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(July 2024)

AG WhatsApp is a highly in-demand alternative to WhatsApp that offers impressive features that are missing from official WhatsApp. It includes changeable themes, a built-in status saver, a lot of customization options, improved privacy, multilingual, multiple accounts, hiding last seen, anti-revoke messages, message scheduling, navigation button, hide typing, complete backup, attractive font styles, app lock, changeable UI, Pin unlimited chats, hide media, DND mode and many others that set it apart in the world of messaging apps.

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What is AG WhatsApp?

Like official WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp is also a messaging app but it comes with lots of modified features for a better user experience. If you got bored of using the outdated and dull features of official WhatsApp, it’s time to switch to AGWhatsApp. It not only enhances the messaging experience of the user through exciting and novel features but also ensures that the user’s privacy is not compromised.

Variants of AG WA

The features offered by AG WA are similar to other modified versions of WhatsApp, but this mod has four different variants. Users are allowed to download and install any of these variants.

AG WA Blue

This variant is also known as AG WA. This variant has a blue layout and theme that makes it royal. The user of this variant does not have to use the Hulk-like green theme of official WhatsApp, which was not even changeable.

AG2 WhatsApp

AG2 WhatsApp is also known as AG2 Pink because it has a pink layout and icon. You can download the pink variant to add a personal touch to your WhatsApp. It is the girls’ preferred choice as pink is associated with them. Bring a fresh twist to your screen with the AG2 WhatsApp pink download.

AG3 WhatsApp

AG3 WhatsApp app is the third variant and it comes with a green layout and theme. Users can download any variant according to their choice and color preference, as each variant has similar features. These mods were designed to meet the user’s requirements and provide all the features missing in official WhatsApp.

ER WhatsApp Gold or AG4 WhatsApp

As the name shows, AG4 WhatsApp has a golden interface and looks beautiful and different from any other color. This variant also offers unique features and improves the communication experience. If you are confused and finding it difficult to choose one variant, don’t worry! This mod allows users to run these variants simultaneously on Android phones.

Exclusive Features of AG WA

Are you excited to know what makes AGWhatsApp APK unique and better than other modified WhatsApp versions? Yes! Without further ado, let me explain its features in detail, which are game changers. 


Recently, a multilingual feature has been introduced in this modified version of WhatsApp so that users can understand and communicate in other languages easily. You can translate your message in any language of 64. It also helps in learning a new language.

Another advantage of this feature is that it eliminates the need to install a separate app for translation and saves time and storage.

Media Sharing

WhatsApp is not just used to message someone but also to share media with others. In official WA, users are limited in sharing limited media, and the quality of the media, whether it is a picture or a video, is compromised. AGWhatsApp APK has removed all the restrictions and limitations related to media sharing, allowing you to set the resolution of any picture.

Users do not need editing apps to enhance the quality of the pictures. Moreover, a video of up to 700 MBs can also be shared, unlike other versions of WhatsApp.

Message Any Number

In official WA, saving a number in the contact list is compulsory before sending any message. It is annoying and frustrating for some users who run businesses as they have to frequently contact unknown numbers, and saving them in the contact list takes time.

AG WhatsApp APK download can help you get rid of this obstacle so you can connect with your target audience easily.

Status Saver

Sometimes, we find someone’s status interesting and informative and want to save it in the gallery for later, but WA users have to download a third-party application to save the status. These third-party apps are unsafe to use and demand storage and time.

Sometimes, we ask that friend or family member to share that video or audio with us. Now, you don’t have to ask for it, as this mod allows users to download any status with a single click without the other person’s permission.

Improved Privacy

Privacy is every user’s demand, and getting it is not easy. However, the AG4 WhatsApp download can provide you with more options and features to improve your privacy. With this mod, users are allowed to hide their last seen, blue ticks, online status, and typing.

These options add a double layer to the privacy of the user. Moreover, you can also select some contacts with whom you want to share your last seen and online status. This flexibility makes it a popular choice among other messaging apps.

home screen in AG WhatsApp

Multiple Accounts

AG WhatsApp download allows users to have multiple accounts so they can keep personal and business accounts separate to avoid misunderstanding. This means you can run two or more accounts simultaneously on an Android device. However, official WhatsApp does not support multiple accounts, and users are required to delete other WhatsApp accounts.

Auto Reply

If you find it hectic to reply right away due to a busy schedule or other reasons, it is understandable, and for your help, the AG2 WhatsApp update download will provide you with an option for auto reply. You can send automated replies to your customers according to your work type.

This is helpful to reduce the pressure of work and maintain a good impression of your company or business. Customize your auto-replies and stay tension-free.

Ghost Mode

It is an exciting feature designed for users who do not want interruption. After activating this feature, you will not receive any notification on WhatsApp.

The drawback of ghost mode in AG WhatsApp Download is that you may miss an important call or message.

Unique Themes

Themes give a new and different look to WhatsApp and improve the messaging experience. For users, unlimited unique themes have been introduced. Change your theme to give your WhatsApp interface a new look.

Group Chats

Official WhatsApp allows its users to generate groups and add members, but it does not allow its members to remove annoying and unnecessary communication. With this mod of WhatsApp, you can get strong control over any group and add unlimited members to it.

Anti delete messages

This feature helps keep the data safe and share it through messages. You can activate this feature so no one can delete a message after sending it.

Message Scheduling

It is hard to remember important special events and dates because of hectic routine and excessive workload. For your ease, a message scheduling feature has been introduced that allows you to save a message in draft. Just like in Gmail, this message will be sent to selected contacts on a specific day and time without any manual effort.

This is also helpful when you are away from work or have other important things on your plate. Message scheduling maintains a positive impression of the user.

Customization Options

Unlike official WhatsApp, a customization option is available for users so they can set up WhatsApp accounts according to their preferences. It allows users to give a personal touch and to show creativity by managing each feature.

Users are allowed to choose any theme, font, tick style, chat bubble, chat wallpaper, and emoji variants. Moreover, they can also change settings such as hiding and showing last seen, double ticks, and blue ticks. In essence, you have complete access to each feature. Also, in AG WhatsApp dp can be shown only to selected contacts.

Hide Status View

WhatsApp users can see the list of viewers of the status or story shared on WhatsApp. You can simply hide your name if you do not want to let them know that you have seen their status. AG introduced an eye button that keeps your view secret to them.

New Emojis

Emojis are used in chats for entertainment and to add fun to the conversation. With the help of emojis, you can easily express your emotions. Sometimes, a single emoji is helpful in communicating what thousand words can’t.

In official WhatsApp, emojis are limited, and finding a suitable emoji is challenging according to the situation of the conversation. AG provides a vast collection of emojis that are easily accessible and suit your viewpoint.

Hide Blue Ticks

The double ticks in the chat turn blue whenever you open new messages. This indicates that you have read the message, and the next person starts expecting a reply. To reduce the pressure of responding right away, the hiding blue ticks feature is provided in an updated version of this mode.

You can activate this feature for yourself if you want a relaxed and personalized messaging experience. 

Edit and Send Message

Sometimes, we write wrong spellings by mistake and, without noticing it, send them to someone. The only option we are left with is to delete the message. But now it is possible to edit the sent messages through AG WhatsApp.

Moreover, it is also helpful for someone who has anger issues and sends some hurting words to someone in anger. They can easily edit and change the text whenever they realize it is not good to hurt someone.

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

This feature is similar to ghost mode but also provides users flexibility. It is also designed to avoid interruption and unwanted notifications of WhatsApp. However, it allows you to select a few contacts so that you don’t miss their important notifications. In short, even if it is activated, you can receive messages and calls from the selected contacts.

 App Lock

All of us require privacy and protection regarding personal information and pictures. With this goal, an app lock feature was introduced in this version. Only after activation can you get access to your account.


A built-in antiban feature is also offered to add an extra layer of privacy to protect and secure the user’s data. You can activate this feature to secure your data from getting banned in case of a crackdown by any authority.

How to Install AG WhatsApp APK?

The installation process of the AG WA APK is similar to that of other moded applications. Here are the steps you need to follow for a successful installation:

  • Click on the download button to download the AG WhatsApp APK file, and then wait a few seconds for it to download completely. You can choose any of the 4 variants for downloading as per your color preferences.
  • In the next step, go to the file manager” on your file named “AG WhatsApp,” and tap on install.
  • It’ll ask you to allow permissions from your phone, so turn on “allow from unknown sources.”
  • After installation, enter your number like the ordinary WhatsApp.
  • Enjoy all the features mentioned above and explore more on your own!


Yes, it is safe and has a built-in antiban feature that doesn’t allow any entity to ban your account. It also provides advanced privacy settings for users’ satisfaction, ensuring that their data is safe and that no one can access it without their permission.

Unfortunately, this mod is limited to Android users only; however, other mods are available for iPhone users to choose from, such as GB WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp.

If you are confused about choosing one variant, don’t worry! All variants offer similar features, and the only difference is the interface. You can choose any interface that suits your preferences.

Final Words

AG WhatsApp is an ideal messaging platform that has enhanced users’ messaging experience by providing exclusive features. Not only features, but it also has four different variants that are AG1, AG2, AG3, and ER Gold. These variants have different interfaces and icons that give a unique look to your WhatsApp account. The cherry on top is that it allows users to download and run all of the variants on the same device. Download any variant and enjoy all the promising features.

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