How to hide Media From Gallery in MB WhatsApp

How to Hide Media From Gallery in MB WhatsApp?

MBWhatsApp iOS is the most trending application with an iPhone look to a bundle of cool features that you can’t get in your official WhatsApp. Not merely you can use this MBWhatsApp in other languages such as Arabic, Espanol, Italian, Malaysia, and many more; in fact, you can also install and enjoy MB WhatsApp on your PC and hide media from the gallery as well.

Everyone is different in nature, so some people want more online as well as offline privacy control than others. Therefore, sometimes other people may have to experience using our mobile for a document picture to read or something else. In that case, it’s embarrassing to hear comments on our loved ones’ images and videos from that person. To hide our private photos and videos, we often need additional applications. 

But thanks to MB WhatsApp, which offers us this cool feature! But many people who have already installed this app on their devices but don’t know “how to hide media from gallery in MB WhatsApp.” So if you’re also on the list of these people, and searching for step-by-step guidelines, then keep reading and get ready to implement this option on your phone with 4 simple steps; let’s get started!

 Steps to Hide Media from Gallery in MB WhatsApp 

Whether you want to hide personal photos, videos, or GIFs from your gallery, you can do this with the help of MB Whatsapp iOS. So, now after downloading the MBWA APK on your mobile, you don’t need any additional so cold calculators app or something else which often cracks and doesn’t work properly. Here are simple steps to hide media from the gallery:

  • First of all, open the latest version of your application and then tap on the option with the name ” MB Preferences.” This option will visible after clicking “Settings” on the bottom right corner.
  • Now you’ll see all settings which will be specific to the MBWA iOS.
  • Here, you’ll see numerous other options, just ignore them all and try to find “Universal,” which is present below the theme.
  • So after finding the option named “Universal,” just click on it, and you’ll see your desired options where you can hide media such as images, videos, and GIFs.
  • You can turn on any option that fits as per your interest and needs.
Hide Media from MB WhatsApp


In conclusion, hiding media from the gallery in our phone gives us extra privacy layers, and we can do this with the help of MBWhatsApp after going to the settings> MB Preferences> Universal > hide media. To implement this feature, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the updated version of MB WhatsApp and follow the steps from the above images.  You can also check more about the famous WhatsApp SM, WhatsApp Prime and Blue WhatsApp Plus.

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