DND mode on MBWhatsApp

All About the DND Mode on MBWhatsApp

Nowadays, People often prefer to download modified versions, whether it’s about enhancing social media conversations with advanced features or accessing popular games like PUBG, Candy Crush, or FreeFire through hack downloads. Therefore, some of the most famous modified versions include PicsArt APK for video editing, Music Editor APK for music enthusiasts, PUBG Mod and Free Fire APK for gaming, and MBWhatsApp, also known as MBiOS, for enhanced WhatsApp conversations. 

MBWhatsApp serves as an excellent alternative to both GB WhatsApp and official WhatsApp, boasting an iOS-like interface and a plethora of cool features, including anti-ban functionality. Here we’ll discuss about the sole feature of MBWhatsApp DND mode in details, exploring its benefits and providing simple steps to activate it. 

Benefits of MBWhatsApp DND Mode 

Before going into the deeper discussion, let’s clarify the complete form of “DND.” In the context of WhatsApp, “DND” typically refers to “Do Not Disturb” mode. Here are the advantages of using this feature on your phone:

Note: The Do Not Disturb (DND) mode has been developed exclusively for MB WhatsApp. If you’re using the official WhatsApp application, you won’t be able to access this feature.

  • Firstly, if you’re aiming to be productive or seeking to escape the procrastination zone, it’s essential to avoid unnecessary distractions, including notifications. By activating DND mode on MBWhatsApp, you can maintain focus during work.
  • Additionally, you can enjoy playing your favorite games without any disturbance from WhatsApp notifications.
  • Moreover, attending meetings becomes easier without being interrupted by notifications after turning on the DND mode in MB WhatsApp for iPhone, allowing for a smoother workflow and enhanced concentration.
  • If you find yourself too addicted to WhatsApp and spending excessive screen time on the app due to constant notifications, consider setting an auto-reply from WhatsApp on your iPhone. Utilize this feature to take a break from the digital world for refreshment because work never ends, but your health and time spent with family are paramount.

How to Activate DND Mode on MBWhatsApp?

The primary purpose of the DND Mode is to turn off both the internet connection and notifications from the WhatsApp application, ensuring users do not receive any notifications about incoming messages from other users. Here are some simple and easy-to-understand steps to follow when turning on the DND mode on MBWA:

  • Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of MB WhatsApp iOS on your Android or PC.
  • After successful installation, your Android WhatsApp interface will transform into an iPhone look.
  • Look for the option labeled “DND” within the interface. It should be visible even after the initial look.
  • Tap on the “DND” option to activate the DND mode. The activation process is straightforward following the installation of the iOS WhatsApp.


After enabling DND mode, you can turn it off or on instantly as per your need and preference; there is no time limit for toggling this feature.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible. This feature is exclusively available in WhatsApp Pro, and you cannot use it in Simple WhatsApp due to limitations.

Final Words

After downloading MBWhatsApp for iPhone, you gain access to a multitude of amazing features, such as schedule messaging and auto-reply, that take your messaging experience to the next level. DND mode stands out as one of these fantastic features, enabling you to complete your work without any distractions. Activating DND mode in WhatsApp MB is simple, enhancing your productivity and focus effortlessly.

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