Delta WA proves to be a compelling alternative to traditional WhatsApp. It effortlessly fulfills all the rising demands of users. Its user-friendly interface and outstanding features keep us glued, providing a breath of fresh air as it simplifies the overall experience. We highly recommend using this app. It will make you realize that it is not just an average application but takes you to the next level of messaging. 

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