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Download NA5 WhatsApp APK Latest V.13.30 (June 2024)

Are you looking for an anti-ban WhatsApp mod with hilarious features such as a Yellow Gold theme, Floating Chat button, Auto Reply, Message Scheduler, freeze last seen, Anti-delete messages and statuses, Built-in WhatsApp lock, Hide specific chats, and much more? Then click the button below to get NA5 WhatsApp, an advanced and amazing application, and say goodbye to ordinary WhatsApp!

Download NA5 WhatsApp Latest Version
App NameNA5 WA
Last updatedToday
Size78 MB
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Reviews4.7 ⭐
Downloaded Users17973752+

What is NA5 WhatsApp?

NA5 WhatsApp, also known as NA5 WhatsApp APK, is a variant of NA WhatsApp that is quite famous among users and the most downloaded app in a short span. It’s one of the best applications, replacing GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. Many users also call this application NA Gold WhatsApp for its enchanting yellow color theme.

Although this app is quite similar to its other variants because of its similar functions and features, it’s the most demanded app because NA5 WA has several exclusive features, including extra privacy, security, and customization options.

This application’s innovative feature is the Floating Chat button, which makes it more attractive to users. This option allows for changing voice for audio messages and fancy text. If you wish to have an anti-ban application with all features in one place, then you should take a stab at downloading the NA5 WhatsApp APK today!

Advanced Features of NA5 WhatsApp APK

Let me lift the curtain on some of the fabulous features of this application so that you can decide why you should download this app on your Android. So, let’s get started:

Floating Chat Option

This NA WhatsApp variant has a floating chat feature, which allows users to reply easily and change their voice. Additionally, users can send emoticons using the floating chat option. This feature is entirely new and isn’t available in other modded versions of WhatsApp.

Bright Yellow Theme

After installing this mod on your Android, your WhatsApp look will change to a bright yellow color, which also seems pretty nice and relaxing for the eyes. If you’re bored of the green standard WhatsApp’s green color, downloading NA5 WA is highly recommended


It allows users to set auto-replies when busy in an important meeting or unavailable, so their loved ones and colleagues are aware of their absence. The auto-reply feature is also helpful if you run your own business and receive many customer texts on WhatsApp, as it allows you to convey your availability to your customers.

Message Scheduler

I personally love this feature because scheduling messages saves a lot of time and is very helpful for someone already involved with multiple tasks. With this feature, you can set the date and time in advance for essential messages and schedule birthday wishes for your close relatives with beautiful messages in advance.

Freeze Last Seen

You can hide blue ticks and freeze your last seen status, similar to GB WhatsApp. This allows you to stay online without letting your contacts know. After turning this feature on, your last seen status will be stuck, and no one will know that you’re currently online and chatting with your family or close friends.

Anti-delete Messages

Sometimes, we’re busy and can’t read messages immediately, but WhatsApp now allows senders to delete messages within a specific period. This can result in essential discussions being deleted by the sender. However, if you’ve downloaded NA5 WA, you don’t need to worry because you can read and keep a record of messages, as it doesn’t allow the sender to remove messages from the recipient’s side once they’re delivered.

Download Statuses

With this modded application, you can download statuses with one click and save them directly to your phone gallery, so you no longer need to download a separate app for this purpose. Additionally, with this application, WhatsApp users can post video statuses longer than 5 minutes and add up to 300 characters in text statuses.

Advanced Customization

Now, WhatsApp users can easily change the background color and fonts and even change the style of text messages into bubbles, squares, and cubes according to their choice. Moreover, users can send images with higher quality and even larger files on WhatsApp compared to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Chat Lock

Interestingly, with NA5 WA, anyone can hide specific chats with a fingerprint lock, and no one can access these from WhatsApp history. Additionally, this mod allows users to record WhatsApp calls easily with one click.

Airplane Mode

Like on Android phones, you can also turn on airplane mode just for your WhatsApp application and stay active on other social media platforms, enjoy games, and play music as you wish.

How to Install NA5 WhatsApp APK?

The installation process of the NA5 WA APK is similar to that of other moded applications. Here are the steps you need to follow for a successful installation:

  • Click on the top button to download NA5 WhatsApp APK file, and then wait a few seconds for it to download completely.
  • In the next step, go to the file manager” on your file named “NA5 WhatsApp,” and tap on install.
  • It’ll ask you to allow permissions from your phone, so turn on “allow from unknown sources.”
  • Once it’s done, the installation will start. After this, it will ask you to enter your number like the ordinary WhatsApp. You’ll then see your WhatsApp in a light yellow color and can enjoy all the features mentioned above and explore more on your own!

Other NA WhatsApp Variants

As mentioned above, there are other NA WhatsApp variants that you can also try if you’re looking for more customization options and want to change the whole color of WhatsApp. You can download it as per your choice. Here are the following variants of this application:

  • NA WhatsApp (Blue)
  • NA2 WhatsApp (Green)
  • NA3 WhatsApp (Red)
  • NA4 WhatsApp (Pink)
  • NA5 WhatsApp (Yellow/NA Gold)
  • NA6 WhatsApp (Brown)
  • NA7 WhatsApp (Black)


Indeed, you can switch between any variants at any time by installing the latest version of that application.

No, as this is a third-party application, it’s unavailable on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you must visit mbwhatsking, a trusted site for WhatsApp mods, to download this for the first time. However, it has a built-in update mechanism, so you don’t need to visit the site every time for updated versions like Gold WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro.

Final Words

NA5 WhatsApp is one of the most mind-blowing third-party Android communication applications, offering users many features and customization options without costing a penny. Because of its gold color and advanced options, it’s considered the most demanded application among users worldwide. You can click the above button to get the latest version of NA5 WA.

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