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How to Change Themes in MBWhatsApp?

As MB Whatsapp has come with a built-in iOS theme function, so it’s a great app for those who’re iOS lovers. However, not merely iOS, you can enjoy a lot of other 3000 plus themes after installing this application for your mobile. Moreover, with themes, some people love to use dark mode at night because it looks comfortable for the eyes; on the other hand, some prefer light. 

So, if you’ve installed and enjoying the updated version of MBWhatsapp but don’t know how to change themes in this application, then keep reading and follow some simple steps for this. 

Steps to Change Dark and Light Mode in MBWhatsaps

With MBWhatsapp, you can convert your themes into light and dark modes as per your desire. However, you can follow these pictures if you want to switch from light mode to dark mode. 

Dark and Light Mode in MBWhatsaps

Steps to Change Theme in MBWhatsapp

If you want to customize your app according to your will, then you should take a stab at changing the theme option. So, t change the theme in MBWhatsApp, you can follow these guidelines, but make sure you’ve installed the updated version on your device:

Open MBWhatsApp

Click on your Android device’s already installed MB WhatsApp iPhone app.

Go to Settings

 Now tap the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen to open the more option. Now click on “Settings” or “MB Settings” (it usually depends on the version of your application).

Navigate to Themes

Now, you’ll see the “Themes” or “Themes & Layout” option in the settings. Just tap on it and click to proceed.

Choose the desired Theme

After locating this Themes section, you’ll see a list of 3000 plus available themes! You can scroll down from the list to browse the different themes and then select one that is attractive and fits on your taste. However, if the theme you selected isn’t installed here, you can click on the “Download” button under the theme name to start downloading.

Click to Apply the Theme

After getting the theme downloaded, you can click on Apply to the MBWhatsApp. Once it is applied, you can see the adorable look of your app based on the theme you chose. 


It’s quite a chance you’re using an old version of this app; that’s why I would recommend you install the latest version.

Well, it depends on user interest; dark and light modes work like a charm day and night. You can switch to anyone as per your choice.


Applying a theme in MB WhatsApp iOS is quite simple; you can give iPhone look at your Whatsapp or customize it according to your taste. You can also change fonts from nearby options of themes and give your Android a more adorable look. 

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