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Pink WhatsApp APK Download Latest v 57.00 Anti-ban ( June 2024) 

Pink WhatsApp lets you add a personal touch to your chats along with extraordinary features such as a pink theme, hiding media from the gallery, blocking unwanted calls, anti-delete messages, blocking unwanted calls, customization, built-in lock, antiban, scheduling messages and much more. 

PinkWhatsApp Info

App NamePinkWhatsApp
Last updatedToday
Size78.5 MB
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Reviews4.7 ⭐
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What is WhatsApp Pink?

WhatsApp is a trusted application for messaging to stay in touch with your loved ones. In this era, hundreds of options are available in the form of modified WhatsApp, and it is difficult to choose one. What about expressing yourself in shades of pink? This modified version of WhatsApp is specially designed for girls who love the pink theme. Is it not great that your conversation could be more than just words on the screen? Also, it provides additional features unavailable in the original WhatsApp. 

Extraordinary Features of Pink WhatsApp APK

Are you excited to find out more about its features? Yes! Let me explain its extraordinary features one by one. 

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

Among the most popular features of the most recent version of WhatsApp is the ‘Do not disturb’ or DND mode. With this function, users can modify their notification settings to avoid interruptions. If you’re a gaming enthusiast who enjoys playing famous games like PubG Mod, FreeFire, TeenPati or any other, and you’re part of the Roblox used by over 50 million users, then you should consider exploring the benefits of using the delta executor application. Much like the ‘Do not disturb’ or DND mode in the latest version of WhatsApp, which lets you customize notification settings to prevent disruptions, delta executor’s script execution feature makes things easier for gaming aficionados.

Additionally, DND feature allows you to turn off call or message notifications before a meeting or while driving, playing favorite games, saving you time and problems. This mode’s flexibility is like the cherry on the cake—you can choose specific contacts whose notifications you continue to receive even after turning on DND mode. This helps to guarantee that you don’t overlook any necessary calls or texts.

Pink Theme

Pink is the girls’ favorite color, and the pink theme of WhatsApp brings a fresh twist to your dull and plain green screen. You don’t have to stick with the ordinary WhatsApp features and themes; download pink WhatsApp and reflect your style through chats.

Block Unwanted Calls

For introverts, unwanted calls can be annoying and sometimes frustrating. Similar to the MA WhatsApp, WhatsApp Pink understands and has introduced a fantastic feature that allows users to block unwanted calls without any drama. The blocked contacts won’t get the idea of being blocked, as they can message you anytime. Activate this cool feature and enjoy your peaceful time.

Hide Media from Gallery 

If you have personal photos and media, you can hide them from the gallery by activating this feature in settings. You don’t have to worry about your important and private media as you can keep them in a personal space where no one can reach or get access until you allow them to. Enjoy control over privacy and other features.


In busy days and hectic routines, the auto-reply feature helps a lot to maintain professionalism effortlessly. You can set a custom message in response to any query or message to show them that you value their message without any manual effort. If you run a business, every message is important. You can customize any message accordingly and can use this feature as your personal assistant.

Anti-Delete Messages

Sometimes, a message pops up, and before we give it a read, it is gone. Users don’t really like it and stay curious to know what it is. Curiosity solved! Now, you can read deleted messages even if they have been deleted, with the anti-delete feature of pinkWhatsApp.

Ban Proof

You must have heard about the accounts being blocked by the official WhatsApp and other entities in case you are using modified versions of WhatsApp. Queen Pink WhatsApp has your back as it has built-in antiban features that secure your data and account. You can install this version without the fear of getting banned.

Message Scheduling with PinkWhatsApp

In busy life, remembering specific dates and times can be challenging. Sometimes, we forget our friend’s birthday or other special event to send a wish or warm messages. Now, OB WhatsApp Pink has a message scheduling option that ensures you never miss any event. You can set any message for a specific date and time without any personal assistance.

Built In Lock

It is time to say goodbye to third-party applications if you use them to lock your WhatsApp account. Every user shows concerns when it comes to the security and chats of WhatsApp; forget your concerns, as the GB Pink WhatsApp download introduced a built-in lock for users to lock their accounts. No one will get access to your chats and media unless you allow them to. You can set any password or PIN to keep your account secure.

Remove Forwarded Tag

Sometimes, we prefer sending the same message to other contacts to save time or other reasons, but the forwarded tag takes away the personal touch. To give your messages an authentic look, you can remove the forwarded tag. With the pink WhatsApp update, you can share messages with unlimited contacts with a clean look.

Get Deleted Status 

Downloading status-saving apps is no less than a hassle. Plus, it takes time and storage as well. We often give up even if we wish to download intriguing videos. In the case of photos, screenshots work, but in the case of videos, we have no option. Click on the pink WhatsApp link and enjoy the ‘download statuses of others’ feature without any third-party app. Moreover, you get access to deleted statuses within 24 hours. Enjoy this bonus with other features of WhatsApp effortlessly. 

Off Internet Feature

This is one of the exotic features of this latest version that allows you to receive messages from your friends and family, even though you have turned off the internet. This feature is beneficial as you can send or receive messages to anyone without internet access. This feature has limitations, as it does not allow a calling option.

User Specific Customization 

Deep down, we all are tired of using ordinary features of WhatsApp that we cannot even change. Although it is an extraordinary app itself, it offers users the opportunity to customize everything their own way. Yes! It is true; you can customize every feature, including color, fonts, theme, status settings, last seen, blue ticks and much more. 

Freeze Last Seen with Pink WA

There are moments in which we don’t want to talk to anyone and avoid unwanted chats. In those moments, you can freeze your last seen, which gives freedom to users to respond whenever they want to. Your friends will think that you are offline while you take your time to have a conversation with them. Control your Presence, pace and time by freezing the last scene.

Pink WhatsApp

Message and Call to Unsaved Number

For instant connections and minor interactions, saving numbers in your contact list can be annoying and not less than a hassle. However, the pink WhatsApp download simplifies your conversation by allowing you to message or call any number without saving it in the list. Avoid unnecessary steps and communicate with friends without effort.

Send Files

Have you ever faced it and wished to send files of any format to friends without any restriction? Unfortunately, official WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to share files without the help of third-party applications. No worries, WhatsApp Pink will enable users to send files of any format and size to their contacts. Enjoy sharing files your way effortlessly.

Group Chats

If you have to organize an event or have to discuss something with your friends, you can create a group. But on official WhatsApp, you cannot add unlimited members. Now, you can add as many members as you want to your group. Say no to the restrictions and limitations of official WhatsApp and enjoy the group chat feature with pink WhatsApp DP.

Font Style 

We all get bored of using the same old font. Unlimited font styles have been introduced in WhatsApp to bring fun and uniqueness to the conversation. Say goodbye to the boring fonts of official WhatsApp and give a personalized touch to your WhatsApp layout.

Dark Mode

We often prefer low brightness and dim light at night for clear visibility. It is time to say goodbye to harsh glare and download Pink WA, which offers eye-friendly dark mode. Never-ending late-night chats can be fun with this cool feature. If you are also a night owl or prefer different vibes, you can install this version of WhatsApp. Pink WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp offers users other choices and features.

Voice Changer

To add creativity and fun in conversation with your friends, you can change your voice. This voice changer allows you to transfer your voice to someone else. Enjoy this feature and add fun to your and your friends’ lives.

Copy Text with PinkWhatsApp

If you like someone’s message, whether it is poetry, funny text, or some quote, you can copy that text to send or save it for saving in notes. Quickly copy the text and paste it wherever you want to share.

FAQs Pink WA

It is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers amazing features and simplifies everything. It includes the pink theme, hides media from the gallery, blocks unwanted calls, anti-delete messages, blocking unwanted calls, customization, built-in lock, voice changer, group chats, antiban, and scheduling messages.

Yes! It is free and can be downloaded from any trusted source or mbwhatsking. However, it is unavailable at Google Play Store and other application stores due to security issues.

Yes, it is safe, and it also has a built-in antiban feature that protects your account from being banned by anyone. It also provides advanced privacy control, helping to keep a low profile for users’ protection.


Pink WhatsApp is rich with extraordinary features. It changed the way to connect and communicate with friends and families by offering features like a voice changer, built-in lock, unlimited group chat, versatile file sharing, and unlimited fonts. Say goodbye to restrictions and limitations and hello to convenient and enjoyable WhatsApp

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