How to Unmute WhatsApp Status

How to Unmute WhatsApp Status?

In this digital era, it is common that we accidentally mute someone’s status and then wonder how to unmute WhatsApp status. No worries, take a moment and read this article highlighting the method to mute and unmute status on Android and status view count. Without further ado, let’s discuss it in detail. 

Humans go through different moods in which even a minor inconvenience can be frustrating. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to mute status due to different reasons? It can be for a break from social media, to avoid someone, to minimize distractions, to focus on study, or by accident. That’s totally understandable, and that’s why WhatsApp allows its users to unmute status updates of any contact. 

Once done, the status updates of muted contact’ won’t appear on the top of the list. However, you have an option of viewing the status at any time by opening the muted updates section. If you want to stay in touch with your contacts, you can unmute them. Are you unfamiliar with WhatsApp and wondering how to unmute WhatsApp status on Android? Here are a few steps that you can follow. 

How to Unmute WhatsApp Status on Android?

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Touch on the updates tab
  • Scroll down to muted chats
  • Click on the muted status 
  • Press on the contact’s status
  • An option appears on the screen to unmute the status
  • Tap on Unmute
steps to unmute WhatsApp status

How to Unmute Status on iPhone?

The steps are almost similar in the iPhone as well

  • Launch the WhatsApp 
  • Click on the lower left corner 
  • You will see the recent updates
  • Scroll down to muted chats
  • Click on muted chats
  • Tap on contact and unmute it
  • Now you can see their status in recent updates

Why Users Mute Status of Contacts?

 There can be different reasons for muting contacts. It can be due to privacy, reduced distraction, and many others

Maintain Privacy 

In the current situation, digital privacy is a significant concern for all of us and is not easily accessible. Muting the status of contacts can also be due to intention of users for staying low-key and maintaining privacy. In this way, users do not appear in WhatsApp status views count. 

Reduce Distraction

Spending time viewing status updates wastes time and energy. In order to prevent themselves from being distracted by status updates, users mostly mute status so it does not appear on the list or recent updates. 

Irrelevant Content 

Another reason for muting status is someone’s irrelevant content. Contacts share whatever they want in their statuses, and some content can be negative, depressing, and cause irritation; instead of getting frustrated, users simply mute them as long as they want. 

Peace Of Mind 

Users whose priority is mental satisfaction and peace of mind also mute the status of others. They prefer quality time and work on their goals instead of wasting time on status updates. 

Personal Reasons

Other than the reasons mentioned above, there can be other personal reasons. For example, viewing the status of someone’s achievements and better lifestyle can be overwhelming. Instead of being jealous of someone’s happy moments, users prefer muting their status. 

Although all these reasons are valid, some pros of unmuting status can be worth unmuting statuses.

Why Users Should Unmute Status Updates?

Every feature of WhatsApp has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss the disadvantages of muting status and the reasons why users should unmute statuses. 

Missing Updates

Status updates of friends and colleagues keep you updated with important information. If users mute the status, it might be possible that they miss the specific information, as the status is available for 24 hours only. It can be about an event, the best WhatsApp status ever, announcements, invitations, and other important tasks related to your work. 


Muting status can be the cause of misunderstandings, as it might be possible that they think you are intentionally ignoring or avoiding them. However, viewing their status might be the reason for happiness as it shows you care about them. 

Less Interaction

Muting the status of most of the contacts leads to less diversity and interaction with others. As you will be able to view the status of limited contacts, that means limited content resulting in limited interaction. Staying connected with friends and family is important and can be advantageous as you feel loved and important and stay involved in day-to-day activities. 

Frequent Notifications

Suppose you get distracted easily with each notification of WhatsApp, No Problem! You can turn off notifications instead of muting statuses to avoid too many notifications.

Time Management

If it is difficult for you to manage time without muting status, you can set a specific time of the day in which you will see status updates. 

Difference Between Muting and Blocking 

Muting and blocking are both WhatsApp features but have some differences. Muting is a temporary solution; however, blocking is like an end game. 

If you mute someone, you won’t get any notification of their call or message. The good thing is they won’t know that you have muted them. It is usually done to avoid interruptions and distractions. 

If you block a contact, the other person won’t be able to call or message you. Unlike muting, blocked contacts will be able to know that you have blocked them. Your profile photo, last seen, online status, and about will be hidden from blocked contacts. Blocked contacts cannot message you unless they are in the group. It is usually done to avoid someone or to cut them off permanently.  You may also read about How to Disable End to End Encryption in WhatsApp?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Yes, it is possible to unmute anyone without them knowing. You can unmute them without any fear or hesitation, as they won’t know whether they are muted or not. Only WhatsApp status views count can let them know whether you have seen their status or not. The only difference is that from now on, you will see that status in recent updates instead of muted updates. 

The steps for unmuting contacts are the same as those for Android. Here are step-by-step guidelines to unmute the status 

  • Launch the WhatsApp 
  • Click on the lower left corner 
  • You will see the recent updates
  • Scroll down to muted chats
  • Click on muted chats
  • Tap on contact and unmute it
  • Now you can see their status in recent updates

No, it is not a permanent action. Muting someone’s status means their status won’t appear in your recent updates, and you will not receive any notification related to it. The cherry on top is that you are allowed to undo it anytime by clicking on the muted updates and then on the ‘unmute’ option. 

Whenever we upload any status on WhatsApp, an option is available to see the total views on the status. The view count increases with time, telling us when a contact sees your status. Like WhatsApp status, the view count is available for 24 hours only.


At the end of this article, we hope you know how to unmute WhatsApp status. WhatsApp status update is an amazing feature that allows users to share moments, experiences, and other updates with friends and family. However, it is important to understand that whatever you are going to share is going to impact others in some way. WhatsApp users are allowed to customize features and control their interaction with others according to their preferences and requirements. 

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