How to install MBWhatsApp with Scarlet iOS?

The use of the modified version of MBWhatsApp has increased in recent years because it offers incredible features to its users that anyone can imagine. Unfortunately, not all WhatsApp mods are designed for iOS devices; they only work on Android. If you’re impressed by the features of MBWhatsApp APK but are switching from Android to iPhone and are worried about how to use this app on your iPhone, fret not! 

This is where Scarlet iOS app comes in! You can easily install this application with the help of Scarlet iOS! Additionally, Scarlet iOS is considered a top-notch application where you can easily install your favorite apps, such as MB WhatsApp, by following a few simple steps. So, let’s lift the curtain from the complete guide on how to install MbWhatsApp with Scarlet iOS. 

Installing MB WhatsApp on iPhone with Scarlet iOS

MBWA is the latest modified version of the messaging app that offers numerous features, including additional customization, the ability to hide and freeze last seen, and an easy way to find out who has blocked you. Using the APK file on an Android device is easier compared to an iPhone because Apple is very strict and doesn’t allow users to use third-party applications. However, it becomes much simpler with the assistance of Scarlet iOS.

Whether your device is jailbroken or not, you have two options. With the provided IPA file from “MbWhatsKing,” you can upload it to your iPhone using Scarlet iOS or Cydia Impactor. Here is the complete installation process for this application on your iPhone:

  • Download the Scarlet app from Go to the site, find the ‘Install’ button in the header, click on it, and then click on ‘Download Scarlet app
  • Upload the IPA file for the “MBWhatsApp latest version” on your Scarlet iOS and then install the app by following a few simple steps.
  • Once the installation process is completed, go to Settings > General > Files.
  • After locating the file, turn on the “Trust” button.
  • Once done, enter the contact number, receive a WhatsApp code, and enjoy this modified app on your iPhone effortlessly!

Now, using third-party WhatsApp applications on the iPhone, whether it’s GBWhatsApp Pro, WhatsApp Plus, or any other app, is no longer a daunting task with Scarlet iOS.

Features of MB WhatsApp Update

If you’re bored with the use of simple WhatsApp and want to upgrade it on your iPhone to enjoy features similar to Android users, you should surely take a stab at this WhatsApp mod. Once you’ve installed the updated version of MBWA on your iOS device, you’ll get the features mentioned below.

  • Sometimes, our contacts block us, but we don’t know exactly whether they have blocked us or not because profile photos can be hidden with the help of WhatsApp mods like FMWhatsApp. If you want to clarify this, you can check who has blocked you with MBWhatsApp.
  • Similar to AN WhatsApp for Android users, you can easily freeze last seen, directly download statuses, and even customize conversations according to your preference.
  • The updated version of this application provides individuals with the ability to schedule messages and set up auto-reply. It offers multiple languages to users, allowing them to converse in their native language.
  • Additionally, this application gives you control over your privacy by offering a privacy lock for specific conversations.
  • There are many other features that you can avail free of with the help of WhatsApp MB. 

So, if you’re switching from Android to iOS or already using an iPhone but always yearned to enjoy all WhatsApp mod features on your phone, thanks to the release of Scarlet iOS, doing this is just one click away.


Yes, the installation of WhatsApp MB with the help of Scarlet iOS is pretty easy and safe because it’s developed specifically for iOS devices.

Yes, all features will be the same as Android users are getting. Just ensure you’re using the updated version of this app.

Final Thought

MBWA is an all-in-one application with mind-blowing features. Although it’s developed for Android, you can also use it on iPhone. After the release of Scarlet iOS, using the MBWhatsApp mod on the iPhone has become quite easy. The Scarlet app is specifically designed for iOS devices, allowing users to easily install any third-party app and take their experience to the next level!

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