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OG WhatsApp Pro Download Latest v 17.76 Anti-ban (June 2024) 

Just like the MbWhatsApp, OG WhatsApp Pro takes the lead by providing a number of useful features such as dual accounts, message scheduling, unique emojis, custom notifications, built-in to-do lists, file sharing, auto-reply, advanced privacy, personalized themes, user-specific customization, saving once view media, auto chat backup, status downloading, viewing others’ status and anti-ban feature.

OG WA Latest Version

App NameOG WA Pro
VersionLatest 17.76
Last updatedToday
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Downloaded Users 16792050+

We all know that WhatsApp is a reliable instant messaging app that links us across time zones. However, some users are not satisfied as it lacks certain features provided by modified versions. One of the leading modified versions is OG WhatsApp Pro that offer splendiferous features to the users!

Moreover, users find official WhatsApp boring and uninteresting despite the fact that it is reliable and simple to use. The demand for more innovation and improved features may be the cause of this. If you are also one of them, your wait is over! Say hello to OG WA.

Outstanding Features of OG WhatsApp Pro APK

Are you ready to know the secret sauce? Yes! Let’s get right into what makes it the preferred choice and unique among other WhatsApp alternatives.

Controlled Privacy

Privacy is the feature that makes WhatsApp reliable and trustworthy. However, maintaining a low-key profile on standard WhatsApp is a bit difficult as it doesn’t allow users to hide their last seen blue ticks, freeze last seen, view status anonymously and show blue ticks after replying. However, the OG WhatsApp Pro APK download provides all of these features, making it helpful to maintain a low-key profile. This version of WhatsApp is a gift for users who love to keep everything private. 

 Data Transfer

WhatsApp is not just about messaging; we use it to transfer data in the form of files, videos and photos. No doubt, official WhatsApp allow users to send data to others, but there is a limitation that can be frustrating. Users are allowed to send only a limited number of photos simultaneously, and in the case of videos and files, there is a size restriction of up to 30 Mb. Sometimes, we transfer data through a third app to avoid this limitation. No worries! We have good news for you. With the latest version of WhatsApp, you can now send files up to 100MB and photos beyond the previous limits. 

 Dual Account

Sometimes, users prefer to keep their personal and business lives separate. They resort to using two separate phones, which can be annoying as it is not easy to manage two phones simultaneously. For users’ assistance a feature of dual accounts is available, eliminating the need switching between accounts. 

Built-in Message Scheduler

In busy routine, we often forget to send message to someone on important dates and events. We have a perfect solution of this problem as a built-in message scheduler has been introduced for users in OGWA pro. Now, you can type any message or wishes to send on selected date and time without any manual effort. This feature is also beneficial in reducing stress and workload. 

Hide Pictures

You can hide your photos from the gallery without downloading any third-app or app lockers. The hiding feature is available in universal settings, allowing you to activate it at any time to protect your photos and other media.

Block Calls

If you are an introvert or don’t talk much, this feature is for you. In official WhatsApp, it is not possible to block calls without blocking the contact. However, this version offers the option of blocking calls so you don’t have to answer anyone. The cheery on top is that the next person won’t know that you have blocked the call option. 

Full Resolution

It seems impossible to get a photo in full resolution on WhatsApp as it shrinks the size of the image or video and results in bad quality. However, OGwhatsapp download makes it possible to get photo in high resolution, so its time to say goodbye to pixelated and blurry photos. 

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

Do not disturb is like a breath of fresh air for users who prefer undisturbed concentration in meetings and better sleep. To reduce interruptions and notifications, you can activate DND mode for unlimited time. Another advantage of this mode is that it allows you to prioritize a few contacts that are important, so you don’t miss any urgent calls or messages. Only OG WhatsApp pro v12 00 download offers this flexibility in DND mode. 

Message a Number

Official WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to have quick communication with someone unless you don’t save their number in the contact list. For temporary and short-term interactions, it can be laborious to add a contact to the list and then delete it. For users, WhatsApp OG offers a useful feature that allows you to have a quick exchange with someone without saving their number in the contact list.

Status Feature

Sometimes, we find someone’s status to be informative, entertaining or useful. To save it in gallery for more extended period, we cannot download it unless we don’t have third party application to download status. In the case of photos, a screenshot works, but the quality of the image is compromised. OG WhatsApp pro download allows users to download any status without any effort. 

Anti-delete Status

Not only is there an option to save or download statuses, but also the ability to view deleted statuses before the completion of 24 hours. It is one of the exotic features of this version of WhatsApp. 

Stickers and Emojis

Texting is no longer about words only but also about expressing yourself with different stickers and emojis. To add fun to your conversation, unlimited stickers and emojis are available. Moreover, you can customize stickers of your choice as well.

Unlimited Themes

Themes gives your WhatsApp a different and fresh look, enhancing the overall experience. Using WhatsApp with one single green theme makes it plain and boring. In this version of WhatsApp, you have complete control over how WhatsApp is laid out. You can choose any theme according to your choice and taste. 

Multiple Fonts

If you love to customize everything and want to control your WhatsApp appearance and other features, download OG WhatsApp Pro, which gives users complete control over every feature. You can select any font to send a message. To highlight important messages while chatting, you can bold them or use an italic font style. 

Multiple Languages

To make it accessible to users from all over the world, a built-in multi-language option is provided. This feature makes it more user friendly and comfortable for users who don’t understand system language. Wherever you are, you can choose your native language while using WhatsApp. This feature is beneficial for businesses as they can connect with clients from all over the world. 

In Built Lock

For the security of data and accounts, a built-in lock feature has been introduced for users. You can select any pattern of PIN to lock your WhatsApp, ensuring no one gets access to your personal information without your permission. For users who prefer digital safety, OG WhatsApp pro v8 40 download is available, providing an in-built lock for protection.

Backup and Restore

In case you lose your phone or switch to another modified WhatsApp version, you might be concerned about your data. No worries! OG WA offers a complete backup of your data. You can easily restore your data in your WhatsApp with a single click. 

Group Limit

To connect with a large community, official WhatsApp offers groups. The limit for the number of contacts in one group is up to 256 members. Due to this limitation, it is impossible to connect with a large community, as not everyone can be a part of that group. In the updated version of WhatsApp, it is possible to add 5000 members to a single group.

View Deleted Messages

An option to view deleted messages is also available for users who may have missed the message due to a hectic routine or busy schedule. Now, you don’t have to ask your friend what the message was or anything like that. You can easily view messages that have been deleted by the sender. 

Auto Reply  

This feature is helpful in reducing workload and maintaining a professional appearance for the user. It allows the user to customize any message to be sent automatically in response to someone’s message or query. You can set any message according to your type of work and needs.

Ban Proof

For the safety and protection of account, a built-in ban proof feature has been introduced. Recently, official WhatsApp and other entities have been banning accounts of users who were using alternative versions of WhatsApp instead of the official ones. Now, you can use this app without the fear of losing your account and data. Not only that, but you can enjoy other features that are not available on the official WhatsApp. 

How WhatsApp OG is different from Official WhatsApp?

It is a modified version of official WhatsApp that offers features that are not available in official WA. These features are user friendly and enhance the overall experience of messaging. These features include dual accounts, message scheduling, unique emojis, built-in to-do lists, file sharing, auto-reply and much more!


Yes! It is anti-ban; although it is a third-party application, it has a built-in anti-ban feature. However, other versions of WhatsApp can be banned. 

Yes! You can download it without any cost. The link is provided above to install the latest version of WhatsApp. It is a third-party application and unavailable on Google Play Store.


There are a lot of modified versions of WhatsApp, but experience the future of messaging with OG WhatsApp Pro, which has all the features you were looking for. It is an extraordinary app that you won’t just use it but will also love. Say goodbye to WhatsApp with limited features and a lack of novelty.

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