Download WhatsApp Transparent APK V.10.20 Official (May, 2024)

WhatsApp transparent is an alternative to official WhatsApp with an attractive transparent interface and offers a world of endless features, including better privacy control, anti-delete status, anti-delete messages, customization options, app lock, dual WhatsApp, message history, Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, bulk sharing, complete backup, end to end transcription, hiding online activity and many other unique features.

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Due to the unsatisfactory features of the original WhatsApp, users are trying to switch to other messaging apps and WhatsApp mods that are user-friendly and offer novel features. If you are also got bored of using the same green WhatsApp, WhatsApp transparent APK is the best fit for you. The secret sauce behind its popularity all over the world is its unique design and transparent interface that keeps users glued to it. Not only this but many other compelling features are also provided to users that can be game-changing for you. 

Exclusive Features of Transparent WA

Are you curious to know more about WhatsApp transparent features in detail? Yes! Let me explain all the features one by one for you.

Transparent Interface 

This mod is called transparent WhatsApp APK because it features a transparent interface. Users love this interface as it runs smoothly and it is easy to use. Unlike other WhatsApp versions, there are no hanging and glitches that slow down the phone or other apps. 

Better Privacy 

WhatsApp Transparent latest version provides better control over privacy as compared to other alternatives available. Take your WhatsApp game to the next level by customizing the privacy settings in your way. Users are allowed to hide their online status, blue ticks, typing status, and profile picture from specific contacts. 

If you are an introvert and want to maintain a lowkey profile, you can download WhatsApp Transparent from the link provided above. 

Hide Online Status 

In official WhatsApp whenever the user opens the app it displays the user’s online status to friends and all other contacts. Now, with this mode, it is possible to hide online status so you can use it without the pressure and interruption of friends by responding whenever you want to. 

Hide Blue Ticks 

Like hiding online status, users are allowed to hide blue ticks as well for better privacy and to reduce the pressure of responding immediately. 

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode 

If you are using other apps on your phone and do not want any interruption, you can turn on DND mode anytime. It will turn off all the notifications of the app for that specific time. This user-friendly feature is also helpful while driving, meeting, and lectures. Another advantage is that it comes with flexibility, which means that even if it is enabled, users can still get notifications of calls and messages from certain people if you allow it to.

Anti-delete Messages 

In official WhatsApp, an option is available for users to delete the message for everyone but in this Transparent WhatsApp, you can read the deleted messages as well. 

Anti-delete Status 

Status can be uploaded on official WhatsApp for 24 hours and if removed before this specific time no one can see it. However, if you have Transparent APK WhatsApp it is possible to view the deleted status as well. 

Share Documents 

Another useful feature is that it allows users to share large documents and videos in high resolution with contacts. In original WhatsApp, users are limited to sharing files of a specific size and not more than that. In this mod, there is no restriction of size and you can send videos and files of more than 1GB.

Lock Your Chats

Chats locks is an exclusive feature and is not offered by original WhatsApp. Similar to the AERO WhatsApp, you can lock your chats with different keys to protect your data and information in chats. Chat lock is like a second layer of protection for your data safety.

Antiban Feature 

The built-in antiban feature is for the security of the account. With the antiban feature, no one can ban your account and it provides safety and protection to data. It was introduced for the satisfaction of the users as there were some rumors that official WhatsApp is going to ban all accounts that are generated on third-party applications or modified versions of WhatsApp. 

Download Status 

The latest version WhatsApp Transparent eliminates the need for third-party applications and status saver apps as it allows its users to download any status with one click. It is easy to use and saves time and space.

Complete Backup 

We all want to keep a record of our chats and data in WhatsApp. Data protection is our first concern whenever we think of shifting to any other version of WhatsApp. Now you can switch to Transparent WA without any hesitation as it provides a complete backup option to users for restoring data. 

Message Directly 

In official WhatsApp, it is compulsory to save the number in the contact list and then you can message them on WhatsApp. Users find it time-consuming and frustrating and for that WhatsApp Transparent update version allows its users to send messages directly to any number. 


If you have little time and due to a busy schedule, it is difficult to reply to everyone, you can activate this feature. Auto-reply allows you to send replies to any query without manual effort. This feature helps maintain professionalism and to stay in touch. You can customize any message to be sent to your contacts as a response according to your business or work.  

End to end Encryption 

Security and protection of user’s data is the top priority of this mod. Your chats, photos, and other media are secure here as it offers end-to-end encryption. Users can enable it anytime in settings.

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Pros and Cons of Transparent WA

Like every other application, this mod has also some pros and cons that should be considered before installing it. 


  • It is safe and reliable 
  • It offers exclusive features that are not available in the official WhatsApp
  • It requires a minimum operating system 
  • It allows users to share files of 1GB
  • It has an attractive transparent display 


  • It is a third-party application
  • It cannot be installed on IOS and desktops 
  • Security issues 
  • It is not available on Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The antiban feature is a built-in feature that protects the data and account from getting banned as it is a major concern of the users before switching to a third-party application. 

No, due to safety issues, it is not available on Google Play Store and App Store as it is designed by a third party. However, you can install it from the link provided above.

Yes, it is a better messaging app than the original WhatsApp as it offers amazing features and customization options. Switching to this mod can be game-changing and it is a popular choice for millions.


WhatsApp Transparent is a reliable messaging platform with amazing features that are user-friendly and novel. It’s gaining popularity as it allows users to do a lot of things that are impossible on official WhatsApp such as hiding blue ticks, customizing the home screen, locking chats, anti-revoke messaging, message scheduling, and much more. Download and use this mod to get extra features for a better messaging experience. 

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