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YCWhatsApp is a successful mod of WhatsApp with promising features and an interface similar to Instagram. The amazing features include improved privacy, status downloading, viewing others’ status anonymously, user-specific customization of interface, multiple font styles, unlimited themes, extra emojis, anti-revoke messaging, sharing high-quality videos, copy and select text, various graphical aspects, changeable text size and much more. Download YCWhatsApp and enjoy all these features in a single app.

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In today’s life, everyone demands some exclusive features to enhance the overall experience. Unfortunately, the features of official WhatsApp are ordinary and dull making people switch to other mods of WhatsApp that fulfill all the requirements of users and are the essence of novelty. One such mod is YC WA. It is a compelling alternative to traditional WhatsApp and it takes the lead as its features are related to Instagram.

If you are looking for a promising and user-friendly messaging app to stay connected that steps up the game, try this version at least once to know why it is the preferred choice of hundreds of thousands of people.  

User-Friendly Features of YCWhatsApp

In this article, we will explain each feature of YCWhatsApp latest version.  Are you ready to explore more about it? Yes! Let me take you on a quick tour of its features. 

Improved Privacy

This mod of WhatsApp is built to fulfill the demands of users and provide them with features that are missing in the original WhatsApp.  One such feature is privacy, a major concern, and demand of every single user. In this mode, users are allowed to customize their connection status and other settings. 

It means it provides multiple options to customers regarding online status and activity. They are also allowed to hide and freeze it for unlimited time. In this digital era, where everything is just a click away it is challenging to stay lowkey, however, this feature feels like a breath of fresh air for users. 

Font Style 

Another exclusive feature of YCWhatsApp APK is modifying the size and style of the text. Users can not only change the font style but also change the size, space, and alignment of the texts. It gives a unique and personal look to the WhatsApp interface. Moreover, to highlight the important text you can make it prominent by choosing different sizes and font styles. 

Extra Emojis 

Emojis are used to express emotions and to give an idea of what we are feeling while messaging. Also, emojis and stickers add fun to the conversation and save time in conveying messages. This version of WhatsApp provides extra emojis to its users as compared to official WhatsApp. If you are bored of old emojis, switch to YCWhatsApp new version. 

Extensive Status

In original WhatsApp, users are restricted to sharing statuses of limited words so lengthier statuses are hard to post. However, with the YCWhatsApp update, it is possible to share extensive statuses without any limit of words. This flexibility is another compelling reason to switch to YC WA. 

Similarity to Instagram 

YCWhatsApp new version is inspired by the features of Instagram and provides similar features to its users. You don’t have to use the old greenish WhatsApp anymore. The layout, display, filters, and design of YC WA are also engaging and attractive like Instagram. 

Video Sharing 

Unlike official WhatsApp, it allows users to share videos in HD quality and high resolution irrespective of the duration and size of the video. You don’t have to use a third-party application to export videos as its software is capable of handling heavy videos. 


To personalize your WhatsApp or to give it a unique look, you can choose any theme of your choice and taste. There are a number of themes available for users, including dark themes, light themes, personalized themes, nature-inspired themes, abstract art, and sci-fi themes.

Status Saver

Similar to the GB WhatsApp lite. another feature that makes it a successful mod is a status-saving option available for users. Sometimes, we come across friends’ status and find it interesting and informative and wish to save it for later. However, it is impossible in official WhatsApp without a third-party application or status saver. Users find it irritating and time-consuming but with YC WA’s latest version, users can download any status in the camera roll with a single click. 

Direct Message 

If you are an official WhatsApp user, you must be aware of the requirement to save numbers into a contacts list before sending a message. YC WhatsApp provides flexibility to its users by allowing them to direct message any number without adding it to the contact list. 


Another amazing feature is that it has a built-in feature that doesn’t allow official WhatsApp and other entities to ban it. It ensures the safety of your data and chats in every possible way. Your account won’t get banned if you enable it. 

 End-to-End Encryption 

An option of end-to-end encryption is available for users that provides security and privacy to important content in chats. It helps in keeping your personal information hidden from third parties. You can disable or enable it at any time from the settings. 

Hide Blue Ticks 

Sometimes we are too tired to respond to our friends and other people or to feel like interacting with anyone. In this situation, you can hide blue ticks to keep them unaware of whether you have seen their messages or not. You can respond at your own pace without feeling any kind of pressure by hiding blue ticks and revealing them after a reply, providing you with mental calm and satisfaction

Unlimited Groups 

With the YCWhatsApp download, users get the opportunity to create unlimited groups with unlimited group members. In official WhatsApp, there is a limitation of members in a single group but here you can create large communities. 

Pros and Cons of YCWhatsApp

Like every other application, this mod has also some pros and cons that should be considered before installing it. 


  • It is safe and reliable 
  • It offers exclusive features that are not available in the official WhatsApp 
  • It allows users to share large files
  • It has an attractive display that resembles Instagram 


  • It is a third-party application
  • It cannot be installed on IOS and desktops 
  • Security issues 
  • It is not available on Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is free and available on different websites and can be installed after downloading it from the link provided above. 

Although it is a third-party application, its anti-ban feature and improved privacy features make it reliable and safe to use. 

Multiple features make YCWhatsApp a popular choice among other WhatsApp alternatives. The key features include Instagram-inspired themes and layout, antiban functionality, improved privacy, customization options, hiding blue ticks, sharing large videos, unlimited fonts, anti-revoke messaging, and much more.


YCWhatsApp is a successful mod that offers user-friendly features similar to Instagram. Switching to this mod will not only enhance your messaging experience but also allow you to customize every feature in your way. It is the right time to install it and enjoy all the amazing features. 

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