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Download AZ WhatsApp APK V.10.90 Official (June 2024)

AZ WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used messaging apps that provides amazing features including app lock, chat lock, enhanced privacy, attractive font styles, unique themes, DND mode, customization options, multilingual, bulk sharing, hiding double ticks, translator, amazing tick styles, message scheduling, anti-ban, anti-revoke messages, auto-reply, and many others.

App NameAZ WhatsApp
VersionLatest 10.90
Last updatedToday
Size46 MB
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Reviews4.8 ⭐
Downloaded Users237673252+

AZ WA is a messaging platform with more features, options for its users, and necessary functions. These exclusive features and options are unavailable in other WhatsApp mods and attract users’ attention.

Users always want more features and prefer modified versions over original WhatsApp. Thousands of users are switching to AZWhatsApp for a better messaging experience with outstanding features. 

Exclusive Features of AZ WhatsApp APK

Are you curious to learn more about AZ WhatsApp’s features in detail? Yes! Let me take you on a quick tour of its features and the secret sauce behind it.

Better Privacy 

Privacy is a major concern,; everyone wants to secure their data and information. However, achieving it is not easy. All your information is one click away, and users face challenges in maintaining privacy.

AZWhatsApp has introduced enhanced privacy features that help users keep a low-key profile. It allows its users to hide last seen, blue ticks, online status, profile pictures, and double ticks for better privacy. Moreover, users are also allowed to activate end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication so they do not have to compromise on privacy. 

Unique Themes 

WhatsApp is no longer just about messaging but also about how it looks. Unique themes have been introduced to enhance the appearance and make it more appealing and comforting. Users can choose any theme to give the WhatsApp interface a unique look.

You can try WhatsApp GO if you want a vast variety of theme and customization options. Similarly, Royal WhatsApp Transparent is also well-known.

Font Style 

In official WhatsApp users are bound to a single font style and unable to change it. If you are also bored of using a single font style, switch to AZ WA for a collection of font styles that can give a new look to your WhatsApp interface. 

Do Not Disturb (DND) mode

One of the most valuable features of this WA mod is DND mode, which is designed to keep users focused and uninterrupted during meetings and driving. Users can also activate this feature to avoid unwanted attention and notifications on WhatsApp.

The good thing about DND mode is that it is flexible and allows users to select important contacts. After this, you will receive notifications of the selected contacts only.

Customization Options 

In official WhatsApp, it is impossible to give a new look to your WhatsApp account. Original WhatsApp does not allow users to customize any feature, however with AZWhatsApp APK download you can customize the WhatsApp look of your choice. Users are allowed to change the theme, font style, and wallpaper as well. 

Media Sharing         

For the ease of users, this mod allows to share media with friends and other contacts without any limitation on the number and size of the media. You can share bulk media with a single click eliminating the need for other apps to share large files and videos. 

Moreover, users can maintain the quality and resolution of the images as it doesn’t compress the size of the images.

App Lock 

When we talk about security, the first thing that comes to mind is App lock. This feature is designed to add an extra layer of protection. You can choose any PIN or pattern to lock your WhatsApp account. It ensures that no one else opens your WhatsApp without your permission, even if they have access to your phone. 

A Higher Character Limit for Statuses 

In official WhatsApp, users are allowed to share statuses limited to 139 characters, which is frustrating. However, in this latest mod, users are not restricted to this small number of characters and can share status with more than 139 characters.  

Features of AZ Whatsapp

Language Translator 

Another useful feature you get from AZ WhatsApp download is a language translator. For users, 15 languages are available that can be selected according to the requirement. Moreover, you can translate any message in these languages without the need for a translator. 

Anti Delete Messages 

If your friend has deleted the message for everyone and you are unable to read it, frustrated, and curious to know what it was, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. WA AZ has introduced an anti-deleted message feature that keeps deleted messages in the chat; you can read them whenever you want.

Video Sharing 

Unlike official WhatsApp, users are allowed to share videos up to 50MB instead of 16 MB. This user-friendly feature also makes it a popular choice among other WhatsApp versions.


As it is a third-party app, you might think it can be banned anytime and that data is not secure. Now, you don’t have to worry about it, as developers introduced a built-in anti-ban feature that keeps your account safe and protected. You can activate the anti-ban feature so your account is not banned by any authority.

Message Scheduling 

Without any manual effort users are allowed to send draft messages to selected contacts on specific dates and times. This feature is helpful for users who have no time due to workload or busy schedules. It also eliminates the need to keep a track of specific occasions and events as these draft messages will be automatically sent to selected contacts.

This is such a cool feature that is not even available on Snapchat.

Auto Reply  

The auto-reply messaging feature was also introduced recently. This feature can be beneficial for persons engaged in business or other projects that demand professionalism and time management. You can set any message to be sent in response to queries according to your business or type of work.

Chat Lock

A chat lock is just like an app lock for the security of chats and the protection of secret information in the chat. You can lock each chat with a different PIN so that no one can open it except you.

Pros and Cons of AZ WhatsApp

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of using AZ WA.  


  • Schedule Messages
  • Multi-lingual translator
  • Higher Character limit for statuses
  • Easy data sharing
  • More stickers and an unlimited number of themes 


  • It is a third-party application and it cannot be installed on IOS and desktops 
  • Security issues
  • It is not available on Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For the AZ WhatsApp APK download, click on the link provided above, as it is not available on the Google Play Store. After that, allow the installation from unknown devices and click on the install button. In the next step, allow the required permissions to install the app. AZ WA is installed. Enter your mobile number and verify it.

Yes, it is multilingual, and you can choose any language out of 15 languages. Moreover, users are also allowed to translate messages in any of these languages. This feature eliminates the need for a translator and saves time and storage. 

Official WhatsApp provides necessary features but lacks novelty. On the other hand, WA AZ is a modified version that offers more options and features along with necessary features. These features attract users’ attention and entice them to switch to modified versions.


AZ WhatsApp is a compelling alternative to official WhatsApp, offering dozens of user-friendly features to facilitate its users. It is a simple, safe, and reliable messaging platform with all the features you seek. Although it is not an official messaging app, it ensures the safety of users’ accounts and data through different features such as a built-in anti-ban system and end-to-end encryption. Switching to this mod can be a game changer for you as it is an extraordinary app with outstanding features. 

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