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Download WhatsApp GO APK V.0.23.8L EX Official (June 2024)

WhatsApp Go is a reliable alternative to official WhatsApp that satisfies the user’s need by providing tons of stunning features. It includes unlimited data sharing, Do Not Disturb mode, auto-responder messages, language translator, privacy control, hiding blue ticks, control over last seen, user-specific customization, linked devices options, anti-ban, hide forwarded tag, anti-deletion of messages, personalized messaging environment and much more.

Download WhatsApp Go
App NameWhatsApp GO
VersionLatest 0.23.8L EX
Last updatedToday
Size60 MB
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Go WhatsApp is not just a convenient alternative but a promising messaging application designed to take your WhatsApp game to the next level. If you are tired of using the greenish layout and dull features of official WhatsApp, it is the right time to switch to a modified version of WhatsApp. Hundreds of alternatives are available and finding the best alternative is no less than finding a needle in a haystack.

WhatsApp GO latest version is an ideal solution as it provides all the features you were looking for in a single messaging app. It is no less than a breath of fresh air in the messaging landscape for users, as it is the essence of novelty and a beacon of simplicity. Many other reasons make it a compelling alternative.

User-Friendly Features of GO WhatsApp

Are you excited to know more about the features that make it stand out? Yes! Let’s explore its features in detail.

Message without Timestamp

In WA GO, users can forward any message to any contact without showing the time. This quirky feature helps avoid misunderstandings and maintain privacy. Enable this feature before sharing sensitive and personal information so that it doesn’t show the real-time date when it was sent.

If you are going to use WhatsApp GO to first message, it’s perfect because it hides the time it was sent.


Official WhatsApp’s security system warned that alternatives to WhatsApp could be banned at any time. WA GO developers introduced a built-in anti-ban feature to protect users’ data and accounts. This feature reduces the chances of being detected by the official WhatsApp security system and enhances the privacy of the user’s account.

Forget your concerns and switch to a modified version of WhatsApp to enjoy the amazing features without any fear of being banned.

Customization Options

Official WhatsApp users are bound to use the messaging app as it is because it does not allow them to customize it. However, this mode enables its user to customize each and everything according to their way beyond the limits set by official WhatsApp.

To put it briefly, users have complete control over how WhatsApp is laid out. They can hide and show blue ticks, last seen, double ticks, and many other features. If you want WhatsApp that offers ultimate customization, you can try Royal WhatsApp Transparent or ZE WhatsApp as well.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Another useful feature is the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, which helps you avoid unwanted interruptions and stay focused. You can activate this mode in meetings, in the classroom, and while driving.

The cherry on top is that even if it is activated, it allows message and call notifications of the selected contacts so that you don’t miss important calls and messages from them. It can be activated and deactivated with a single click in universal settings for unlimited time.

Improved Privacy

Although official WhatsApp is a reliable messaging platform, it lacks some features that can enhance users’ privacy. These include hiding the last seen, profile picture, and online status, showing blue ticks after replies, and many others.

To add an extra layer of privacy, GO WA has introduced all these features that can be enabled for unlimited time. It is the best feature for introverts who want to maintain a low-key profile and prefer avoiding unwanted attention.

Unique features of WhatsApp GO

Multilingual Translator

The best feature of GO WhatsApp is that it provides a translator facility to its users. If you have friends who speak a different language than you don’t understand. Don’t worry! This mode has got you covered, as you can translate messages into your own language within WhatsApp.

Language is no longer a barrier to staying connected with friends from all over the world. This feature is no less than a blessing, as it ensures better understanding, clarity, and enhanced connectivity.

Boost Your Business

This modified version of WhatsApp allows its users to access a specialized business version that elevates the business. It offers auto-reply and message scheduling features that help boost business and provide better services to clients.

Autoresponder ensures professionalism by providing instant response and 24-hour availability to customers without any manual effort. You can customize auto replies according to your business and the services you provide.

Another feature that is convenient and helps in time management is message scheduling. Users are allowed to save draft messages to be sent on specific dates and times. This feature reduces the pressure and workload of busy individuals.

Unlimited Themes and Fonts

Themes and fonts give a unique look to the WhatsApp interface. Unlike official WhatsApp, this mode of WhatsApp offers unlimited themes and fonts to users so they can choose any according to their preferences and tastes.

Data Backup

Users who are concerned about the loss of WhatsApp data when installing this app, don’t worry! This mod ensures complete backup and restores your data with just one click. All you need to do is connect your mail account.

Data Sharing

WhatsApp is not just limited to messaging but is also used to share data with others. In official WhatsApp, users are restricted to sharing data of a limited size. However, WhatsApp Go Offline allows to share media in bulk with a single click in high resolution and without the limitation of the size of the file.

More Stickers and Emojis

Without emojis and stickers, the conversation looks dull and plain, which is why more emojis have been introduced to add more fun to the conversation.

Group Chats

WhatsApp to first message users are allowed to create groups and add unlimited members, unlike official WhatsApp. You can add more than 600 members and it helps in marketing, facilitating organizational communities, informative environment, and community building.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp GO

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of using WA GO.  


  • Message without timestamp
  • Multi-lingual translator
  • Larger group audience
  • Easy data sharing
  • More stickers and an unlimited number of themes 


  • It is a third-party application and it cannot be installed on IOS and desktops 
  • Security issues
  • It is not available on Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The novel features offered by GO WhatsApp make it a preferred choice among users. These include enhanced privacy, complete control over features and layout, DND mode, unlimited themes, deleting messages, hiding blue ticks, hiding last seen, message scheduling, translator, and much more.

For WhatsApp GO download, you can click the link given above or visit other trusted websites. However, you cannot download it from the App Store and Google Play Store as it is developed by a third party.

Yes, you can hide your last seen. Along with that, it also allows users to freeze the last seen and hide blue and double ticks. After hiding your last sight, you can chat at your own pace without the pressure of being online.


WhatsApp GO APK is a usable platform and is used all over the world. It is not just an ordinary app but a big deal as it fulfills all the requirements and provides exclusive features to users. These features help make communication easy and smooth with novel features that are missing all other modified versions of WhatsApp. Install WA GO and bring back the joy of messaging by creating a messaging environment of your own choice.

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