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How Many Languages does MB WhatsApp iOS Offer to its Users? 

English is an international language, and the use of it in the daily routine is increasing day by day. On the other hand, we’re mostly accustomed to our mother language, so we feel comfortable in it as compared to an International language. Furthermore, all our apps weather it’s social media or Dodear App, usually all these launch in English only, and even the content of the website is also in English. 

Moreover, we depend on WhatsApp application, and it’s become an integral part of our daily life because it’s the source of main communication with friends, family as well as colleagues. However, we’re all aware that language is a great barrier and often causes gargantuan trouble among people while communicating.

So, If we’ve not got a grip on English, then we usually face double issues compared to those proficient in English. In this article we’ll explore one of the tremendous features of MB Whatsapp, where you can easily switch to another language.

Tremendous Feature of MBWhatsapp

Just like the ADAMWhatsApp, the MBWhatsApp has brought one of the biggest news for those persons who love their mother language whether it’s Malaysia or Indonesia. . After installation of this application, you can use your WhatsApp in more than 10 languages. Not merely English, in fact, here are the following languages that you can enjoy after installing MB WhatsApp on your mobile.

If you’re living in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, or any other country that is mentioned above and want to communicate in your own language, then just hurry up to download MB WhatsApp iOS on your mobile! However, if you’re looking for French then you can try HAWA WhatsApp. You can also check the details features of this application by clicking on the link “Hidden Features of MBWhatsapp.” 

Steps to Change Other Languages on MB WhatsApp

 If you want to enjoy communicating in your mother language, then here are the following steps that you can follow after installation of the latest version of MB WhatsApp iPhone APK on your mobile.

  • First, after downloading and installing, just click on “settings.”
  • After that, click on “MB Preferences.” 
  • Now tap on the option “Other settings.” 
  • After that, tap on “FMMods.” Just after this option, you’ll see your preferred option, “App language.”
  • Now all done! Here you can choose your native language for which you want to talk with your friends! You can also follow the steps as it’s in the picture below.


It’s a modified version of Official WhatsApp with a lot of exciting features and provides a feeling of iOS WhatsApp.

yes, you can switch any time.

It’s likely you’ve not installed the latest version of this. So, I recommend installing the latest version so that you enjoy all the exciting features.

Final Verdict

As this app provides language change options to its users, that’s a big revolutionary feature, and that’s why it has become quite famous among them.

The switching from English to the language as mentioned above is quite simple, with a clean UI. You can do this quickly from your MBWA settings by going to Settings > MB Preferences> Other Settings>FMMods> App Language> Choose your desired language! If you’re looking whatsapp detail in Swahili, then you visit FM WhatsApp APK

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