How to Make Sticker on WhatsApp

Guide How to Make Sticker on WhatsApp

Do you want to learn how to make sticker on WhatsApp? If you want to add a flavor to your conversation, sending stickers is one of the ways to convey emotion in conversation. In the beginning of chat applications, emojis were the best way to express feelings.

With the rise of application development, developers keep updating by adding new features according to the users’ requirements; therefore, WhatsApp offers to create stickers that personalize the WhatsApp experience not only in the regular WhatsApp but in the business too. More importantly, you can create your brand logos with WhatsApp stickers; even you can make stickers of pictures for fun. However in moded versions of WhatsApp like HawaWhatsApp and Kb WhatsApp you can get build in sticker store.

How to Create Whatsapp Stickers

Whether you are Android, iOS, or Web, there are different apps you can use for sticker creation, and then you can send these whatsapp stickers to your loved ones during conversation to show your emotions.

Steps How to Make WhatsApp Stickers on Android

There is no built-in app in Android and iOS for sticker creation. Therefore, a third-party app is required for sticker creation. The most commonly used app is It is free and typically updates features according to user needs and intent. Follow the following steps for sticker creation.

  • Firstly, install the application on your Android device
  • Secondly, In, there are two options: one is regular, and the other is animated stickers. Depending upon your choice, select the + button and choose the regular or vibrant sticker option.
  • Then, it will show a notification giving access to your photo.
  • Now, you will choose the photo whose sticker is required and select the image. It can be a person’s photo or a brand image.
  • There are three options for image selection auto, which automatically cuts the portion of the image. After that, you can add other required editings like background addition, color adjustment, and many more. The second option is the manual one, in which you will manually select a part of the image for sticker creation. The third option is a crop. Using this option, you can crop any required area of the photo.
  • If you finalized the portion of the image for the sticker, press the next button and save the image.
  • Select a previous sticker pack to save the sticker, or you can create a new pack and rename it.
  • You can make this pack of whatsapp stickers private or public. After naming the pack, choose private to make this pack private; otherwise, it will be available to the public.
  • Now the pack is added to whatsapp, and you are ready to use this pack in your conversation.

How to Make Stickers on WhatsApp Without App on WhatsApp Web

  • Firstly, open any Whatsapp chat.
  • Then, choose the sticker option with the attachment icon, and you will get a notification to create your sticker.
  • Now, select the Create option, and it will notification Choose an image and select the image for a sticker.
  • Then, this image will appear with the WhatsApp editor, where you can add an emoji icon or text.
  • Lastly, after sticker editing, click on the send option to send the sticker.

Requirements to Create Whatsapp Stickers

When you create multiple stickers, and you want to make them available on WhatsApp, you can create a sticker pack. There are some requirements for these which somebody must follow.
For the WhatsApp sticker picker, provide an icon for your stickers
The size of the icon must be less than 50KB.
Most importantly, the dimension requirement is 96×96.

Background Requirement of Sticker

According to your choice, you can choose different backgrounds like white, black, colored, or have a different pattern for stickers, but for the sticker tray, there is a specific requirement that should be outside the sticker 8-pixel #FFFFFF stroke.
Besides, the background margin between the image and the outer corner is important. Make it a manageable size. The appropriate limit is 16 pixels.


Firstly, open the chat in the messenger
Then click the emoji button.
Now select the Sticker button.
You can choose the available sticker according to your requirement
You can also download and install a pack of stickers.


Now, sticker creation is not a big deal. You can create stickers of your photos on Android, iOS, or the Web within a few seconds. These stickers are one way to express your feelings, and you can make your communication style by using them from the available cart, or you can create them by using different apps for sticker creations online or offline. Learn how to Make Sticker on WhatsApp and enjoy your conversation.

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