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Benefits of Using MB WhatsApp Pro

The MBWhatsApp is an iOS-themed WhatsApp that Stefano YG developed, also known by different names like MB WhatsApp iOS 15, MB WhatsApp iOS APK, MB WhatsApp Pro, and even some users call this MB WhatsApp iPhone—just like GB WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp iOS, also called MB WhatsApp Pro, gained ground quickly among users worldwide.

By virtue of providing lots of exciting features to the users and ant-banned functionality, WhatsApp APK is considered the best Android app for daily use. If you’ve not installed this application hitherto, then you can click on the link above and install latest version. Let me lift the curtain from the benefits of using MB WhatsApp Pro on an Android phone. 

Advantages of Using MB WhatsApp Pro

The Mb WhatsApp Pro comes with the following astonishing features, so users prefer this app irrespective of official WhatsApp. 

Download Status: You can download any video status, whether it’s edited by Inshotapp and Picsart or downloaded from TikTok or SnackVideo. You don’t need to request it from the contact; you can download it yourself with the help of MBWhatsApp iPhone, without installing a third-party app from the Play Store, which often comes with tons of ads

Hide Chat: Just like AdWhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp, you can hide the chat of a specific individual and with a fingerprint, pin, or password as per your need. But, this application is more reliable than other WhatsApp mods because it comes with an extra privacy layers.

Check Who blocked you: Sometimes, after a particular conversation, we don’t receive a response from our friends. However, it’s not uncommon for people to block us without clear reasons. That’s where MBWhatsApp offers an exceptional feature – the ability to identify who has blocked you easily.

Auto Reply: Working in a company and handling tons of replies is such a cumbersome thing. So, thanks to this wonderful MBWhatsApp latest version where you can set auto reply and manage things with ease. 

Anti-Ban:  Although GB WhatsApp and ADWhatsApp come with superb features, sadly speaking these mods are often banned and cause trouble in working. However, MbWhatsApp iOS APK comes with anti-banned functionality, which is more weight than others. 

There are also numerous other features that MBWhatsApp Pro offers to its users, and you can explore them one by one after installing the latest version of MBWhatsApp from the trusted site MBWhatsKing.com.

Why is WhatsApp Pro the Best Choice?

This application is best owing to providing tons of features that fit according to users’ needs, and you can’t get all these amazeballs features on official WhatsApp. Moreover, this iOS theme built-in theme application works like a charm for those who are using Android but are big fans of iPhones. 


It’s an alternative name for WhatsApp iOS. There are many people who call this application MBWhatsAPP iPhone, too, so don’t be confused with this.

Although it’s a modified version of official WhatsApp, but it’s secure and trusted to use, but make sure you’re downloading the latest version from a trusted site like mbwhatsking.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, MB WhatsApp Pro offers an impressive alternative to the official WhatsApp, providing a range of fantastic features accessible with a single click, without the need to install any third-party applications on your Android device. From the ability to hide media and chats to downloading statuses and even checking who has blocked you, all these features are conveniently available within this application.

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