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WhatsApp MA APK Download Latest v v10.45 Anti-ban ( 2024) 

WhatsApp MA, also known as MAWhatsApp, offers extraordinary features such as deleting junk, unlimited stories, zooming in and zooming out profile pictures, large group sizes, anti-ban, regular updates, hidden contacts, frozen last seen status, anti-deletion of messages, dark mode, Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, additional privacy, more emojis, font customization, call filtering and much more.

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WhatsApp bridges the gap between friends and family by making communication easy. However, users often prefer modified versions of WhatsApp with evolving features that keep them engaged. One such version is WhatsApp MA APK, which offers mind-blowing features!

If you want to experience many new and exciting features beyond the limits of official WhatsApp, it’s time to install WhatsAppMA. It allows users to customize their WhatsApp according to their preferences and fulfills all their demands. You can use it on any Android phone with the 5.0 version. Click on the link above and take your WhatsApp game to the next level. 

What is WhatsApp MA?

The WhatsApp MA is a modified version of the standard WhatsApp with a bundle of astonishing features that are not available in the simple WA. Similar to GBW whatsapp, this application quickly gained popularity among users and is downloaded by thousands of WA users every day.

User-Friendly Features of WA MA

Are you excited to know more about the features in detail? Yes! Let me explain each feature that makes it the best app for messaging. 

Dark Mode

Both light and dark modes have their benefits. Users prefer dark mode at night to minimize the overall rightness of the phone. It is also helpful to save battery as dark mode consumes low battery and maximizes the battery of the device. In the daytime, users prefer light mode as it provides a clear display and increases visibility in daylight. This customizable dark and light mode feature provides an enjoyable user experience. 

Share Large Files

The expanded file-sharing features facilitate users by allowing them to send files, videos, and PDFs up to 100MB. However, in official WhatsApp, the limit is up to 16MB only. Not only this, but it also provides an opportunity for users to share photos beyond the limit. Eliminating the need for Gmail and third-party applications to share media. 

Lightweight App 

Another feature that makes it a more preferred choice is that it requires low storage as its size is only 37 MB. We know that Android with limited storage hangs when an app is installed. WhatsApp MA download is useful to maintain Android mobile’s overall speed and performance. 


One of the most beneficial features is an anti-ban feature. For the satisfaction of users, a built-in anti-ban feature has been introduced that doesn’t allow any entity or official WhatsApp to ban users’ accounts. Users’ data is secure as peace of mind and security are the first priorities of this latest version. 

Regular updates 

Regular updates provide exciting features with each update and improve the functionality of the application. Another advantage of regular updates is that it removes bug fixes and glitches that slow down WhatsApp. It is also helpful in bringing new features, preventing compatibility issues, enhancing overall user experience, and enhancing security. 

Large group 

This version of WhatsApp allows users to create large groups on WhatsApp to facilitate effective communication. In official WhatsApp, limited members can join a group, resulting in difficulty in connecting with large communities. Now, you can add up to 500 members in a single group that helps in marketing, facilitating organizational communities, informative environment, and community building.

Zoom In, Zoom Out Feature

In other alternative modes, users cannot zoom in and zoom out pictures. However, WhatsApp MA photo allow users to zoom in on pictures for a more detailed view. You can even use this picture to see the profile picture more clearly. 

Additional Privacy 

Users are provided Additional privacy to protect personal information, secure chats, and avoid unwanted attention. It is important to share personal information with trusted ones as digital privacy is crucial to stay lowkey and secure media and other useful information. With the help of this feature, users can hide their last seen, blue ticks, double ticks and freeze last seen. After activating this feature, users can avoid unwanted attention and maintain a low-key profile effortlessly. 

Hide Last Seen

Hiding last seen helps you to hide your activity, and no one can guess what you are doing and where you are. You can even choose to whom you want to show your last seen.

Hide Blue Ticks

Sometimes, we don’t feel like talking and don’t want to reply to our friends and others. In this case, you can hide blue ticks so they won’t know whether you have read their messages or not. Hiding blue ticks and showing blue ticks after a reply provides you with mental peace and a sense of satisfaction as you can talk at your own pace without any pressure. This feature works when you’re using WhatsApp on web.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Do not disturb mode helps while doing some important tasks that require undivided attention, such as working, studying, meeting, and driving. DND mode reduces the interruptions and keeps you focused. It can be activated anytime with a single click in universal settings. DND mode also controls when and whose messages and call notifications you want to receive, even after activating the do not disturb mode. 

Font Customization

In group chats and regular conversations, important messages often get overlooked because all messages look the same, and no one pays attention to important messages. Now, you can change the font style of important messages, such as using italics or bold text, making your statement eye-catching and ensuring everyone reads it. 

More Emojis

Without emojis and stickers, the conversation looks boring and plain; that’s why more emojis have been introduced to add more fun to the conversation. This not only helps users express their mood, energy, and expressions but also enhances the messaging experience. You can also try WhatsApp on web while working on a laptop. 

Call Filtering

WhatsApp MA allows users to select specific contacts that can call them. Call filtering also helps in avoiding unwanted attention and unnecessary calls. No one can call you until you allow them; however, in official WhatsApp, you cannot block calls unless you block contacts. The cherry on top is that other people won’t know you have blocked their calls. 


Similar to MBWhatsApp, you can activate this feature if you are busy and only have a little time to reply. Auto-reply allows you to send any message responding to any query without manual effort. This option is available for both business and regular WhatsApp. According to your business requirements, you can set any message to be sent to your contacts. 

Status Saver

Often, we wish to save anything unique from a person’s status feed to our phone for future use. Videos cannot be downloaded without a third-party application, although screenshots of photos can be used. These third-party apps need time and storage, and they are not safe to use. Download this WhatsApp version and take full advantage of its other features to avoid it all.

PIN Chats

Official WhatsApp does not allow users to PIN or lock chats. Users install third-party apps that require time and storage to lock important chats. These third-party apps can be annoying as they show ads and slow down the device’s performance. Don’t worry! PIN your chats with a built-in feature of WhatsApp MA lock. You can set any password or pattern to lock chats or to lock your WhatsApp.

Deleted Messages

Deleted messages can be frustrating as we get curious to know about them. Sometimes, we even explain the reason for not responding on time. Don’t panic! We have you covered with the latest feature showing you the deleted messages and allowing you to reply. Moreover, with this powerful feature, you can see statuses that have been deleted before the completion of 24 hours. 

Message a Number 

In original WhatsApp, you have to save the number in contacts before you send a message to them. It can be laborious as we contact someone for just one time or due to privacy reasons. You don’t have to save a number in the contact list, as MA WhatsApp APK allows users to send messages to any number

 Backup Data

Before installing this app, if you are worried about your data, it is understandable. Forget about it! As it guarantees complete backup and restores your data with just one click.


Yes! A built-in feature for freezing last seen is available. Users can also hide their last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks. This feature helps to maintain your privacy, allowing you to communicate at your own pace. If you have read the messages, others won’t know. 

You can easily download this version by clicking on the provided link above. After that, install the app by allowing installations from unknown sources in your device settings and create your account. You can also restore your previous data and chats in the new version.  

Users are provided with multiple features unavailable in the original WhatsApp. These include deleting junk, unlimited stories, zooming in and zooming out profile pictures, large group sizes, anti-ban, regular updates, hidden contacts, frozen last seen status, anti-deletion of messages, dark mode, Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, additional privacy, more emojis, font customization, call filtering and much more


WhatsApp MA is a usable platform all over the world due to its compelling features. It makes communication easy and smooth and offers tons of useful features that are missing in the official WhatsApp. Try this version to learn more about why it is the preferred choice of users.

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