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Steps to Hide And Lock Personal Chat Using MB WhatsApp iOS APK?

No qualms, Mb WhatsApp iPhone, is a most astonishing application which is used by millions of of users worldwide. Regarding the official WhatsApp, it’s come with exciting features, so users love to use it. Moreover, MB WhatsApp iOS APK does not merely allow users to hide the last seen for a specific contact, download status directly, and offer other language options; in fact, you can hide and lock personal chat within a minute. 

If you’ve installed this amazing MB Whatsapp iPhone on your Android app and want to add an extra privacy layer by protecting your special friend and family chat on it, then you don’t need to download and install a lot of useless 3rd party apps to use this feature. Because you can do this swiftly after installing the latest version of MbWhatsApp iOS on your Phone.  

Why Hide And Lock Personal Chat in MB WhatsApp iOS APK?

There are many people who often want to keep their life private from others by securing snaps and chats of friends and family members. Although WhatsApp is the most demanding and widely used application in the world, sadly, it doesn’t offer extensive privacy controls for chats. As a result, we often need to install multiple apps from the Google Play Store to hide WhatsApp images from the gallery. Moreover, the official WhatsApp doesn’t provide the capability to hide personal chats.

So, most people prefer to use other most famous WhatsApp modified versions like GB WhatsApp, An Whatsapp, AdWhatsApp, and MBWhatsApp on their Android. Because these provide numerous features as compared to the original WhatsApp. Even MB WhatsApp iOS APK give permission to their users to not merely hide personal chat; in fact, it also allows them to lock this with a password. Let’s discuss these very simple steps, so let me lift the curtain from these. 

Steps to Hide And Lock Personal Chat in MB WhatsApp iOS

As we’ve discussed, MB WhatsApp iOS APK has an in-built lock feature where you can protect private photos, videos, and personal messages from the public eye. You can use either fingerprint lock, password, or PIN, for specific contact and chat by following these steps from the setting;

  • First, ensure that you’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of MBWhatsApp APK; now, just click on the application from your Android and then go to Setting in the MBWhatsApp. You can find this setting icon which is visible in the below right corner of this superb application. 

  • Next, navigate to the ‘Lock’ option, where you must create a short password and set one security question.

  • Afterward, return to the application’s home screen and perform a long press on the specific chat you wish to hide. Then, tap the three dots at the top and choose the ‘Hide Chat’ option. Once selected, you can set a fingerprint lock or a PIN to protect this chat. This will render the conversation invisible within the entire chat list.

  • However, the next time you wish to initiate a chat conversation with the specific person with whom you’ve secured your discussion, you’ll need to enter a password before starting the conversation. This is a really cool feature in the MB WhatsApp iOS APK. You can also watch this YouTube video for more details about this setting.


Enabling the “Auto Reply” feature in MB WhatsApp iOS is simple, open the app and tap on “More” from the top right corner. Now, look for the “Auto Reply” option and tap on it.

Yes, you can! To enjoy this function, you can choose an alternative to fingerprints, like, PIN and password.

Final Verdict

Hiding and locking personal chat from the MB WhatsApp iOS APK is simple; you can do this in a minute. After using and using this application, you don’t need to install any 3rdt party application from the Google Play Store because it’s come with an in-built function. 

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